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US-Iran clash has killed 466 unsuspecting persons in two aircrafts, “by mistake”
Iran admits it unintentionally shot down airline, killing 176 persons

After series of denial, Iran has admitted its missiles shot down a Ukrainian aircraft carrying about 176 persons. This would make it the second time…

Video showing Trump scared over a shout of “Allahu Akbar” is Doctored
A 2016 video resurfaces on the internet with an audio manipulation

A video showing US President Donald Trump panicking after someone shouted “Allahu Akbar” has gone viral mostly among Nigerians. But ETN24 can report that the…

The doubts about the attempted Coup in Ghana, explained
Social media and analysis on-the-go creates doubt about attempted Coup

Following the arrest of three alleged coup plotters at Alajo in Accra, Ghana, some security analysts, average Ghanaians, and politicians belittled the claims of an…

DSS’ disclaimer points at the thin line between parody and fake news
DSS says it has no twitter account, and for obvious reasons

In the face of recent rise and spread of parody accounts on Twitter, The Department of State Services (DSS), has joined the Nigerian Police Force…