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Act I
  1. Overture / Big Bright Beautiful World (from Shrek: The Musical) - Narrator, Roddy's Father, Roddy's Mother, Young Roddy and Roddy
  2. Sid from the Sewers (to the tune of Story of My Life from Shrek the Musical) - Sid and Roddy
  3. Goodbyes - Sid and Roddy
  4. Where is the Ruby - Roddy and Rita
  5. Persuader Song - Roddy, Rita, Spike and Whitey
  6. The Toad's World (to the tune of I'm Full of Surprises from the Great Race) - The Toad, Spike, Whitey and the Rats
  7. Ice 'Em - Toad, Spike, Whitey, Roddy and Rita
  8. After Them - Spike, Roddy, Rita, the Rats and the Slugs
  9. The Ruby's Fake - Rita and Roddy
  10. The Cable Song - The Toad, Spike, Whitey and the Slugs
  11. Rita's Home (to the tune of Welcome Back from Rio 2) - Rita's Mum and Rita's Dad
  12. Ice Cold Rita - Roddy and the Slugs
  13. After Them (Reprise) - Spike, Whitey and the Rats
Act II
  1. Hopps Goes After the Weasel (from Zootopia) - Orchestra
  2. Revenge on Rita - Le Frog, the Toad, Spike and Whitey
  3. Who I'd Be (from Shrek the Musical) - Roddy and Rita
  4. Make a Move (from Shrek the Musical) - Sid
  5. Build a Wall (from Shrek the Musical) - Sid and Rita
  6. We Will Get London (to the tune of Freak Flag from Shrek the Musical) - The Toad, Le Frog, Spike, Whitey and the Frogs
  7. The Plan (Reprise to Sid from the Sewers) - Sid and Roddy
  8. Togetherness - Roddy, Rita, Spike and Whitey
  9. Big Bright Beautiful World (Reprise) - Roddy
  10. The Finale (Rollin' on the River) - Roddy, Rita, Spike, Whitey, the Slugs and the Rats


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