What can The Wedding Crashers be found online and is available on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime? In the late 2000s that was a spate of hit R-rated comedies, including Knocked Up and The Hangover. The Wedding Crashers is often credited with kicking off this wave, with the movie starring Vince Vaughn (Brawl In Cell Block 99) and Owen Wilson as two friends who crash various wedding ceremonies with the aim of seducing bridesmaids.

The Wedding Crashers was a big hit, pulling in close to $300 million worldwide on a modest budget. It also received mostly positive reviews at the time, with particular praise placed on the chemistry between the leading men. The movie is notable for its supporting cast, including Rachel McAdams, Christopher Walken and Bradley Cooper, during a period where he excelled at playing douchy characters. The film is also notable for a surprise cameo from Will Ferrell as crasher "mentor" Chazz Reinhold.

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For those with nostalgic hankerings for mid-2000s R-rated comedies, The Wedding Crashers is available on a variety of platforms. It's not currently available to watch on Netflix, Hulu or Prime in the U.S., though it can be found on Netflix UK. Instead, the movie can be found streaming on HBO Max, according to JustWatch.

Jane Seymour, Christopher Walken and Isla Fisher - Wedding Crashers

The Wedding Crashers is also available to rent or purchase from prices starting at $2.99 from Google Play, YouTube, Vudu, DirecTV, Amazon and Redbox. The movie ended with the title duo marrying their respective love interests, and while The Wedding Crashers 2 has yet to arrive, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn later reunited for 2013's The Internship. In contrast, this comedy vehicle received both tepid reviews and box-office returns.

Given the enormous success of The Wedding Crashers its almost a surprise the studio didn't push for a sequel. Director David Dobkin later revealed he's turned down numerous requests to helm The Wedding Crashers 2, but a sequel is now being written that will focus on the two leads now they're in the late 40s and facing being single again. Comedy sequels don't have the best track record as its difficult to recapture what made the original work - Caddyshack II being one of the worst warnings - and The Wedding Crashers feels like a movie distinctly of its era. It would be somewhat intriguing to see how a follow-up would approach a more mature version of the story, but unless there's a really strong hook its probably best to leave the original alone.

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