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The Truth About Plenty of Fish

For those of you who don’t know, Plenty of Fish is a dating website used by millions of people around the world. The one special factor regarding this dating service is that, unlike many others, this one is free. However, you may not have to pay in terms of money but you might find yourself paying when it comes to your very sanity.

If you are a man, you will initially view this website as a treasure chest of gold that has fallen into your lap. A free website with the opportunity to meet lots of women in your area? You never need enter a bar again and stumble up to that attractive woman by the counter with a gallon of Dutch Courage inside you. The reality, however, is far different. The ratio of men to women is about 7:1 and the end result is swarms of men fighting for the attention of one woman, not different from the barbarian days of the cavemen when they would clobber one another over the head in order to win the partner of their dreams.

Alas, these poor, naive souls are not even fighting for the partner of their dreams. Upon viewing the female profiles on the website, I discovered that there were a great deal of the following:

  • Obese 18 – 30 year olds in skimpy clothes, pulling provocative, pouting poses and stating they need a ‘real man to handle a real woman.’
  • Defiant single mothers with pictures of themselves and their kids, claiming that the kids come first and if the men on the site don’t like it, they can get lost.
  • Women with their breasts out in their profile pictures with the headline, “DO NOT MESSAGE ME IF YOU ARE A PERVERT AND ONLY AFTER ONE THING.”
  • Average-looking women who will have a long list of their likes/dislikes, needs and wants. “No tattooed men, no men without a car, no men who are shorter than 5’10, no men who live 20 miles away from me, no divorced men, no men who are still living at home with their parents…” And so forth. They will then go on to state that they want “a sweet, romantic, sensitive man who knows how to treat a woman.” In reality, no matter how sweet, romantic and sensitive the man messaging them is, if he isn’t harboring the same devilishly handsome looks as the majority of Hollywood actors, his message will be swiftly deleted. Oh, this cruel, shallow world.
  • Older women over 50 who are searching for a toyboy.

This is only the beginning of the vicious cycle. A lot of the men on Plenty of Fish are only looking for one thing and they are willing to drop their standards to the bottom of the bucket in order to get it. No matter how overweight, ugly, demanding or rude the female may be, she will be inundated with messages from desperate men who need to satisfy their wayward libidos. Such men fall under the following:

  • The ‘Sales’ man. This man will type out a general spill of, “I have read your profile and you sound extremely sweet. You look absolutely beautiful and I would love to have the opportunity to chat with you.” Without reading their profiles and regardless of what they look like, he then copies and pastes it out to a hundred women in his area and may receive about five responses in return, if he is lucky.
  • The ‘Muscles’ man. This man will post numerous pictures of his rippling, toned torso, pout into the camera, and then send a message with one word, “Hey” in the belief that his bulging biceps will warrant a response. For some women, this does work.
  • The ‘Joker’ man. This man will google an extremely unfunny joke and then post it to a bunch of women, hoping that this “humour” will strike him lucky. Usually fails.
  • The ‘Great Pretender’. This man will pretend to be interested in aspects of the female’s profile but it isn’t long before he is asking to hook up for a drink to ‘discuss’ her interests in cycling and hiking.
  • The ‘Straight-forward’ man. This man will just come out and say whatever he is hoping for, which is usually followed by a swift finger on the block button.
  • The ‘Clueless’ man. This man will, like the ‘Sales’ man, send out copy and pasted spills; however, his will be about him and him alone. He will write 500 words on what he does for a living, what he is looking for, how he believes others view him, how he wants to find someone to spend the rest of his life with, his life’s work, his ambitions and what sports he likes. He will then end by saying, “Hopefully I haven’t bored you!” The irony.
  • The ‘No-Pic Cheat’. This man is usually married or in a relationship and seems to think it is acceptable to flaunt his immorality in front of everyone with his audacious, “Not getting it at home, looking elsewhere: Females apply within” heading.

Thanks to such desperation, the women’s egos will be fed to the point of explosion. It no longer matters what the woman looks like (despite the fact that appearance is everything on Plenty of Fish). It won’t be long that the woman genuinely believes she really is this beautiful, stunning creature that she is being told she is every day by the overflow of males. Her ego will shoot to the roof and, as she is able to take her pick of any man on the site, the list of demands will become more and more unrealistic; any confidence which she possessed will immediately turn into arrogance and, suddenly, no man on the site is good enough, even the ones who are actually genuine; they find themselves falling into the same category as the desperadoes and creeps. This self-delusion soon creates bitterness and frustration in ALL of the men, who cannot understand how they are constantly rejected in such a rude manner by women they wouldn’t give a second glance to in the real world. They are usually completely ignored or receive a “You’re not my type” response to their well-planned message.

Personally, I find this type of arrogance mind-blowingly funny. I am strongly reminded of the children’s story ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ about a vain, self-infatuated Emperor who was conned by a pair of tailors into thinking the suit they were weaving for him was of magnificent splendor. They told him that the fabric was invisible to his eyes, but that everyone else could see it. The result was the Emperor stepping outside stark naked while his subjects had to pretend to admire “the suit.” In the end, the home truth was revealed by a small boy, who couldn’t understand why the Emperor was strolling around in his loins and flabby bits, and asked why he wasn’t wearing anything. In this instance, the deluded women represent the Emperor and the desperate men are the wily tailors.

I have spoken to many of the more decent men on the site who have been thoroughly dissatisfied with their experiences. One, who considered himself above average in looks,  informed me that he couldn’t believe it when an extremely large, 21 year old mother of two turned him down with a, “Sorry, you’re not tall enough.” He was 5’9, she was 5’5. Yet, despite the dismissive arrogance of the woman, her rejection was not with the intent to be cruel, but simply because she was probably so overwhelmed with messages that she only had one minute to spare typing a response before returning to the other 100 messages in her inbox. Besides – if she is receiving messages from the ‘cream of the crop’, she can take her pick and anyone not meeting the absolute requirement, sadly, has to go.

The problem with this site, as appears to be the problem with internet dating in general, is that people’s expectations are far too high. The truth is, everyone is riddled with flaws and we should take the bad with the good, or not at all. To create a list of what a man/woman should be and shouldn’t be is preposterous, not to mention downright hilarious. Similarly, there are a great deal of men and women on the site who completely contradict themselves. For example:  “I am a down to earth, intelligent person looking for similar. I have an excellent sense of humour” (even though there is nothing in the profile to suggest this). “I am open to most people for I believe that looks get boring after a while” (They then go on to state ‘No fat/short/etc men/women).

Meeting someone off Plenty of Fish can be similarly gruelling. When someone finally gets lucky enough to bring things into reality, it is not uncommon for the following to occur:

  • People are usually ten stone heavier than their pictures.
  • People are usually ten years older than their pictures.
  • People are usually not the person in their pictures. (This is something I have difficulty understanding. If you are going to meet the person outside of the internet, wouldn’t it make sense to let them know who you really are? After all, they’re going to find out anyway.)
  • Men will meet women who turn out to be a transsexuals.
  • Women will meet men who are hooked on drugs.
  • Men will meet women who are only interested in converting them to their political/religious beliefs.
  • Men will meet women who are simply trying to make their boyfriends jealous.
  • Women will meet men who will suggest living together on the first date and marriage on the second.

And after these disastrous experiences, people will resume their fishing and look for someone else, for the site is strangely addictive. The mind-boggling, disturbing cycle will then continue.

So, as you may have learned, Plenty of Fish is not all it’s cracked up to be. Despite the ‘Chemistry Tests’ (which apparently matches you with those who have similar results to you) and ‘Relationship Needs’ (which obviously knows you better than you know yourself and tells you what you need in a man/woman, including a customized, step by step plan of how to get it) and the range of ‘success stories’ printed on the site, it appears that this particular ocean is overflowing with angry, bitter men and stuck-up, deluded women. I’m sure the odd seahorse does spring up among all the trout but you would really have to wade through a lot of dirt to find it. So if you’re thinking of giving it a shot, happy fishing – or more importantly, good luck! (You’ll need it.)

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  1. My experience on POF has been:

    • IGNORED by 98% of the people I may have commonalities with.
    • GHOSTED after two days from the other 2%.
    • Only contacted by lard ass Beluga whales with upwards of twenty children.
    • Avoiding the “Jesus comes first” morons.

    I did manage to get my cock sucked once from a POF girl. She was fairly hot, but she gave LOUSY head. The rest are girls who believe people should date for months, move in together and raise children before they’ll even consider putting their mouth on my donger. FUCK THAT. Suck or fuck off. Women are useless unless they’re bobbing up and down on the shaft.

    • that ghosting is becoming a fad on POF

    • Men on POF are no good they go on site beg women for sex ,money ,and somewhere to stay ,when the women say no they delete them ,pretending to care wanting pics wanting to meet when they have no intention on getting to know the woman ,some are losers they have no job no aparments ,but i,m not putting anyone down for not having a job that,s not what i am doing ,I’m just offended by the way they come on lying trying to use women abusing their self esteem all of this happened to me I am a good women and do not derseve being used ,everyone I did meet were the same as if they all knew one another

  2. Nice Article!!

  3. Firstly, I have to agree with everything you’ve said really @skyespitfire

    I myself am a very genuine person, especially when using POF, I mean, if you’re after a relationship, why not be 100% honest right away? I’m a believer in that life’s too short to not do or say something that’s seemingly important at that moment in time.

    When searching for potential matches etc via the advanced search box, of course, it’s their profile picture that initially attracts me, and I’m not that fussy to be honest, I actually prefer girls/women who don’t try too hard, I like genuine “this is me” not “who I want to be”.

    Upon searching, if I find someone I like, I then proceed to read their entire profile, I enjoy reading it as well, the more information they provide the more I initially like them, due to them making an effort as oppose to putting something like (Message me to know more) without first giving ANY information, it’s like.. where to even begin, and immediately I am put off and just exit their profile. However, if they’re the type of girl/woman to make an effort and actually provide some information into who they are and what they’re interested in, or wanting to find from POF, it doesn’t have to be anything too in-depth, but something.. if after reading ‘everything’ and they seem genuine and nice, I’ll send them a warm, honest and direct message.

    So far, in the few weeks I’ve had an account, I’ve sent approximately 30 messages to 30 different girls/women with zero replies. And without sounding like an arse, or arrogant, I don’t believe I’m batting above my average so to speak, I think I’m quite a handsome chap, lol and the information I’ve provided I think is decent.

    POF is excellent at making you want to upgrade, I get daily “Would like to meet you” alerts, which I ignore immediately.

    1) Majority of profiles are fake, and it’s clearly obvious.
    2) ‘Will Respond’ – Don’t actually respond.
    3) Profiles which seem genuine seem to have crazy expectations.

    For me, this explains POF in a few words:

    Genuine or not, regardless how much effort you really do make, you’re swimming against the current with one arm tied behind your back, as the ratio of women/men is 7/1. For genuine women to filter the genuine / to not-so-genuine messages from men is almost impossible without spending lot’s of their personal free-time looking into every profile, and even then, because there’s so many fake profiles out there, genuine profiles probably often get filtered into that “fake” category as the fake profiles are seemingly getting better and better as they copy/paste genuine profiles into a fake profile, so genuine profiles appear fake.

    POF is somewhat ridiculous, I’ve only been registered on it a few weeks and I am already looking at the ‘delete account’ button.

    I see a profile, I literally fit into what they’ve said and what they’re looking for, yet seemingly, I don’t as I never get replies.

    Feel free to private message me or something @skyespitfire and I’ll link you to my profile so you can see it, if you like. I’m curious to know if it appears generic, I can’t/don’t view males profiles so I can’t really tell.. Lol. And @Rolly, it’s guys like you who ruin it for all of us who are genuine, with your attitude towards women, no wonder most women are afraid of replying to messages, just in-case the hidden-agenda is like you. Rolly, You don’t deserve real happiness the way you are right now.

    • I’d be happy to have a look, Michael. I can’t message you here on WordPress, but if you head over to my Facebook page (if you’re on it) you can send me a message there. Or you can just post your link in the comments section here and I won’t approve it, so it remains private.

  4. Ive noticed the same shit womenvwho think there super hot and say there entrepreneurs and they want a sweet good god fearing man just like this pof girl sn angiemichele624 but shes showing pics of her big ass or another gi named fish who said she didnt wanna meet anyone on pof cause there jerks so i asked why are you on here? To have fun she says,attention whore.

    • entrepreneur, so vague. many many male profiles say self employed. jeez. just say what what field it is. both the entrepreneurs and self employed sound like red flags to me.

      • I put self-employed, because I am. It shouldn’t matter whether or not someone has made it specific to what it is they do, or at least, so I thought.. Maybe I should change it.. uhm

      • i would prefer to see something more specific,
        just as all of the female profiles you mentioned of entrepreneur. it is so vague.

      • I guess yeah, although, to me, someones profession isn’t too important really, that’s why I just put self-employed.

      • Your comments a red flag

  5. the guys who piss me off say they live in Los Angeles. my first question is always-which part in LA, it is a big city. then they respond with a city 6 hours away. i just asked one a few days ago why does he put LA and not the city 6 hours away where he actually says he is?

  6. Made plenty of sence i agree gos to show we not alone we got pof

  7. Helpful site. Divorcing with children can be particularly challenging. Any additional advice fo divorcing dads?

    • yes. say divorce final in such n such date or month. i saw one last night where he put divorce final this December marriage long over. i was cool with that.

  8. Scrapers〘N〙Bots

    Another problem people have with POF is no username search anymore. There is a 100% FREE username search trick without having to even have a pof account:

    • Had been away from POF for a long time. I’m a MGTOW with no interest in dating and created a profile just to see who was out there in my home town. Maybe I already know some of them … but nothing has changed.You can’t search by user name on the site. From memory and with persistence, I found one woman whose user name I remembered most of from the last time I had a POF profile. I still can’t change the age values in either Basic or Advanced search mode. I get 30-45 regardless of what I enter. And the site is still populated by women who practically dare you to contact them. What a joke, all the way around.

    • No, nothing has changed. During my last two search sessions, between 1130 PM and 1230 AM USA Eastern time, the site has stalled and given me Connection Timeout errors. “The server at is taking too long to respond.” And just when I found Ms. Perfect, LOL! The user wishes the admins gave as much attention to keeping the site on-line as they did the preparation and formatting of its two 100 question (!) pseudo-Freudian amateur psychoanalysis relationship assessment tests (that I always click through quickly, giving random answers, that no other dating site I’ve tried thinks is so vital to finding a match).

  9. I totally agree wow its 100 percent true . I met more fakes . Liars .takers.more men what money . And they all ready fell in love. Maybe there is really know way to really check people out. Its totally sickening. Exspecally for those who fall for it God Bless you Thank you for your honesty.

  10. Oh another thing i noticed besides women getting on pof just to fuck with guys heads i also noticed lots of women get on with a group of friends and get guys hopes up.theres a girl on there brandy daniels half her facebook friends are on pof.i just see the same females on pof that been on for years why the hell they on there.

  11. I still have the account on POF, I created it years ago when it was still independent, it’s been taken over by Match apparently. In any event it’s not how I used to remember it, when I joined it was a genuinely free site paid for by ads, you could message whomever you liked, now if you want to do anything with it it’s pay, pay, and pay some more.
    Before Match (or whomever) took it over there used to be a “Casual Encounters” section for people who just wanted to meet someone to go bowling, have fun with, or for a hookup, not a long term relationship or marriage. Well they shut down that part of the site and now direct you to a string of trash hookup sites, many run by the same Cypriot racketeers, that specialize in fleecing members into buying a paid membership through bombarding them with messages from fake profiles. I know a pattern when I see one and have noticed that POF is now pulling the same scam, “JaneSmith50028” wants to meet you, I can imagine that Miss 50028 will disappear like dust in the wind after one “upgrades” their account.
    This is right along the lines of one of those Reader’s Digest contests, where you don’t have to buy anything to enter, but imply that it may improve your odds of winning, even though it says that it will not in the fine print. Apparently they are no longer allowed to do this in the U.S thanks to some action taken by the Oregon Attorney General’s office about 10 years ago, after which Reader’s Digest sale dropped by at least 1/3. I think that fake profiles and these phony come on message should be banned, it’s a fraudulent business practice that really serves no one but the sit owners.
    As the poster above me stated, there is nobody one these sites to meet, even if the profiles are not fake the people behind them haven’t logged on in months, sometimes years. The thing to remember is that setting up a website, including a dating website is cheap, which is why all of these Cypriot scammers keep creating them, which is why I will never pay for a membership. Why Match supposedly paid $500 million for this dead end site I will never know. I guess they figure that there are enough suckers willing to pay, But between the fake profiles, the phony come-on messages, and the bad customer service, hopefully enough people will leave, or stay away, such that they join Enron on the scrap heap of corporate malfeasance.

    • $500 million for the site evidently included nothing for IT. I found a woman on POF who, believe it or not, doesn’t think she’s Queen Elizabeth the 3rd and knows how to say the word YES … in the middle of a convo this afternoon the site stopped responding and refused to load for over four hours. It’s down AGAIN — 1230 AM US EST — for who knows how long this time. I also discovered that now you can’t send images in the chat feature unless you upgrade to a paid membership (for what? To read “The server at is taking too long to respond” all day?)

  12. Scrapers〘N〙Bots

    On top of that POF removed their username search so when you get (fake) emails from POF saying so and so wants to meet you, you have to PAY to upgrade to see who they are, or rather you use to that tool lets you do all the username searches on POF free! HA markus (or now

    • This is how all dating sites, including the “free to join” sites work. They use views from fake profile chix who don’t exist to solicit paid memberships. They’re the cyber equivalent of the “B-girls” from my dad’s day, who hustled drinks in bars. (Buy me a drink, sailor?)

  13. Bettina Katsaros

    I experienced men who know not what they want. They talk really pretty during the texting and courting…telling me everything I need to hear based on my profile. I am really clear as to who I am and how I operate. All of my pictures are from the last 6 months or less. The two men I met recently were WAY heavier than they said …(I expect a little bit of paunch in a man over 40 but not a burrito pregnancy) and expected not only sex within a couple hours of meeting but for me to literally throw myself at them as they act disinterested…complete strangers. (I guess they are used to girls who front themselves as faithful and family oriented but are actually under cover shores) and actually say something to me about it. This is the weirdest dating environment ever and totally lends to an instant gratification buffet mentality. Not a fan.

  14. The girls on pof are the most narcissistic gold digging attention whores on the planet. Its disgusting. What’s even worse are all these beta male white knights who pretend to support feminism and stick up for these women in a desperate attempt to get laid. Ladies please, stop being so damn shallow. If you’re young and attractive understand that your looks are going to fade. If your old and busted with 3 bastard kids then you should be honored to even have an ugly guy write you. This is what social media has done to western women. You have so many thirsty pathetic beta males simping over average looking girls all day long that these womens egos are through the roof. I’m done with dating and women period. Ive gone mgtow and I’m focusing on my career and things I like. Some women might say that’s selfish, well look who the hell is talking. I’m quickly starting to be a misogynist anymore.

  15. Very awesome writing my friend.

  16. What a bunch of crap! I cant even believe you make money doing this.,, simple minds, judging minds, ugh!!!

    • Lol, the truth hurts,. doesn’t it? Btw, calling people simple minded…that’s very judgmental of you. I’m sure your profile is filled with contradictions as well.

  17. I had little luck on the site, but that depends on how you measure luck. When I was bored, I ran some stats and I messaged 268 women over the course of 8 months. I received 36 responses. None of which were negative. While that may sound ok, only ~8 were actually enthused about getting to know me. The rest were just 1 liners answering questions I’d ask – minimal effort. Eventually more than half just ghosted after a few exchanges or I excused myself as it was clear I was just on some back burner. I received another 6 first messages from women. (Not counting spam bots.) All in all from 42 women I talked to yielded 4 total unique dates. 2 women looked very different in real life (older and heavier) who wanted to date me, 1 attractive girl who didn’t want to date me afterwards, and 1 who is ok and I still talk to.

    The rest of the conversations were either 1 liners, didn’t go anywhere quickly, or turned into some weird pen pal relationships where they like to update me on the day they have but not actually date.

    Interestingly I was blocked after sending 1 message about a dozen times… ironically by women I least expected to be blocked by. Apparently it’s a thing on pof to avoid nasty follow ups I’m guessing.

    I’m still on there for the next month until my upgraded membership runs out. Then I’ll move on to different waters. Spread my fins and work on my tan I suppose. Can’t see myself sticking around there.

    For transparency, here my actual profile.

    • Yeah … I spent a bloody HALF HOUR writing a new profile for this worthless dating site, clicked Save Changes, or whatever they call it, waited, waited … by then I knew what was coming and copied the new profile to Wordpad before the Edit window shut and I got the “the server at is taking too long to respond” error message. If there wasn’t a winter storm brewing outside right now, keeping me housebound, I wouldn’t even bother. What a joke.

  18. So true !!…great article
    Just experiencing this right now…..
    It’s hilarious!!….but i’m slightly concerned that men of a softer disposition are chucking themselves off very tall buildings due to rejection issues……

  19. What it really boils down to about this site and dating sites in general , from a man’s point of view(ladies I’m sure you have yours) is the following:
    1) you have these rude over-the-hill heffers that are fakes or with unrealistic expectations that are a 4 or maybe a 5 holding out for a 10! Get real!
    2) You have the type who is on here to see how much attention she can get for her looks. To those I say please move on. There are beauty pageants for that sort of thing. You just might not be as hot as you delusionaly think you are if you need POF as a beauty contest that you would probably not win in real life.
    3) Then you have the type who have less than stellar looks becoming overnight narcissists due to the attention they are getting in an environment with a 7 to 1 male/female ratio. Ladies get real. There are lots of guys who will tell you anything to get your cooperation. You know what I mean. So keep it real.
    4) Then you have the insecure types that have an account to make their boyfriends jealous. Keep looking, and you just might find your current boyfriend on here.
    5) And if they’ve been divorced, they’ve probably been slapped around quite a bit emotionally and/or physically and now have a twisted vendetta against men and delight in being rude or hostile to them, such as automatically blocking guys for no reason.
    6) Then we can’t leave out the heffers looking for a boy toy. Hey, if you were all that, your husband wouldn’t have divorced you to begin with.
    7) You have these kooks who are like 5′ or thereabouts, looking for a guy over 6′. Is she going to bring a step ladder on every date so she can kiss the guy?
    8) Which leaves us with the honest woman trying to honestly find a decent guy. But they are vastly outnumbered by the others. So good luck in finding her.

    There are do many characters on POF I would say it’s more of a circus. Most of these clowns should be under a tent somewhere juggling torches while riding donkies

    • The heffers are great. Stick some make up and high heels on these matures and they will be open to all kinds of expoiltation if you tell them they are beautiful. Simply use them as cum dumps and move onto the next. Haha

  20. What is SO sad is that the author is making out all these women are worthwhile LOL. I am a decent well mannered articulate man in mid 50;s so yes I can compose a well done profile.I am also a great conversationalist and can chat to anyone.I got lots of replies but met only one women and had many say the;d call me after giving out my number ,they made me wait over and over.I started blocking them right until tonight when I deleted my profile.

  21. A few months after a crap break up, I thought I would try the dating scene again. Joined POF, first profile I saw was a picture of a friend of mine. Two pictures in fact, but all the details were wrong. I asked her about it and she was oblivious to the whole thing. So I made contact with the profile, this person had already ‘liked’ me. I didn’t press about the details being wrong, just asked the usual first contact stuff. Got no reply. I contacted support and told them that someone was using a friends pictures, and again got no response. Did nothing for a week then contacted support again. Within minutes of my second message to them, my profile was deleted and I have no access to the site. It’s like my profile never existed. I can only come to the conclusion that POF make their own fake profiles up, and as I knew the person who pictures they had stolen they had deleted me instead of doing anything about it!

    On the plus side, it got myself and her talking about the dating scene, and life, and we have been together for 5 months now and couldn’t be happier!

  22. i just sent them a scathing report of my experience on their site after just one day, not that theyre gonna read it. my accounts been deleted after the required 24 hour wait period. if i pay forty d— dollars for a membership, youd better not be limiting me to “55 messages in 24 hours” like really guys? i told them im strongly considering marking the charge on my card as fraudulent as well just so they dont get away with my money… out of every 10 accounts, 11 are fake. and dont get me started on the camgirls from other sites making accounts and then fishing for people to bring to their private accounts on [cam site]… and i got some great responses from those people too………

    they are whats wrong with online dating to a tee

  23. I completely understand what the author means by delusional. Women who are at best a 4 but think they’re 9’s because some horny men tell them they are. And just like the emperor new clothes, they strut around acting like their shit don’t stink.
    In my experience I find that about 90% don’t respond. Ironically half of those who don’t respond have a caveat that you must say more than just “hello”, in other words they feel they deserve your maximum effort while simultaneously feeling you don’t deserve their minimal effort. The thing is no respectful guy is going to put up with that, but the guys who just want to get laid will. So those high and mighty inflated egos of women get stuck with the bottom of the barrel men, while ignoring the average guy, while looking for the cream of the crop. So when I read things like “all men on here are awful”, I respond with “you made your bed, now you must lie in it.

  24. Ah thanks for writing the article that I’ve always wanted to. Women have lost their minds. They all think they’re 10s well are princesses. In reality the vast majority I’ve seen online either offer no value, or negative value. They have nothing to offer and expect the world. No wonder they’re miserable.

  25. What a joke of an article lol. Women are just as libidinously desperate. And that 7:1 ratio is a lie written by a female lol. Nice try sl*t

  26. Women are also very fickle and liars.i was dating a girl named leah burash ww hit it off when out had sex etc she sent me nude pics said she was falling for me.then next day she says i have a feeling your not the one your so sweet youll find someone then the bitch leah blocks me i mean wtf

  27. Another girl from pof named amy leigh wright did same shit too my friend hit it off agreed to be bf and gf they had sex said she was fallinh for him btw this bitch is fat as a whale with bug eyes he was way too good for her but she disappears tjen blocks him on facebook.

  28. As a married adulterer pof is a great site. Older divorced women are the best and the easiest once you have spun them a web of lies and told them the right things. They tend to be the best lays and are willing to please. I go in covered of course (safetly first) but a french handjob mutual handjob in the pub car park is a favourite off mine. Its always a thrill seducing these easy matures once you know what too say. They are desparate for love so giving them a knee trembler is easy. Plenty of milfs always available to drain my big heavy balls.

  29. Man,you really hit the nail on its head with these observations!

  30. The biggest problem I am finding on POF right now is the fake profiles where a nice looking girl chats for a while before inviting you to video chat! They offer to help you get set up, ask for your email address so they can tell admins! You then get a an email from an external fake POF website asking for credit card details! It’s about time POF did something about this massively prevalent scam!

  31. Wow! You hot the nail in the coffin

  32. After being on POF for nearly a year, after dating my 10% quota (sarcasm), and dealing with the lies and BS…I remain single and having my middle finger up to most women. I got tired of the games. The whole experience made me feel inadequate and worthless. And the funny thing is, I have a pot of great qualities..but unfortunately NO woman will ever find out what they are. Enjoy the bullshit ladies, you get what you dish out !

  33. I am a female and have been on POF off and on for 4 years…
    After another “failed” attempt at dating a man I have deactivated my account for good.

    I am a bit on the heftier side and don’t consider myself a 9 or 10 or which ever number based off of the messages men send me;

    I simply wanted to meet a normal guy, with normal intentions such as going for dates… and leading to something long term

    Overall, the men on the site had serious mental issue (bi-polar, schizophrenia, ect), addicted to heavy drugs, cheating on their partners, and simple looking to get laid.

    My friends have had some luck though, both male and female.

  34. Not to mention the men that are hustln…just looking for money…and a female to take care of them! 😂😂

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