The Avengers have collectively battled against some fantastic villains within the MCU. Whether it's facing Loki in New York, Ultron in Sokovia, or Thanos in Wakanda, they have some truly epic battles. However, while these are all formidable villains who prove themselves to be difficult tests to the popular heroes, there are many other villains who never fight the full group.

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A lot of the villains only get to fight against one individual from The Avengers, and while those storylines and battles end up being really iconic, there are some characters that would have worked brilliantly against the entire group instead.

10 Hela

Hela killing the Valkyries through a storm

Hela got to take on a small portion of The Avengers and Thor's very own mini-team. It was believable that she could compete against them because of her sheer power. That's what would have made her a perfect villain to take on The Avengers.

Building her up by taking down Asgard could have been the ideal setup for Hela to then take on the entire group on her own. She's certainty strong and skilled enough and putting a female villain against the group would be have been a refreshing change.

9 Abomination

The Incredible Hulk is a movie that doesn't always get talked about or connected with the MCU. However, Abomination was an interesting villain. Something that the MCU movies have done a good job with is building Hulk up as a dominant force that even his fellow Avengers fail to compete against.

That's why Abomination would have made for a good villain against the group. Considering that they all suffer when fighting Hulk, it would have been easy to make Abomination a genuine threat here, especially with army firepower as well.

8 Killmonger

Killmonger arrives in Wakanda.

The world of Wakanda is a vibrant and exciting one, and Killmonger ended up becoming an amazing villain for the original Black Panther movie. But seeing him take that role and utilize the technology against The Avengers would have made for a gripping story.

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Killmonger using Wakanda's power and technology for evil would have made him a genuine threat against The Avengers. It could have worked as an interesting first introduction to Wakanda for the heroes as well, making things even more intriguing.

7 Agatha Harkness

Agatha Harkness in WandaVision

Agatha Harkness was the main villain in the hit Disney+ series, Wandavision, and she quickly proved herself to be very powerful. She had unique abilities and an intriguing personality that would have been fun to see fleshed out in further detail.

Marvel dealt with Agatha arguably a little quicker than they should have done because her abilities were strong enough to have possibly taken on the entire Avengers. Playing mind games and then twisting them around, it is easy to imagine how fun she would be in that role.

6 Laufey

Frost Giant Laufey from Thor in the MCU

Laufey, the Frost Giant, is a character that gets lost in the shuffle within the original Thor movie. With so many movie pieces, it is easy to forget that he's supposed to be the main villain, but that doesn't mean there was a lack of potential.

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Laufey had great power and other characters he could have called upon in order to create a war-like atmosphere that most Avengers movies end up providing.

5 Kaecilius

Kaecilius is a terrific villain within the MCU, mainly because of the unique fighting skills that he has. Watching him fight is always a lot of fun due to the abilities he has, and with plenty of henchmen to throw at other people, it would be interesting to see how The Avengers dealt with him.

If the added threat of Dormammu was added, it's quite easy to see how this could be packaged together as a genuine threat towards The Avengers and Earth in general.

4 Red Skull

Red Skull was a complex villain and someone who fans would have loved to see battle The Avengers. Seeing him build a group behind him could have worked, with Red Skull having the angry leadership personality nailed down.

With great technology behind him and a compelling personality, it would have been interesting to see him working against the other characters in The Avengers outside of just Captain America.

3 Mysterio

Quentin Beck as Mysterio in his workspace

Mysterio is an intriguing villain from the MCU  mainly due to how long he is showcased as a hero. However, the idea that he wants to not always get his hands dirty, using lies and mystique to get away with things are a clever tool to play with.

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As well as that, his decision to try and spin things to make Peter Parker out to be the villain was an interesting twist. Having Mysterio try to do that to turn everyone against The Avengers with a public outcry would have been a fascinating storyline.

2 Ego

For a villain to be believable in taking on The Avengers, they have to be seriously powerful, and that is why Ego would have been a sensible option for them. While he was dealt with by the Guardians, it's a storyline that could easily have stretched to involve The Avengers as well.

He was a charismatic character, which means that any possible conversations between him and the MCU heroes would have been enjoyable to watch as well. But with his unreal power and sadistic nature, Ego could have been a test for them. 

1 Adrain Toomes

In terms of a storyline, Adrian Toomes would be a perfect villain to have battled against The Avengers. Considering he loses his job and has his life totally changed due to the devastation that takes place when they battle Loki, it would be easy for him to have a reason to fight them.

There's a clear and obvious story to tell, with Adrian wanting revenge on Iron-Man in particular after he created the Damage Control group. With Adrian taking the Chitauri technology, it would have been interesting to see him take on the group and really push the emotional aspect of the story.

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