Our next project is nearing the end of it's Kickstarter! We are over halfway there and we are really keeping our fingers crossed that this will happen! Check out this video to see how making these films are more personal to us then most people might believe. If you would like to contribute to our goal of raising $3,000 then click the link below. Any little bit helps! Thank you all who have donated and we'll hopefully have some good news for everyone next week!

How a movie made a family!
Big Iron Short Film

We wanted to show how making our first film led to a great group of friends who not only enjoy making movies but enjoying personal time as brothers. We have had... so much fun these last couple years just going out and making adventures from each of our projects. We don't just do these films cause were bored. They are oppurtunities for to all get together and have adventures. With each year that passes and with us all doing diffrent things. It's hard for us to be able to make time for those adventrues. Making the films is one of our ways of staying connected.

We have a week left in our Kickstarter and we are over halfway there! If you would like to donate to our campaign then please click the link below. any little bit helps. This isn't just for us to make a movie. It's a chance for us all to stick together. For those of you who have donated, we can't thnak yo enough! Share this around and let's get the team together again!…/bigironm…/big-iron-short-film…

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Did you enjoy "Brothers" last year?! Well if you did and you wanna see more work from us then please consider donating to our next big project called "Big Iron"! It's a western short film that we want to film on location in Texas! It brings back a lot of the people involved in "Brothers" and it also brings in some new people! Any little bit helps but if you are able to help us out then you will get some cool stuff in return! Thank you all for your support and hopefully we will see you in the old west! Click the link below for more info!

Our wonderful Music Composer! Kennoniah Dean!
"Brothers" SNEAK PEAK #1