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  • “I would like to thank Sarah W, Summer, Zach, Nicola and Israel for pushing beyond what I thought capable of myself.” in 28 reviews

  • “I am so glad I opened up to my trainer (Zach) who encouraged me to have a life coaching session with Eric.” in 26 reviews

  • Matt.........Military Matt, no nonsense-no excuses style of training Ashley......great addition to the team!” in 15 reviews

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  • 5.0 star rating

    Spent the month of February 2019 at Live In Fitness.
    It was a life changing month.
    Many things happen to create mental, physical and nutritional change.

    Your booty will be moving, you will make new friends and you will learn important nutritionally sound eating. The eating plan is a forever plan not just a temporary plan while you are at camp.
    Arrive on Sunday if you can. The orientation is important and you can get settled.

    Everything starts in earnest Monday morning.

    Opt in for the tests. Knowing your real body composition is important for knowing where you are starting. Knowing your resting metabolic rate is key. Fitbit or other monitoring device uses a formula applicable to a population of people in a given age range. Knowing your real rate let's you know how much to add of subtract from your fitbit.
    The first Monday my fitness wasn't worth a toot. Coach Sarah was leading a walk to the lighthouse, about 1 1/2 miles. I couldn't do a 1/2 mile. There isn't a lot of opportunity to wimp out but rather so many opportunities everyday to push yourself. You make the choice and commit. In my 4th week I was walking 6 to 7 miles. Often would get up early and walk to the Queen Mary and back.
    The nutitionist does lunch and afternoon break talks. They are invaluable. Take this info in. Be like sponge.
    All the coaches are serious about helping you achieve your goals and lose weight and build muscle. They are supportive and caring but will push you.

    While at camp be thinking about how you will adjust at home in your normal life. Think about when you will exercise. Think about your eating plan. Before I left I wrote out all the foods I enjoy and looked up their protein, carbs and fats so I could be planning and thinking about the matching of the elements of the plan.

    After camp I went to see cousins in Fla. This was challenging! They are seriously disorganized eaters. No breakfast. No plan. I decided I would get up early each morning to walk. I found a small cafe where I could order a Live In breakfast. I located the public swimming pool. I went to the nearby LA Fitness and bought day passes so I could lift weights.
    Home 2 weeks later applied all the resources provided at camp and got into a routine.
    My local rec center has all the cardio equipment and weight machines for workouts and free weights. I am starting in the free weight room now because I am determined to build more muscle.
    As of today, it's been 7 1/2 months since my first day of camp. I lost 14 lbs at camp and 16 lbs since camp for a total of 30lbs. Happiest of all is this puts me at 22%body fat and I've built muscle!

    Sarah, Summer, Zach, Debbie and J are really good coaches. Debbie teaches boxing. What fun to discover boxing.They all helped me a lot.  Keith cooks great meals for everyone.

    Aline's nutrition program works. It requires some thought and planning but worth it. I still write everything down because it keeps me mindful.

    My month at Live In was so very valuable. I fell in love with Long Beach. Planning to go back sometime next year for a 1 week tune up.

    5 star recommendation.

  • 1.0 star rating

    I finished a 2 week stay at LIF in October of 2019. Buyer please beware.  I don't typically leave reviews but this is definitely an exception.  I booked this fitness camp based on the Live in Fitness website informational video and program description.  I went in with a completely open mind and I was so extremely disappointed.  I want to make sure everyone reading this understands my experience is not about the weight loss, it is about the services advertised that are not provided.  The first thing you will see when you visit the website is a video and pictures.  I expected the services depicted in the video and listed on the website.  There is NO yoga, golf, tennis or volleyball. You have to pay extra for nutrition information (including meal planning and how to shop), personal training and massage (which I think should be extra, but not what they charge).  There is NO Life Coaching, nothing is customized and there is definitely NO "Academy of Learning".  The Better Business Bureau gives them a D- rating.  I have sent emails to Live in Fitness and have only requested the website be updated with the correct information, I have not asked for a refund.  Please, if you do decide to go-do not pay for the upgraded package!!!!  
    The coaches have you post a review the first week you are there so you can get a free t-shirt or bag- so the reviews are not what they seem.  They want to get you to say something nice before you figure out what a scam it is.  The staff turnover is so crazy high, there is no consistency from anyone and do not expect any individualize attention-unless you plan on paying extra for it.  My coach left the week after I completed my program.  The coaches are required to try and sell you personal training-which is why we all come to a fitness camp, it should not be extra.

    Please, please, please beware!

  • 5.0 star rating
    8/23/2019 Updated review

    I just completed six weeks here at Live in Fitness and here is what I want to say.....This program SAVED MY LIFE!

    I lost 20+ pounds of fat, gained muscle and dropped my body fat % from 46% to 30% and dropped two sizes. I can honestly say this was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, both physically and mentally. The first week was so brutal for me because I was detoxing from coffee and wine, but as the weeks continued my physical and mental health improved immensely. So much so that my body started to demand exercise and excellent healthy food. My tummy shrunk, my skin is glowing and I have muscle tone that I haven't seen in years. Over my years of yo-yo weight, I have fought the idea of weight training because I didn't want to look like a female wrestler, but thanks to Sarah W, I now see the benefits and have fallen in love with it.

    The coaches here are absolutely incredible. I would like to thank Sarah W, Summer, Zach, Nicola and Israel for pushing beyond what I thought capable of myself. And for caring and teaching me that I can be fit, slim and healthy and LOVE IT!

    The Chefs are amazing and the food incredible. My gratitude to all the kitchen staff for being so patient and caring with so many hangry people in the room.

    Anyone wanting to change their life from fat, slow sluggish and fit, healthy and happy, then this is the right place for you to invest in yourself!

    I am so incredibly grateful for this experience and the education I have to be able to continue this lifestyle at home.

    Donuts, junk food and bottles of wine are on my NOT WORTH IT LIST now that I know how much HARD WORK it takes to lose a pound of fat.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!



    5.0 star rating
    7/21/2019 Previous review
    Live in Fitness Review July 2019

    I arrived here for a 4-week stay. I am writing this review today at…
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  • 5.0 star rating

    I have spent 8 weeks at LIF, and have had an incredible experience. I came to LIF to find my passion for health & fitness again and lose weight gained during a period of depression. I'm thrilled with my results and I'm glad I picked this place to spend my summer.

    The coaches/staff  (Nicola, Sara, Summer, Zach,Matt) are so friendly and genuinely care about your goals. Tough love  and honesty is what you will get, but I find that necessary.

    I absolutely LOVED the food. How a kitchen staff can create so many different meals for everyone's individual needs and not slack on flavor/taste is mind blowing. I paid extra for a vegan meal plan and was served some of the best vegan meals I have ever had. The kitchen staff are so friendly and accommodating, and care about your food preferences. They definitely brightened my day at times when I was exhausted and grumpy.

    I loved the fitness class options. Tried things I never thought I would enjoy (like 60min of stairs, which actually became my favorite class). Isreal is the best Zumba instructor and deserves his own Zumba DVD special.

    LIF helped me find myself again and I couldn't have asked for anything better than that.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Live in fitness started my journey to a healthy life style i am down 65 lbs and still have more to go but I had an amazing start! I learned a lot, cried a lot, sweat a lot. A shout out to Nicola , Sarah and summer who never ever gave up on me! I loved the food although I'm picky so they worked with me! The campus is amazing ! It's near the ocean! If you want a kick start to weight loss LIF is the place to go! I even got a fitness tattoo?

  • 5.0 star rating

    This 5 star review is long overdue!  I went to camp for 2 weeks. I was terrified of what was to happen at camp! Excited, but very afraid! But, my fears were put to rest almost immediately!  My coach, Zach, was the best cheerleader an apprehensive chubby girl could ask for!  He was supportive, and really believed in me and what I could actually do! I told him that my long term goal was to run my first Spartan race this year. And he and the rest of the coaches kept me going towards that goal!  Did I lose weight? Yes! But better yet, I lost inches!  22.5 inches in 2 weeks! Because I put the work in! This is work, not a spa! So my mantra was "I'm showed up, I'm here to work and I'm alive!" And I would say that every day.

    I've been home for over a month now, and I have continued to loose weight, another 30 lbs.  I have competed in my first Mud Run, completely many of the obstacles. But, I have gained so much more! I lost my husband to ALS 3 years ago, and I haven't had the strength to empty out my house of things. And this last weekend, i cleared out my garage to give myself room to breathe and to set up my home gym! So, not only did I loss weight, I gain so much more! Confidence, strength both outer and inner, friends in all my coaches,  and the ability to scale an 8 foot wall and a 12 foot vertical cargo net! And in November, I will run my first Spartan race!  Not bad for a girl that started off at 300lbs! Thank you Zach, Sarah, Summer, Blaine, Marcus, Nicola, and the entire support staff at LIF!

  • 3.0 star rating
    5/13/2019 Updated review

    Updating my review. I spoke with Eric the owner, and things have totally changed at this location since I was there in March. They are 100% a drug free facility.  He called to let me know he won't tolerate anything less than great, and wanted to make my experience better.

    Bottom line is the program works.  

    You really can't control what kind of roommates you get. Some with eating disorders, some aren't in a good place in life, and some aren't there to get better. When you see something, say something. Eric promised he'd be there to listen.

    There was one girl who really wasn't in a good place and made some bad decisions. She was kicked out a week later. My roommate had an eating disorder. Very hard to deal with, but Eric actually reached out to help her. That was super nice of him.

    Truth is, best part about this program are the trainers. Marcus was able to get me to lift 10 pounds over head after my shoulder injury. Summer with a smile on her face was able to put together 3 classes of different levels while the other trainers had an emergency mandatory meeting. The Nutritionist was great, and told me a lot of things I needed to know, too bad she quit the same day. The Cook Keith was totally worth taking an extra class. He really helps you understand how to measure food, and how to make things taste good together.

    During my stay, the management was disorganized, but I've heard over the month they've got a lot better.

    When I was there, they had big problem with upselling. They used fear tactics, to get you to buy more packages. They have now changed their methods. Although, I will mention this, There was a 68 year old lady who was crying on the last day, because they couldn't tell her how many inches she lost. Even with the $600 she paid extra for the dunks and scans. She talked to 3 different staff members, and was so upset (rightfully so). Below comment said they were able to help her. That's good news. She was like a second mom and so awesome!

    Just remember you don't have to buy anything. You're there for the classes and the meal prep.

    The program WORKS and I talked to some friends still there and they've said it's so much better now.  I lost 10 pounds in two weeks and 24 inches of fat.

    3.0 star rating
    3/19/2019 Previous review
    Not a safe place in my opinion, but the program works.

    Just an FYI, one of the below comment from…
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    Comment from Sarah S. of Live In Fitness
    Business Owner
    3/26/2019 Thank you Evet for your review!  You were such a pleasure to have with us.  You worked hard, and got… Read more
  • 5.0 star rating
    5/11/2019 Updated review
    • 1 check-in

    Just spent 7 days at #LiveinFitness Boot Camp.
    I'm beat, but what a fabulous week I had. Each time I come I love it more and more. Lost 8.8 lbs. mostly water weight because I catch it quick. Up and down quick when you stay on top of it. Now I'm good for another 3 months.
    Thank you Sarah West for being my coach, and to Zach, Summer, Jay for kicking my butt. Always a thanks to Eric for giving me this fabulous place to detox, build and better myself. But mostly Keith for cooking the most amazing healthy food that I'm not afraid to eat
    Love you all

    5.0 star rating
    11/9/2018 Previous review
    I've just spent a week at Live in Fitness and I have to say it was a fantastic kick butt boot camp.… Read more
    Comment from Sarah S. of Live In Fitness
    Business Owner
    1/8/2019 Thank you so much Shelley for your awesome review!!  We are so excited to have you back this weekend… Read more
  • 5.0 star rating

    Live In Fitness thank you for such a great experience!  I did not even want to go. LIF was a birthday present from my parents that I did not ask for.  I was offended and hurt.  I hadn't exercised in years. Honestly, my first week was rough. 5 hours a day of exercise was not my cup of tea!!!  I ended up staying 6 weeks and loving it!  You will too.  And again I hated to exercise and now that I'm back home it's so easy to do an hour a day. I cannot believe that is me saying that!  If I can do it, anyone can.  I miss the coaches, the camaraderie and Zumba!!  Eric you have a great program.  The owner really wants everyone to live 20 more healthy years!

    Thank you,

    Charlie M

  • 5.0 star rating
    2/18/2019 Updated review

    I came to LIF Longbeach, CA for two weeks a year ago (2018) and had 3 excellent coaches - Blaine, Zach and Jan.  They were educated, committed, full of energy and support and pushed us to get the results we needed.

    Now I'm here again February 2019 for a tune-up and to keep myself from sliding into bad habits again.  I'm happy to say Blaine and Zach are even better at their jobs and the program is tight.

    A new trainer Marcus started his first week while I'm here and he's fantastic.  Lots of ideas and a great motivator.  He will be a great addition to the A team.

    The program keeps getting better and better.  

    Now the real work comes in but I'm ready!

    5.0 star rating
    6/19/2018 Previous review
    Jan is a fantastic fitness coach.  She understands the difference between working hard for lasting… Read more
    4.0 star rating
    3/4/2018 Previous review
    This is a wonderful program.  Be prepared to exercise very hard while learning how to eat.  It's a… Read more
    4.0 star rating
    2/8/2018 Previous review
    This is a wonderful program.  Be prepared to exercise very hard while learning how to eat.  It's a… Read more
  • 5.0 star rating

    I am a HAPPY Live in Fitness camper!  I booked a six week stay in hopes of really changing my life, both physically and mentally.  I am currently about  1/2 way through my program and feel compelled to write a review.  This program is the real thing!  If you want to truly change how you look and feel, this is the program for you.  Having said that, it is up to YOU to do the work.  There is no "magic pill" or easy way.  As Coach Sarah said... the only way to change is to put in the work and go through the process of eating healthy, exercising and mentally changing how you think and feel about yourself.  After 20 years of struggling with my weight, I am still working on that but have seen amazing progress in the time that I have been here.

    The food is GREAT!  The chef tries very hard to meet and exceed each person's individual dietary needs.  The exercise equipment is state of the art and the gyms are really clean.  The accommodations are also clean and everything is very close together.  

    ALL of the coaches have been really encouraging and attentive.  When I needed something, they met my needs in a timely fashion.  Specifically, coach Zach is really positive.  Coach Israel keeps us dancing away in Zumba and he is incredibly FUN!  Coach Summer is encouraging and listens to me when I have questions or concerns.  Nicola and Ashley gave me the hardest and most amazing Beach Workout that I have ever experienced!

    If you are ready to work hard and make a change, this program is for you!  The rates are reasonable and what has been most important for me is to work with the coaches to set realistic weight/health goals and then learn how to make the long-term life changes to make that happen.  I feel stronger and healthier already and for the first time in 2 decades I don't feel like I'm on a diet but rather a journey to a "healthier me!"  Thank you Live in Fitness for this life changing experience!

  • 1.0 star rating

    I'm not a complainer. My dad made me a soldier. But if someone robs me and insults my intelligence, I WILL voice my opinion.
    I don't know where to start. Suffice to say there's a reason this place is less expensive than most. Nothing is personalized. Their two "go to" phrases are: "it's all about the science", and "I don't know but you can Google it."
    They REQUIRE that you bring a watch that "tracks your calories and heart rate". I had one trainer try to figure out my watch ONCE! Nobody ever checked to see how my progress was going - in fact, I didn't sit down with a single staff member for more than 10 minutes the entire 7 days I was there.
    It's a perfect model in contradiction. They stress the importance of "the science" yet if you want any scientific data, it's a $450 fee to do tests that don't even require bloodwork (equipment they already have). Everything is an upsell - you think you're getting a package but you're getting non organic food (though they recommend that YOU shop at Whole Foods) 3 meals and 2 snacks per day, and a small shared space in a dirty apartment. If you have health problems, you definitely should NOT be there. Whether you're 30 or 300 lbs overweight, you WILL throw that 25 lb. kettle ball backwards over your head in the sand, unless you're "not giving it your best".
    There's no follow through on ANYTHING. From a concern sent by email to a promise to "find you later to talk". Zero accountability. However, if you're doing a PhD on how NOT to run a business that requires customer service and genuine professional attention to each client, it's the perfect place to go!
    I'm looking at my "aftercare program", thinking "oh, wait! They're going to help me get back into the 'real world' to ensure success...." HA! Nope. Well... yes, if I want to pay $770 for 4 weeks of a 1x per week 30 minute session with one of their "professionals" via teleconference. WOW. No words......

    Comment from Sarah S. of Live In Fitness
    Business Owner
    1/8/2019 Hello Jennifer,
    I am sorry to hear that you weren't happy with your experience with us.  We have…
    Read more
  • 3.0 star rating
    10/13/2019 Updated review

    LIF is good but keeping the weight off isn't easy. I am a very active person and go to the gym as regularly as possible but to tell you the truth it's been very difficult on the LIF plan to balance carbs and protein with some fat. That I have found kinda of impossible. However, it was a great start and I have to get back on track somehow. I have gained back 6 of the 16 pounds I lost and have 30 pounds to go. How I will get there is the question.

    5.0 star rating
    3/5/2019 Previous review
    I have recently returned home from LIF where I learned a great deal and walked away feeling much… Read more
  • 5.0 star rating

    Like anything, you get out of it what you put in. I would like to just say one of the recent negative reviews was made by someone (S) that in my opinion came to LIF with a negative attitude from the start. I believe she may have not been ready for a place like LIF or had unrealistic expectations. The little time I spent around her was not a positive one, which is unfortunate since I believe she could have made a difference not only in her life but others. Of course I am here to review LIF, but when reading these reviews always remember, that there maybe more to one's story.

    This is my story...,

    LIF is not perfect,  but nothing is.  It is an environment that I felt comfortable bringing all my baggage and didn't feel alone or judged. It is a place where people from all over the world go to with the same intent, to better themselves.
    Honestly it is not easy. The intense workouts, new way of eating and battling with my own negative self talk was a challenge, but with the support from a great team of trainers (Sarah, Zach(my coach), Summer, Marcus, Jay plus many more), a kitchen crew who would take the time to remember your name and greet you with a smile, and the amazing people I met from all corners of the world this was overall a priceless experience. I unfortunately had to leave suddenly, but I look forward to going back to continue what I started and surround myself around people who believe I can get there.

  • 5.0 star rating

    In one word , Live in fitness is PHENOMENAL!!!!!!! I am in my 2nd week and have already noticed a few personal changes in endurance and weight loss 8lbs .It Would be impossible to choose a favorite coach. Each coach is skillfully diverse in every class they teach . The Chef and staff know clients by name and do an exceptional job with individual nutritional needs.  In regards to (Ashley,Summer,Zack,Sarah ,Matt and Israel) . I feel they have been carefully selected to propel this program to a professional and successful standard.
    Theses coaches create a "One Team One Dream" environment .
    I look forward to the remaining time here and will post a detailed review once I'm done .

  • 5.0 star rating

    What a great place! The team here really cares about the needs and goals of each client and they  are super professional while doing it. Nicola Gibson and her team are doing a fantastic job making sure everyone who comes in is treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. Results are happening here, highly recommend!

  • 5.0 star rating

    The team here at Live in Fitness is the best!!! You all are so amazing and encouraging! I loved every minute and can't wait to see you all again soon. Thank you for helping push me to my limits and teaching me various new things such as what exercises are good for what and what stretches do for you.

    Each day is a packed, fun-filled workout experience, working every muscle in your body. Besides having one little hiccup and missing one or two classes, the experience is definitely worth it.

    Thanks to all the Coaches (Sarah, Blaine, Zach, Marcus, J, and Debbie) for pushing me to do my best and go for the results I'm looking for!

  • 1.0 star rating

    I simply do not have the time or the energy right now to sit and write ALL the horrible things about this place. However the one star needed to be given regardless and when I have a moment I will update this review with more details. For now though, I'll keep it short. DO NOT waste your time or money on this place! My advice is to read the reviews from its previous location and consider all the things that are mentioned. Also I am STILL waiting for my refund I was promised to receive more then 2 weeks ago. BUT rumor has it, if you give this place a good review you get a prize. What a joke. Debbie and Summer are the only good things about this place. They are amazing but they can't fix a whole business. Hoping I get my refund sometime soon...

  • 5.0 star rating

    Just finishing 2 life changing weeks at LIF. What a great program. The staff and coaches are all so supportive of your goals and each one brings something different to the program. If your are looking to lose weight and get back in shape, this is the place, you won't be disappointed.

    I was hesitant to come because of negative reviews I read here but I am so glad I went with my gut and I invested in myself and came despite someone else's opinion.

    I learned new things, had good food, met new people, have new friendships and did activities I would never have done on my own. All this helped restore my fitness, mind body and spirit!

    Thanks Sarah, Zach, Summer, Israel  Matt and Nickla!  Your the best motivators and coaches ever!  :)

  • 5.0 star rating
    2/20/2019 Updated review

    My two weeks at LIF is coming to an end and I cannot leave without a recommendation if you are looking for this type of a program and a big THANK YOU to the coaches Blaine, Marcus and Summer. Coach Zach, you are truly an inspiration and your energy each day and support shows you are truly committed to helping others reach their goals for health and fitness. Head coach Sarah, a shout of thanks to you for all that you do!

    5.0 star rating
    2/18/2019 Previous review
    I'm in my second week at LIF and I am so impressed with the trainers. Marcus is one of the standouts… Read more
    Comment from Sarah S. of Live In Fitness
    Business Owner
    3/4/2019 Laura,

    Thank you so much for your review and feedback, and we are glad you enjoyed your time with us!…
    Read more
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