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Electronic Drum Troubleshooting Guide

How to use this guide

In this guide, we will show you how to test an electronic drum set to make sure it’s working properly. That means you’ll check the cables, pads, and module settings. Follow the sections below to get started.

Cables & pads

If a drum pad isn’t triggering or is triggering intermittently, the first step is to check the cables and the pads. First, disconnect and reconnect the cable and make sure it’s inserted all the way. If that doesn’t work, connect the cable from the faulty trigger to a pad that is working. If the pad triggers, that means the cable is working.

Cymbals not choking?

If your cymbal pads have a crash and choke function, make sure that the logo on the cymbal facing towards you. While the entire cymbal pad is a trigger, the Choke and Edge triggers are located opposite of the logo.


Module settings

Once you’ve determined that the cable and pad are working, the next step is to check is the module settings. Depending on how you play, you may need to make further adjustments. Refer to the module’s user guide for instructions on how to navigate these settings. Follow these steps to troubleshoot the module.

  1. Increase the sensitivity and decrease the threshold in small increments.
    • Increasing the sensitivity triggers louder sounds with softer hits, and decreasing the threshold triggers the sample with softer hits.
  2. Decrease Crosstalk (X-talk).
  3. Perform a factory reset of the module.

Electronic drum tips & tricks

Electronic drums are more sensitive than acoustic drums, so taking basic preventative steps will extend the life of your drum set. Here are a few tips to get the most out of it.

  • Don’t hit the pads too hard as it can cause damage to the internal trigger.
  • Use a plastic or rubber bass drum pedal beater, especially if your bass drum pad has a mesh head. Felt beaters cause more friction and will tear the head prematurely.
  • If your module has ¼” cable connections, make sure to use balanced TRS cables.
  • Place the drum set on a carpet or drum rug to reduce vibration and prevent it from moving around.
  • Update the firmware (if applicable).

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