How to SEARCH for Someone by NAME on PLENTY Of FISH Dating

This page is going to show a simple trick to be able to search for people by name on .

Search by Name on .com

Although searching for someone by name on the Plenty Of Fish dating website is not possible on the website, searching for someone by name IS possible with the help of a 100% free program called POF Username Search.


Free Program that Allows you to Search for Someone by Name or Username.

The search by name program could not be easier to use:

  1. In the programs text box, enter a persons name.
  2. Press the POF Username Search button or just press the Enter key on your keyboard.
  3. A list box, to the right, will display any profiles it finds that match your search query.
  4. Single click any of the items in the list to see a preview of that persons profile or double click the list item to go to that page, in your default web browser, on the Plenty Of Fish website.

For Search By Name Program to Work

It should be noted that the software program does not enter some back door in the Plenty Of Fish website or hack POF to find the name of a person behind a profile, but rather searches all of the text on the profile pages so in order for the program to be able to find people by name, the text you enter into the programs text box in step #1, above, has to appear on their profile page in some manner, either within the profile headline, the profile about section, etc.

You can find out more about this POF Name Search program by simply searching Google for POF Username Search.