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Defective Verbs

Defective Verbs :

Impersonal Verbs

An Impersonal Verb is one which is never used except with the pronoun it for its subject.

1. It snows.
2. It rains.

Note : WE never say….I snow.

Defective Verbs

A Defective Verb is one that is not used in all the Moods and Tenses as, must, ought and quoth.

Auxiliary Verbs = Helping Verbs

An Auxiliary Verb is one which helps to form the Moods and Tenses of other verbs.

The auxiliary verbs are - shall, may, can, must, be, do, have and will.

Remarks on The Auxiliary Verbs

1. These are called Auxiliary or Helping Verbs because by their help the other verbs form most of their moods and tenses.

2. Be, do, hate and sometimes will are also used as principal verbs as

1. They may be here.
2. They do nothing.
3. They hate nothing.
4. They will it to be so.

As principal verbs, they have all the moods and tenses which other verbs have.

3. BE, as an Auxiliary, is used in all its moods, tenses, numbers and persons, in forming the passive voice of other verbs.

1. I am loved.
2. I was loved.
3. I have been loved.

Defective Verbs :

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