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    Here’s the news! I’ve always believed in writing stories unlike anything I’ve written before, taking chances and pushing myself creatively. The most significant culmination of that process is Together We Will Go, which has just landed for pre-orders.

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  2. Exactly the sort of thing every writer/producer/director has to address in the business. Worst is when (as noted here) you're told to do something, you do it, and now they don't like it because you did the thing they asked you to do.

  3. I just took the Myers-Briggs test and was designated STFU. I herewith declare war with the world.

  4. Stumbled upon this just now by accident while looking for something else. Not sure I buy the Myer-Briggs scale, but still kind of fun.

  5. It's been noted here before, but what helped a lot was, unlike most shows, not listing ethnicity (and very often gender) of characters when casting breakdowns went out unless it was vital. That guaranteed us the widest range of actors, and allowed us to be as diverse as possible.

  6. A final reminder to all concerned (and some unconcerned) that for 24 hours on the last day of this month submissions for THE LAST DANGEROUS VISIONS will be open to new, unpublished writers. Details at: (absolutely no patronage required, information only)

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    Love this line "Babylon 5 was a show purpose-built for streaming and binge-viewing, trapped in the era of broadcast and cable." My home recordings on VHS were worn out!

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  9. For some reason my tweet only showed the link, so putting this here for the actual preview.

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  12. Worldmeter shows 328,259 new titles published in the US in 2020. Only a handful get picked up for TV. Of those that do: 1-2 years to write, 1-2 years to get published (if a buyer is found), 1-2 years for street cred, 1 year to negotiate then market to TV, 1-2 to produce. So 5-9

  13. Apr 24

    Great can only be created out of love. JAMES BALDWIN

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  15. Recommended lawn sign for 2024 election: IT'S NEVER TOO LATE FOR THE PEBBLES TO VOTE* (*Slogan not valid in Florida, Oklahoma, Arizona, Indiana, Kentucky, Nebraska, North Dakota....)

  16. Well, okay, but just this once...have to keep *some* mystery after all....

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  19. Well, yeah, how the hell *else* am I supposed to get home at the end of a day?

  20. No idea, we never got a penny of it, it went to the studio.

  21. Exactly the sort of voter suppression we've come to expect these days...if you're in line, stay in line!


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