Snippet: An Agnostic Concerned About the Decline of Faith in America

Snip·pet | ˈsnipit | noun a small piece or brief extract.

Here’s one from Derek Thompson, a staff writer at The Atlantic:

“As an agnostic, I have spent most of my life thinking about the decline of faith in America in mostly positive terms. Organized religion seemed, to me, beset by scandal and entangled in noxious politics. So, I thought, what is there really to mourn? Only in the past few years have I come around to a different view. Maybe religion, for all of its faults, works a bit like a retaining wall to hold back the destabilizing pressure of American hyper-individualism, which threatens to swell and spill over in its absence.”

I wish more followers of Jesus shared the same concern.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash