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Hunters Desk

The Hunter's desk

Hunters are the in-game characters for players. Before a mission, they must recruit and equip their Hunters, and will also have the option to customize. Individual Hunters gain experience over time, becoming more powerful as they level up. If a Hunter dies, they are dead forever, and players will need to start again with a new Hunter.


Multiple Hunters - each equipped with a unique combination of traits, equipment and health chunk combos - are available on the recruitment screen. Players can have up to five Hunters recruited at any one time.

The price of recruitment varies depending on the recruit's skill set, but if the player runs out of money, they always have the option of recruiting a Basic Hunter character for free. The Basic Hunter is weaker than the average recruit and their equipment cannot be customized. Leveling up a Basic Hunter turns them into an Apprentice.

Hunters are available in three tiers: Apprentice, Cowboy, and Manhunter. Each tier has a distinct appearance and pre-equipped gear. The higher the tier, the more expensive the recruit.

Levels and Experience

Hunters gain Experience Points (XP) by surviving missions. The actions players perform during the mission - including, but not limited to, healing or reviving teammates, collecting clues, finding resupply boxes, and killing bosses - result in XP after they successfully extract from the mission and debrief.

Hunters gain levels by collecting XP. Every Hunter starts at level 1 and can reach a maximum of level 50. Leveling up results in Upgrade Points (UP), which can be used to purchase traits and health bars.


When players run out of health, they will be incapacitated. If they are not revived, they will die. Burned out hunters cannot be revived. In Hunt: Showdown, death is permanent. When players die in a mission they lose that Hunter character, as well as any traits and equipment they were using, forever.

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