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Eunuchs have appeared in many films, works of literature, and in popular culture.

Anime and manga[edit]

  • In the Japanese anime Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (R2), the de facto rulers of the communist Chinese Federation comprise a group of eight eunuchs called "High Eunuchs".
  • In the manga Red River, one of the main villains, Urhi, is a eunuch.


  • The titular character of That Yellow Bastard (February–July 1996), a limited comic book series, the sixth in Dark Horse Comics' Sin City series, is a eunuch. (The series was adapted as a film, titled Sin City (2005), also known as Frank Miller's Sin City.)


  • Eunuchs appear often as villains in Hong Kong kung fu and wuxia films set in ancient China. For example, the films Dragon Inn (Xin long men ke zhan), Butterfly and Sword (Xin liu xing hu die jian), and A Touch of Zen (Hsia nu) all feature a eunuch or a group of eunuchs as the main villain. A popular eunuch villain used in ancient China stories is Eunuch Wei, who is based on a historical figure named Wei Zhongxian. Eunuch villains are usually in charge of powerful political posts, such as being the leader of the East Chamber.
  • In Mel Brooks's comedy History of the World, Part I (1981), under the section of "The Roman Empire", an entire scene is devoted to a joke about eunuchs, the length of African genitals, and the song, "Caldonia"; all rolled into one.
  • The Last Emperor (1987), Bernardo Bertolucci.
  • In the Disney animated film Mulan (1998), the character Chi-Fu is a royal advisor that has been attached to Captain Li Shang's forces. Due to his nature as a royal advisor to the Emperor of China and the historical nature of the film, he would be assumed to be a eunuch.
  • The Last Eunuch (1988), a Chinese biographical film directed by Zhang Zhiliang, tells the story of Sun Yaoting, who saw the last royal palace's extravagant lifestyle and experienced the breakdown of the last imperial empire and felt the new changes brought by the new age.
  • The film Farinelli (1994) is about the castrato singer Farinelli.
  • The documentary film Bombay Eunuch (2001) examines the changing role of India's hijras, some of whom are also eunuchs.
  • The documentary film American Eunuchs (2003) investigates the underworld of modern eunuchs in America.
  • In the film One Night With the King (2006), Hadassah's (Esther's) would-be boyfriend, Jesse, is captured by the Persian empire and castrated.
  • The documentary film Kiss the Moon (2010), set in Pakistan, portrays three generations of eunuchs examining the ancient rituals and religious beliefs surrounding their community.
  • Nilkantho treats the plight of the Indian hijras with sensitivity.[citation needed]
  • In Murder 2 (2011), by Emraan Hashmi , the antagonist castrates himself and becomes an eunuch.


  • In the video game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (2015), the loyal servant and bookie of head Redanian Intelligence Sigismund Dijkstra is a eunuch, called Happen the Eunuch. He takes care of the Bathhouse in Novigrad, which is open to both sexes.



  • The punk rock band the Descendents wrote a song about a eunuch called "Eunuch Boy", which was on their 1996 comeback album Everything Sucks.



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