Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) tears up watching the first Harry Potter movie

Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) gets very emotional watching the first Harry Potter film alongside fans. Apparently he hadn’t watched it in 20 years!

Tom Felton is very proud to be a crucial part of the Harry Potter franchise. While folks may not have admired his horrendous character, Draco Malfoy, we love Felton more than words can describe.

That’s in part because he’s always interacting with fans via TikTok and social media, and even recently organized a 19-year reunion with the Harry Potter cast. He keeps the movies alive for us.

And he’s still at it. Just the other day, Felton decided to watch the first Harry Potter film (for the first time) in 20 years. He asked fans to join the rewatch, unaware of how emotional he was going to feel once the film started.

Check out his tear-filled reaction below, from a video he posted on his Instagram Stories:

As you can see, Felton gets emotional right from the beginning, when Dumbledore leaves baby Harry Potter on the doorstep of his aunt and uncle’s home. As soon as Dumbledore says goodbye to Harry, Felton struggles to keep it together. And we can’t blame him; that sequence is emotional enough on its own, and if you were actually involved in the making of the movies and it’s summoning childhood memories…

Tom Felton’s reaction is all sorts of adorable as he continues watching, filled with pride for his costars and all that they did together such a long time ago. “God look at him!” he says of young Daniel Radcliffe, who played Harry. “Radcliffe looks about five! Oh good lord!”

He simply can’t get enough of how amazing the journey was, and for that, we can’t get enough of him! “I’m just tearing up rather than giving you commentary but it will get better,” he says. “I think the best is yet to come in these movies! We’re definitely going to try this again.”

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h/t Daily Mail