The Prophetic Whisper

The Dove Christian Fellowship

(Mailing Adress: P.O. Box 6500 Longview, Tx 75608)

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A Spirit-filled church & international outreach center

Pastor Larry Wilkins * Founder, Aquilla Nash


FM 2208 & Price Lane
(560 Price Lane, Hallsville, TX 75650)

We are located approximately 10 miles from Longview, TX N Loop 281 at FM 2208 and Price Lane. From Longview’s N Loop 281, turn north on FM 2208. Go 6.6 miles to FM 449 & 2208, turn right. Go 3.4 miles & turn left on Price Lane. Proceed 1/2 mile to Retreat grounds.


When I was dying without God in my life and I was too weak to speak, I cried out to the Lord and He heard my heart’s cry. Not only did He save me, He gave me a life of high adventure with Him. He will do the same for you today. If you have never accepted Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, as your personal Savior, do it today. Please pray this prayer and mean it from your heart. I promise you, God will hear you and save you. He will take your sins and your sorrows and give you peace and joy. Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner and I need you as my Lord and Savior. Jesus, I believe that you are the Son of God and that you died and rose from the dead to save me from my sins and to give me eternal life in heaven. Today (say the day) I ask you to forgive me of all my sins. Come into my life. I receive you now as my Lord and my Savior. I give you my life and from this day forward I will serve you. Thank you for hearing my prayer and coming into my life today. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.



I give a set donation, as the Lord led me, to different ministries on a monthly basis including yours.

About a month ago I felt led not to split the donation but to send the entire amount to your ministry.

Two weeks after I did so, I received 9 times the amount of money I sent to your ministry.


Lilia, New York


I always watch ”The Prophetic Whisper” broadcast on your website and on YouTube.

Recently, I was watching one of the broadcasts entitled ”The Healing Power of God” and God healed me from a chronic disease in my lungs.

I bless the Lord for healing me and choosing you as His healing vessel.

I have also been blessed by the Prophetic Insights which you post on your website. They are always a now word for me.


Sheila, Uganda


I was watching your TV program about four weeks ago.

You said someone had pressure in the eye and it was being healed.

That was me. Both of my eyes are healed.

 I went back to the doctor and I am healed.


Donna, Missouri


I requested one of the prayer cloths and God has healed my feet.

My feet were swollen and as you were praying for people I put my hand on the TV and prayed with you believing God for my miracle and God did it for me.

I thank God I am healed.

Martha, Minnesota


Thank you for the prayers and the prayer cloth ministry.

I had great expectancy when the prayer cloth arrived that the prayers and anointing attached to it would bring healing and hope to my husband.

I placed the prayer cloth under his pillow.

Within 2 days the psoriasis and arthritis that had plagues his knees was healed!

 The years of swelling and discoloration were gone!

Robin, Texas


I was healed as I was watching you on TV one Wednesday night.

My back was in pain and you prayed for a lady with back pain and I was healed as you prayed that night.

Thank you so much.



Louise, California


I just wanted to let you know God has healed me of many unhealthy symptoms and their sources!

I stood in agreement with you and used the prayer cloth as a point of contact and the Word of God as my promise of healing.

Thank you.



Jan, Missouri


Thank you for your prayers and the prayer cloth.

I finally received the settlement from the bad accident to my car and my long stay of recuperation.

After your prayers, it wasn’t long until the help came.

God bless you.



Virginia, Nebraska


I enjoy watching your program on Daystar.

My Mom was hospitalized and and she was given a 50% chance to make it through the night.

She was bleeding internally & had 2 separate surgeries to stop the bleeding, but was still bleeding after the surgeries.

I called your prayer line and all the bleeding stopped. She was released in a few days.



I called in and asked for prayer concerning some land I needed to sell.

The land we prayed about sold.

Thank you for praying with me.

Ella, Texas


P.O. Box 6500 * Longview, TX * 75608
(903) 660-1000