How to Use Google Maps to Share and Save Routes

Google Maps the best mapping service and is the largest, most popular map service in the world. This application is very useful when traveling , whether on a vehicle, walking, cycling or hiking and can even be used as a GPS. But most of us are unaware that you can share your routes.

Today in this tutorial i’ll teach you how to share a Google Maps route easily, you only have to follow the steps listed below. Each of these steps will be explained and accompanied image for each of you can understand without any problem.


How to share Google Maps route?

This feature appeared during the deployment of the latest update of the application. With this new sharing feature, you can transfer to your anyone, your wife your colleagues etc., your complete itinerary.

All steps will be present to the recipient to go to the right place. I’ll show you how to not only share your road map, but also how to use it as you have shared and how to record it.

Share your route

You can perform these steps on your Android device and your iPhone too, just make sure you have your device, activate your GPS and mobile data.

  1. Install Google Maps  [button-blue url=”” target=”_self” position=”center”]Download Google Maps[/button-blue]
  2. Launch Application
  3. Plan your route
  4. Start navigation Google Maps route
  5. Press the menu button (top right)
  6. Share your route
  7. Choose sharing means ( Mail, social networks, note ,pocket,etc…)
  8. Perform sharing

Well that’s it!. The best advantage of this system is that you can send it from any platform to almost any platform.

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How to use a shared route

You now know how to share a journey,But what about using it after receiving. When you share, you send all the steps needed to reach the destination in written form, but you can also use Google Maps. In fact, Google has planned the coup to simplify our opinion and sharing is complete.

  1. Open the receiving means sharing (SMS, mail, note …)
  2. Press the link below text
  3. Choose Google Maps

sharing google maps

But some people does not have a smartphone,so for those who do not have a smartphone, you can print text steps you have received in advance by email or other and for users of a device with the Google Maps application, simply open the link. A complete system for sharing and convenient not to lose your way and not lose your loved ones along the way either.

How to save a route :

By using this means of sharing in a different direction, you can also get a backup medium. This application allows you to share a route by almost any means, if you choose to share a notes application, or if you send it to yourself, you can and save it.

  1. Launch Application
  2. Establish the point of departure and arrival
  3. Share your route
  4. Choose your notes application (Google Keep, Evernote …)
  5. It is now stored in your notes.
  6. simple that’s it.

In this example I chose to record in my application Google Keep, it is then permanently saved to my Google account. There is no way to lose a road-map through this technique, text and link steps to start navigating directly to Google Maps will be available for you anytime.

Well i hope this tutorial was brief and simple and do comment if you have any problem in following these steps.

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