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You see it in the way writers feel the need to be funny -- and if not funny, at least intense or worked up.
We want people to feel safe, and legislation like this will help people feel safe online.
Come tell us about the moment a series suddenly and unexpectedly got you right in the feels.
From Gizmodo
I can not imagine how they must feel.
From ABC News
It's nice to feel healthy now and not have to play through something that's pretty significant.
What made you feel motivated to do that.
From ABC News
I want to make people feel more a part of government.
From The Hill
But they also feel timely, like antidotes to the inattentiveness that comes with the manic pace of modern life.
I just feel so sad for these women and these children.
But we have a couple of games that can turn things around, get in the playoffs and feel good about the way we're playing.
It might look like it's there, but it won't feel there.
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Translations of feel

in Chinese (Traditional)
經歷, 覺得, 感到…
in Chinese (Simplified)
经历, 觉得, 感到…
in Spanish
sentirse, sentir, experimentar…
in Portuguese
sentir-se, sentir, experimentar…
in more languages
in Japanese
in Turkish
in French
in Catalan
in Arabic
in Czech
in Danish
in Indonesian
in Thai
in Vietnamese
in Polish
in Malay
in German
in Norwegian
in Korean
in Italian
in Russian
(感情)を感じる, (肉体的感覚で)~を感じる, ~と思う…
hissetmek, hissini duymak, inanmak…
sentir, ressentir, toucher…
sentir-se, sentir, experimentar…
يَشْعُر, يَعْتَقِد, يَلْمِس…
(u)cítit, ohmatat, pocítit…
føle, mærke, føle sig…
merasakan, meraba, merasa…
รู้สึกถึง, สัมผัส, เข้าสัมผัส…
cảm thấy, sờ mó, có cảm giác…
czuć (się), odczuwać, sądzić…
merasakan, merasa, berfikir…
fühlen, befühlen, spüren…
føle, kjenne, ta på…
(행복, 슬픔, 두려움 마음이) 들다…
sentire, sentirsi, ritenere…
чувствовать, считать, иметь мнение…
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