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ivannano2 July 2012
This is not a typical series - characters are not all likable, there are no neat bows to wrap things up, and the look/feel is dark and gray.

Is it worth watching? Definitely.

The acting it top notch. The story lines are complicated and take you in unexpected directions.

Chloë Sevigny has always taken chances with her work and this show is no exception. She once again proves that she is of the top tier of actors working today. This makes me wonder - what will she do next? So if you like things that are not your typical TV drama, then watch this show. Just don't be surprised if, like the characters themselves, you end up with mixed feelings.
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therese-hagerberg21 June 2012
It's a great show, with a beautiful backdrop of the British nature. The countryside setting makes this show even more spectacular. I love the fact that the trans gender topic is included in this drama, it will give you an in depth view of how it is to live as a trans gender in Britain today. This is not our typical British drama, its an enjoyable experience with a great story. Chloe plays the role very well, but also the children are great actors. I strongly believe this show is worth so much more than just 3 reviews. it's just a prefect drama with a lot of good elements. The cliffhangers definitely keeps you watching... I am eagerly awaiting a release of the season 2.
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I loved it - I can't wait to devour this whole season!!!
animamber31 May 2012
I think Paul Abbott is a genius. I loved Shameless UK, then Shameless US and I love Hit & Miss already. This show has a good cast and the plot is intriguing. Chloe Sevigny is always good in any role she is given. It does remind me faintly of both the Shameless series because they dealt with "in your face" social topics in a shocking way. It does deal with a lot of the same topics as the Shameless shows. I think it has the same heart. But it's also not like either one of those shows because it's shot more dramatically. Its got beautiful scenes. I am writing this review because of all of the discriminatory comments about the main protagonist being a transsexual. I think it's about time we saw a more diverse array of characters on TV shows. The world isn't black and white and we aren't just male and female.
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lachanteuse761 July 2012
I think this show is amazing and surprised me in so many ways. I have many friends from all walks of life and though I am straight, I was intrigued by the script and the roles of the actors. I do not find the ratings biased as I know many straight folks such as myself that were also drawn in by the characters and script. I must admit I wanted to reach through the screen and knock a few of the characters out in the beginning of the first few episodes but this is partly what drew me in and I am assuming this was the writer's intention. knowing that Chloe was the main character is what initially brought my attention to the show; the fact that she was trans-gender just drew me in more. I wanted to see if the show could be believable, and to me it was. Great actors, great acting and very gritty story line. I really enjoyed this show and hope there are more episodes. There are so many tasteless shows on T.V. these days with horrendous acting/actors. it's time people open their minds a little bit. This doesn't mean you have to change who you are but this is a great show, very real, very gutsy
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akiraninja6913 June 2012
I think this show is brilliant, and gives a good insight into the life of Transexuals and how hard family life is to deal with, and the whole hit-man persona adds depth and action to the series. The actors work really well together and the whole gritty British nature gives the show a true countryside British feel to the whole thing. Although of course things could be done to make it better, but it has some interesting cliffhangers that grip the audience and make them want to watch the next episode, I really feel that a 6.5 overall rating is really harsh, but that's the peoples opinions, I myself find it an excellent and enjoyable watch. I really hope they work on a series two.
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Hit & Miss show
tishmoore1925 July 2012
All around GREAT show!!

The premise or story line of the show is so refreshing and new.

I hope it stays around. The whole cast is great. But Chloë Sevigny is awesome in this character. We loved her from Big love too but she is great in this.

The kids are totally wonderful is making this show so good. They are so natural it is like you are not watching actors at all.

The scenery makes you feel like you are there too. I just love it- I was hooked from the 1st episode!

Totally worth watching!

Check it out!
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ScottDylan8 August 2012
Although it took a while to get into the story line, ultimately I've found Hit & Miss to be a great Series. The characters are played well and leave you feeling intrigued and wondering whats going to happen next.

What I really liked about Hit & Miss was that the storyline comes across as realistic, which ultimately gained my interest in continuing to watch the series further.

So far i've seen 6 episodes and am left wondering when the rest will be released as they seem to have ended in June.

Im looking forward to the season 2... if it is ever to appear..
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Enjoyable but frustrating
TidalBasinTavern26 June 2014
The producers of this series were clearly masochists. Why else would you cast a famous US movie actress, set the production in the rural north west of England, have the said actress play an Irish traveller (Mia) who is an assassin, and for good measure make the character trans. The logistics of making this production happen are mind boggling.

Having said all that it actually works. I enjoyed the entire series, frustrating as it was in parts. The cliff-hanger ending was possibly one of the most frustrating bits of TV I've ever watched; knowing that the second series hadn't been commissioned. It is sort of Emmerdale (British rural soap opera) meets Snatch meets the Crying Game.

Obviously the series isn't meant to be taken too seriously so I'm not going to point out the myriad of plot holes. There was just too much time taken up with shots of the countryside which got very tedious and too much time focusing Mia's family. It felt as if many of the characters in it would have been much more at home in a soap opera like Emmerdale and they were out acted by Chloe Sevigny.

I also think Chloe Sevigny portrayal of Mia is flawed. She seems more like Hayley from Coronation Street (another British soap). She is not street-wise enough to be a hit-man; someone who might be called the apex predator of the criminal underworld. I think the producers should have watched some modern LGBT cinema. For instance Mina Orfanou in Strella (2009), who plays the trans character of the title. Actually, I think Mia wouldn't last 5 minutes around Strella.

Overall episodes 1 and 2 were the most interesting, 3 to 5 just wasted too much time with John, and 6 was also good. I'd have liked to know more about the circus family.

As a bit of trivia the Butterfly scene in episode 6 is from "Branded to Kill" (1967) by Seijun Suzuki.

I hope that maybe in a few years this series gets a reboot, maybe set in America on US TV. It's too good an idea to go to waste.
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Pretty good
Tarahtt198430 June 2013
One of the users said that the people writing excellent reviews are biased because they're not heterosexual and are just giving it good reviews because of the nature of Chloe's character. Well I'm a heterosexual female and I enjoyed this series.

Yes I do agree with some users that a lot of the characters are not likable. I especially don't like the snippy attitudes of Riley and Liam. But well you wouldn't expect teenagers that grew up like that to be nice and sweet anyway. I just wish that their characters developed more through out the episodes and started warming up to Mia and stopped being so rebellious all the time.

I hope this show gets a second season
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One of the most unusual, but spectacularly interesting drama series ever created
charles00010 September 2015
This has to be one of the most unusual, but spectacularly interesting drama series ever created. To call this story concept original would be an understatement, but more importantly, it was executed amazingly well. Chloë Sevigny absolutely outdid herself here, and that's saying a lot. I freely admit being a bit skeptical going in, almost passed it up, but by complete accident stumbled across a series of reviews which seemed to be ubiquitously favorable . . . so I gave it chance, and binge watched the entire 6 episodes in two evenings. If there is any chance at all of producing another series of episodes, it will be watched.
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Finally a show I can truly identify with!!!!
prettysweetgirl23 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I joined IMDb because of this show. I watched the whole season in one sitting because the story and acting were so spot on with regards to what a transgender person feels, goes through in life and the conflicts that arises from our relationships. Yes I am a transgender woman too, and it is so great to see a heroine in a show that I can identify with-- THANK YOU to the producers and Mr. Sean Conway for the superb script. What makes this show come to life is the luminescent acting of Chloe Sevigny (Mia), she truly embodies the character so that she is not acting-- just so incredible! Also kudos to the supporting cast, Peter Wight as Eddie – Mia's boss, a professional criminal in Manchester. Jonas Armstrong as Ben – a romantic interest of Mia Vincent Regan as John – owner of the land owner where the family lives. Ben Crompton as Liam – brother of Wendy Karla Crome as Riley – Wendy's daughter; Mia's stepdaughter Reece Noi as Levi – Wendy's son; Mia's stepson Jorden Bennie as Ryan – Wendy's and Mia's son Roma Christensen as Leonie – Wendy's daughter; Mia's stepdaughter

I can't wait for the next season! I've already started to tell my patients (nurse) and friends about this show!!! Oh also, there are quite some violent type of scenes that may not be suited for children-- they are sort of Quentin Tarantino-esque bloody scenes. Sort of Sopranos meet Transamerica all in one show.
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White Trash Reality TV meets Pedro Almodóvar
skepticskeptical11 August 2014
Having invested six hours of my life in this thing—for lack of a better word—I feel compelled to pen a review. There is no question that Hit & Miss is watchable—I watched the whole thing, all six episodes, in spite of the fact that much of what I saw was less than appealing. I viewed two installments of Hit & Miss each of three nights in a row, finding myself unable to resist. Perhaps the best comparison to make would be to a road kill. I simply could not stop watching this production, no matter how unsavory it became. But the question remains: is that a good or a bad thing? The story features a trans gender hit woman, actually a hit man in the process of becoming a woman. She's about half way there, popping hormones and dressing the part, though one glaring anatomical piece remains dangling between her legs. The female hormones have done nothing to mitigate her icy ability to dispatch anyone at any time for a wad of cash. In fact, it is her hits which are permitting Mia (played by Chloë Sevigny) to undertake the expensive sex change, which, it is implied, she would have been unable to afford otherwise. Mia, formerly known as "Ryan", grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, so to speak. We learn among other things that her father was an abusive thug, her family having been firmly anchored in white trash culture. The setting, by the way, is the United Kingdom, so apparently white trash is not a purely American phenomenon.

Suggestions of biological determination abound in this series, which brings us to the radical moral ambiguity of the production, made quite explicit by Mia's discovery that she is the father of a child now parent-less, as his mother has succumbed to cancer. Feeling a responsibility to care for the son whom she sired, Mia moves in with the motley family of bastard children mothered by Mia's former lover—back when Mia was still a he.

The entire series revolves around the role of Mia as she attempts to care for the family of stray kids while simultaneously continuing on as the trusty contract killer of a criminal boss of sorts—he actually seems more akin to an agent, but rather than real estate or manuscripts, he "closes" hits for prospective buyers. Mia's boss regularly calls her to meetings in the upholstered vinyl booth of a seedy café where he pays for previous jobs and hands over a folder of data about the next victim from what appears to be an endless list of persons to be executed for whatever reason was deemed adequate by the person who fronted the cash.

On the one hand, the viewer is pulled to sympathize with Mia as a trans gender protagonist attempting to realize her dream of being a woman—having been, as they say, trapped in a man's body for most of her life. She seems genuinely to care about the children whom she has taken under her wing. On the other hand, the viewer can only be repulsed by the clinical, mechanical conduct of the hit woman, who does not bat an eye at the idea of killing anyone for any reason, provided only that the price is right. For each hit, she dons an eerie "Grim Reaper" black hooded sweatshirt, pants, and boots, which imparts a ritualistic feeling to her fulfillment of the contracts. She works out and trains for the challenges of her profession in a huge empty warehouse, which might be construed as a metaphor for the vacuity of a hit man's soul. The cold, solitary nature of contract killing is more effectively conveyed in classic films such as Le Samouraï (1967), directed by Jean-Pierre Melville and starring Alain Delon; and The American Soldier (1970), directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder and starring Karl Scheydt.

The bizarre, nearly schizoid, character of Mia may be intended to illustrate the general philosophical thesis that people are not black or white but only shades of moral gray. Mia is clearly a repository of moral sentiment and tries to be a good "dad" (more like a mother, given her current appearance), while at the same time supporting the family with funds procured from terminating with extreme prejudice other "dads", and thereby rendering their children fatherless. Does any of this make any sense? Not really. It's not a "banality of killing" case à la Adolf Eichmann, because Mia is not an administrator who "facilitates" the slaughter of human beings by other human beings. Instead, Mia directly and physically causes the deaths of her victims. In some ways, Hit & Miss reminds me of the Pedro Almodóvar film in which the viewer is tricked into sympathizing with a character who has sex with a comatose woman. Despite the fine cinematography of this production, it's all vaguely repugnant, in the end.
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Disappointing, I'm sorry to say.
punishmentpark27 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Chloë Sevigny is poorly cast as a transsexual hit-man, which I hadn't expected. The more sweet and timid characters she played in 'Kids' (1995) and 'Boys don't cry' (1999) are the ones I remember off the top of my head, and to see her here, with her fragile physique and swooning eyes playing a hardened hit-man and flooring any opponent necessary; it just doesn't fit. Someone noted elsewhere that casting a woman here is also a missed opportunity to have a significant lead played by an actual transsexual, and I agree. Hopefully, that will only be a matter of time(?).

Storywise, 'Hit & miss' is pretty much what the title suggests. A lot of developments are credible and play cleverly with (false) expectations of the viewer, but with a couple of big exceptions. The most unbelievable thing is that Riley is able to get the gun from underneath her while being strangled by the (just about) ten times more strong John... she wouldn't have survived in real life (plus, it would have added to the drama of the series). Then, I don't believe that her utterly apathetic mother would just get up and leave her son, even if he is a total asshole - or at least don't cram it into just one episode.

And, personally, I didn't find all the characters to be all that compelling, such as Riley (dear God, did she look like death itself throughout pretty much the whole series?) or Ryan (the son) whose dealings with certain (understandable) issues felt rather arbitrary. I already talked about Chloe, but I'd like to add that she also looks rather glum all of the time, which may be understandable, but still... One of the few happy moments (when she is overjoyed after a rendezvous with Ben) really stood out, 'Hit & miss' could have done with a little more of that^. Adding to all that, Mia's part of coming in and taking over at the ranch was pretty strong, a little too strong; in spite of all the hardships and the open ending she is a sort of superwoman who saves the day. Perhaps it was all too much for just six episodes...

No, this was a disappointment, though certainly not all bad; the struggle for a relationship between Mia and Ben was very well done. To add the element of a hit-man with the bonus violence which such entails, is more far-fetched than anything else. A small 6 out of 10.

^ I'm not impartial to glum thriller/dramas (on the contrary), but I'll mention 'Hinterland', a series that reminded me a little of this, but which comes together way better in terms of atmosphere and drama (even if it is, at its core, a detective story).
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It doesn't get better than this!
elmer-eskay3 January 2014
Better than 10. Concept is rather startling but is executed well. Not cartoonish at all.

The plot mainly plays on the premise, but has some intricacies. The story doesn't seem finished - they might have envisioned more episodes.

The acting is finely done. Chloë Sevigny is incredible playing the sexiest, and most believable, trans-gender I've ever seen on screen. Karla Crome is good, too. I like her as Riley better than the "Misfit" Jess. Peter Wight is a great Eddie. Jonas Armstrong's Ben character is inconsistently drawn - he grated on me several times - but well acted. The children do a great job (probably aided by directing and editing.)

All in all: incomplete but one of the best shows ever made.
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Viewed the entire series - may contain spoilers.
davoshannon26 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Important to point out that I viewed the entire series. Which promised much, had an interesting initial concept, but failed to deliver on just about every issue.

Taking some key ones :-

Dialogue. Generally used to flesh out characters, and move the plot along. Here it frequently stalls completely - and it's not necessarily leaving something hanging which will be resolved later.

Characters. With the exception of the young fella the "family" Mia inherits is a completely unlovable bunch of wretches. How they survived to story start had me wondering at times. And as the story progressed I saw no improvement. Also I have never seen such a one dimensional character as John.

Sheer plot contrivance. Why would Levi (one of the said wretches) "fall in" with Eddie - and vice versa. And worst of all, after a clumsy "reconciliation" between Mia and Ben, Mia finding a used condom the next morning from a previous night's activity by Ben with a GG (genetic girl) is ludicrous.

And when all else fails. We get "artistic" shots of moorland, and sky.

I doubt there will be a second series, but if so I recommend the "committee" producing this study "Game of Thrones" for dialogue and particularly facial expressions and transitions, "Braquo" for how to mix extreme action with good character development, and finally "The Crying Game" for it's portrayal of a transgender character.

Finishing on a lighter note, I couldn't help thinking Mia's hair was much better after the "hacking" her brother gave it in the final episode!.
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Ill Conceived
Mac322651 September 2015
I was looking forward to watching this show BUT after watching, it is One of the Most Ill Conceived shows EVER !!! There is NO WAY the character Mia would have lasted as long as she did as a Hit Man without being caught & in fact there were MULTIPLE FLAWS. Mia should have be caught At least Three times during the show.

First, Mia is able to walk up to a man in public during the day, kill him with a plastic bag & NO ONE SAW HER DO IT !!!

Second, Mia misses the cop she was suppose to kill. The cops would have SWARMED that area & she would have been caught !!!

Third, Mia misses the guy at the docks & has to go after him. She Injures herself catching him, leaves her hand gun & silencer behind then walks 25 to 50 feet away from her victim where she gets hit by a car. She would have had Several police officers guarding her door at the hospital so she couldn't get away. She would have had to give her Identity & Explain WHY she was feet away from a MURDER VICTIM !!!

Forth, the fact that she works for a Mobster & he was DUMB ENOUGH to dispose of the body in a way where it was ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that the body parts would be found !!!

This is a MAJOR FLAW in the writing of this story. They made Mia look in a way that Transgender women are TYPICALLY portrayed in TV & movies. They made her look like she was Desperate to Accept the way guys treat her romantically.

The Creator of this show, the Producer & the Writer SHOULD BE BANNED FROM "EVER" BEING PART OF ANOTHER TV SERIES OR MOVIE !!!
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Really good show! Loved it!
jwerrell-670-2561198 September 2013
Yeah it had a message with the transgender Mia, but the show was much deeper than that. The kids were amazing! I was sad to see there is no more coming from the series, and hope someone picks it up. This is the first review I've added for anything, that should say something. Watch it. I was not surprised that it was made by the creator of Shameless, we love that show as well, and it did have a quality that reminded us of it. We loved her in big love, but this was even richer. Maybe because its featured on Netflix the show will get another chance. The hits were also epic. Glad I found it and I will recommend it to friends as well as this review. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.
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Too low for my taste
gades_noctem16 May 2014
The general idea is really great. I like the characters, I love the concept and actors are really good... but I'm afraid that it didn't work for me.

In the first episode you have some action the first two minutes and more action the last five minutes, but you have a really low pace drama story in between. Too much family stuff and dysfunctional-but-lovely-children to my taste.

Don't misunderstand me-- It is a great production with really good actors and brilliant writers, but if you like stories with some rhythm and action you would have to search in another place.
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Overly, waay overly complicated
etnier15 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
A program about a M>F transsexual hit woman has enough to explore right there. By the third episode the creators had tacked on enough byzantine subplots to sink a 70's disaster movie. Many of them aren't developed at all- think of the Levi/Eddie relationship and those packages, or why Liam enters the story (no: poignancy is not a qualification). Too many things happen, almost always badly, to too many people in this series. Sometimes it's best to step back, let characters develop and make their lives the focus of a drama, rather than inventing plot twists and adding new characters (NB: the FINAL EPISODE's carnival family).

I stuck with this show to the end and admired a lot about it, but I was cringing about the creator's need to complicate, entangle and embellish.
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very convincing and outstanding performance by Chloe Sevigny
envity198118 October 2013
When I read the summary, I wondered how any film - or TV show production company can bring this topic on screen without getting too ridiculous or too stereotyped? How can you make the audience believe that a contract killer would think about changing gender? I am still wondering how they did it but in fact they did.

Considering the controversial subject of this TV series, the producers of this series did a very good job on that. To me who does not understand transsexualism completely, the script seems convincing to me, and so does Chloe's performance. I believed in every word she said, and in every action or gestures she does. By the way, very good work on the accent, Chloe.

What seemed to be shocking in the first minutes was probably the right thing to do. I think the depiction of Mia's penis was indeed necessary. Without it, this series would end up less convincing because it would have made Chloe look like an actress who just pretends to be a female transsexual without one evidence at least.
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at first I wasn't sure I would like ... but then it took me all of 2 mins to be hooked
shadowsofthevoid29 November 2012
I was impressed. I honestly didn't think I would be able to get into it as it seemed a bit too out there but I honestly enjoyed the show. Its a great piece of television. Raw, brutal, yet it explores the bond of family and relationships in a soft heart warming way.

I wouldn't say this is for the faint of heart or easily offended as there is a lot of full frontal everything in this show. But it is used in a very tasteful way to explore the blurred line transsexuals go through in their transition from one gender to another.

This show is more than anything an exploration of the ups and downs of a transsexual's transition. Its also about acceptance. The assassin part just gives a sort of sub context for everything.

Brilliant acting by everyone in the show. That was what was needed to really bring it together or else this show would have fallen on its head. And the writing was top notch.

All in all I highly recommend this as one of the better piece of television I've seen in a while and I hope that more like this comes out of England. America has gone down the reality TV path too far to return I think and we have to look to Britain to give us the intellectual TV that is missing. I also hope there is a season 2 because that cliff hanger at the end was about as good as when I watched Sherlock a couple years back ... I will give British TV that ... they love their cliff hangers!!!
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Excellent show that deserved more air time
tr9125 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Hit & Miss is an excellent TV show that deserved more than 6 episodes. It ends on a real cliffhanger and its a shame we will never have it developed further.

I liked all of the characters. Chloe Sevigny was amazing as the transgender contract killer who finds out she has a family. Ryan who was the youngest son was brilliant too, he really showed a lot of depth to the character.

It was more of a drama than I expected, I thought it was going to be just pure action but I liked it how it was. It was more about seeing this new family together.

The show also had a very catchy soundtrack throughout the 6 episodes. There was plenty of sub plots too which gave the show that little bit more tension.

Overall I thought it was a great watch but I just wish we could've got another series or two.

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Deeply layered and achingly beautiful combination of action and intense drama
robertemerald19 May 2019
Here in Australia we play catch up with British drama, and often some of the best shows pass us by entirely. It was by a fluke I even heard of this one, but I'm so glad I did. It's truly amazing. The cinematography (framing, colour, depth, texture) is wonderful, of the cold yet idyllic rural landscape where the true family heart of this story unfolds, contrasting with the similarly cold, hard and bright neons of the (almost) heartless world of city lights and contract killings. There are so many layers. Punters will not quibble that it's all talk and no action, nor will romantics complain that that the family drama is in any way superficial. It's so bizarrely original and yet so utterly captivating, that it's difficult to believe such a feat of television could actually exist. This is one that (around here anyway) we'll be referring to for years to come. There are some big name actors here, but probably not in any roles you may be familiar. There's a fiery spark of newness to everything. The children are adorable, notably heightening the pervading sense of danger which enriches every episode. The soundtrack is a modern folk I suppose, but perfectly reflects the landscapes and the heartaches. I feel truly lucky to have found this show, and, honestly, a little humbled as well. Brave, ruthless, stingingly real and breathtakingly emotional, this is brilliant British drama.
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Evolution of television on our doorsteps
jacques7714 January 2013
I am not sure if I would have necessarily watched and reviewed this series was it not for reading the derogatory sweeping statement in a previous review that gay audiences "just because the character is a transsexual is making this a good show in their eyes." This along with other sweeping statements, misleading stereotyping and selective memory aspects of other reviews made me very curious about the truth of this series. I am a 35 y.o. gay cinema and television professional with an extensive reference base.

The mistake is often made, but transgender and homosexuality has very little to do with each other except that we often share representation by the same minority group activists. Transgender people often don't change their sexual preference after they have completed their journey and quite often they remain with their partners, be it heterosexual or homosexual. To the point, Hit and Miss.

The show has very good points as well as a few flaws. The script is sometimes slow and it is directed a little more sombre than is necessary. The angst that the characters display would be far better suited for a 2 hour cinema production rather than a TV series. Though the characters are well rounded and defined, I don't yet feel any need to care about them. Since none of the characters are gay, I did not care for them from this premise, then again, I did not care for any of the characters in the L-Word or the American version of QAF either. Jonas Armstrong is possibly the only actor that has show a sense of movement and inner conflict that leads to change in his character.

The young son, Brian, does not try wearing woman's clothing in every scene as has been suggested, but this is rather a small C plot in one single episode.

The show has tremendous potential because the plot and characters has all the base work done for great development and the casting is excellent with good performances from the actors. The cinematography is exceptional and I have recently worked on a production that uses a similar style of camera-work. It is notable that European styles along with other global trends seem to indicate that because of the introduction of wide screen televisions into our homes we are also moving into a more cinematic style of shooting TV series rather than the old 4:3 ratio style (regardless of lens scope) with useless close-ups and shots that create a sense of false intimacy rather than telling the story. There have been countless arguments with producers and writers that are stuck in the old ways of doing things, but alas, if there is one universal truth I have come to accept it is that "the times will always be a changing".

The use of colour and frame, movement and shots in this series is definitely on par with the next level of television storytelling that we can expect over the next few years.

At times it seems that Chloë Sevigny is getting her character from Felicity Huffman in Transamerica and the plot hints very slightly towards a rip off of the American series Weeds. The execution is well thought through and once the producers and writers can decide where these characters are going on an interpersonal level, I am looking forward to see where this journey will be taking our heroin and her family (hopefully not copying Weeds).
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firefly9001 July 2012
It was unfortunate that this show failed so badly because it is a good concept.... but anybody can have a good idea, its the execution that counts and the makers of this show just couldn't pull it off. Its also a pity here on IMDb that the reviewers saying it is a good show are connected to the gay/trans gender community....

Just because the character is a transsexual is making this a good show in their eyes.

And then the characters themselves are so unlikeable (as a previous reviewer said) that i constantly wanted to hit the screen. It was also like Chloe Sevigny spoke every single one of her lines in a sulky spoiled child tone, what was the point in this?

I stuck through it and watched all six episodes..... this show really doesn't deserve a 2nd season, and don't fall for the rating.... Its biased!!!
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