Epitaph Records discography

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This is the catalog of Epitaph Records. The list is ordered by release number. Original release dates are within the parentheses.


Cat. # Artist Title Year Format Other information
EPI-BREP1 Bad Religion Bad Religion (EP) 1981 7″ First official Epitaph release.
EPI-BREP2 Back to the Known (EP) 1985 12″
EPI-BRLP1 How Could Hell Be Any Worse? 1982 LP
EPI-BRLP2 Into the Unknown 1983
E-86400 The Things Things 1988 LP
E-86401 L7 L7 LP, CD
E-86402 various artists More Songs About Anger, Fear, Sex & Death 1992 CD
E-86403 Little Kings Head First 1989 LP, CD
E-86404 Bad Religion Suffer 1988
E-86405 NOFX S&M Airlines 1989
E-86406 Bad Religion No Control
E-86407 80–85 1991 CD
E-86408 Insted What We Believe 1990 LP, CD
E-86409 Bad Religion Against the Grain
E-86410 NOFX Ribbed 1991
E-86411 Down by Law Down by Law
E-86412 Pennywise Pennywise
E-86413 Coffin Break Crawl
E-86414 Bad Religion Along the Way 1991 VHS, DVD Originally released on VHS in 1991; re-released on DVD in 2004.
E-86415 Dag Nasty Four on the Floor 1992 LP, CD
E-86416 Bad Religion Generator
E-86417 NOFX Liberal Animation 1991 Originally recorded in 1988, but not released until 1991.
E-86418 White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean 1992
E-86419 Down by Law Blue
E-86420 Bad Religion Recipe for Hate 1993 Released only in Europe.
E-86421 Coffin Break Thirteen 1992
E-86423 Rich Kids on LSD Reactivate 1993 LP, CD
E-86424 The Offspring Ignition 1992 Labelled as one of Epitaph's best selling albums
E-86425 Claw Hammer Pablum 1993
E-86426 Rich Kids on LSD Rock N' Roll Nightmare
E-86427 Thelonious Monster Baby, You're Bumming My Life in a Supreme Fashion 1986 CD
E-86428 Rancid Rancid 1993 LP, CD
E-86429 Pennywise Unknown Road
E-86430 SNFU Something Green And Leafy This Way Comes
E-86431 Down by Law Punkrockacademyfightsong 1994
E-86432 The Offspring Smash Labelled as one of Epitaph's best selling albums.
E-86433 Claw Hammer Thank the Holder Upper 1995
E-86434 Rancid Let's Go 1994 LP, CD Labelled as one of Epitaph's best selling albums.
E-86435 NOFX Punk in Drublic Labelled as one of Epitaph's best selling albums.
E-86436 Ten Foot Pole Rev
E-86437 Pennywise About Time 1995
E-86438 Total Chaos Pledge of Defiance 1993
E-86439 Gas Huffer One Inch Masters 1994
E-86440 Pennywise Home Movies 1995 VHS, DVD Originally released on VHS in 1995; re-released on DVD in 2004.
E-86441 SNFU The One Voted Most Likely to Succeed LP, CD
E-86442 The Humpers Live Forever or Die Trying 1996
E-86443 Bad Religion All Ages 1995
E-86444 Rancid ...And Out Come the Wolves Labelled as one of Epitaph's best selling albums.
E-86445 Rich Kids on LSD Riches to Rags 1994
E-86446 Red Aunts #1 Chicken 1995
E-86447 Wayne Kramer The Hard Stuff
E-86448 various artists Punk-O-Rama First of the Punk-O-Rama series, this release includes songs by Bad Religion, NOFX, Rancid, The Offspring, Total Chaos, Gas Huffer, RKL, Down by Law, Wayne Kramer, Ten Foot Pole, and SNFU.
E-86449 The Cramps Flame Job 1994 LP
E-86450 Total Chaos Patriotic Shock 1996 LP, CD
E-86451 The Joykiller The Joykiller 1995
E-86452 Rancid Roots Radicals 7″ Single release.
E-86453 Dead Fucking Last Proud to Be CD
E-86454 Voodoo Glow Skulls Firme LP, CD
E-86455 Rancid Time Bomb 7″ Single release.
E-86456 Down by Law All Scratched Up! 1996 LP, CD
E-86457 NOFX Heavy Petting Zoo
E-86458 Wayne Kramer Dangerous Madness
E-86459 Gas Huffer The Inhuman Ordeal of Special Agent Gas Huffer
E-86460 The Offspring The Offspring 1995 Originally released on vinyl in 1989, but not on CD until 1995.
E-86461 various artists Bored Generation 1996 CD
E-86462 T.S.O.L. Dance with Me
E-86463 Poison Idea Feel the Darkness LP, CD
E-86464 Rancid Ruby Soho 7″ Single release.
E-86465 Voodoo Glow Skulls Firme CD Spanish version
E-86466 The Joykiller Static LP, CD
E-86467 Millencolin Life on a Plate LP, CD
E-86468 The Joykiller Seventeen Single release; released only in Europe.
E-86469 Daredevils Hate You Single release.
E-86470 Pulley Esteem Driven Engine LP, CD
E-86471 Total Chaos Anthems from the Alleyway
E-86473 Red Aunts Saltbox
E-86474 various artists Better Read Than Dead CD
E-86475 Noam Chomsky The Clinton Vision - Old Wine, New Bottles
E-86476 Prospects for Democracy
E-86477 Class War: The Attack on Working People
E-86478 Ten Foot Pole Unleashed 1997 LP, CD
E-86479 New Bomb Turks Scared Straight 1996
E-86480 Ruth Ruth The Little Death LP, CD, 10″
E-86481 Descendents Everything Sucks LP, CD
E-86482 Voodoo Glow Skulls Fat Randy 1999 Single release; released only in Europe.
E-86483 The Humpers Plastique Valentine 1997 LP, CD
E-86484 various artists Punk-O-Rama Vol. 2 1996 CD This Punk-O-Rama series release includes songs by Descendents, Pennywise, Pulley, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, The Humpers, Rancid, Millencolin, Voodoo Glow Skulls, The Joykiller, T.S.O.L., NOFX, Down By Law, Poison Idea, Dead Fucking Last, SNFU, Bad Religion, and New Bomb Turks.
E-86485 Me First and the Gimme Gimmes Billy 7″ Single release.
E-86486 various artists I'm Sure We're Going to Make It (Dutch Punk 1977-1982) LP, CD Released only in Europe.
E-86487 The Offspring Ixnay on the Hombre 1997 Released only in Europe.
E-86488 Wayne Kramer Citizen Wayne
E-86489 Pennywise Full Circle
E-86490 Descendents I'm the One Single release; released only in Europe.
E-86491 The Offspring All I Want CD-single
E-86492 Voodoo Glow Skulls Baile de Los Locos LP, CD
E-86493 Dead Fucking Last Grateful/Tape Show
E-86494 Union 13 East Los Presents
E-86495 The Offspring All I Want Single release; released only in Europe.
E-86496 Helmet Aftertaste LP
E-86497 Rancid Life Won't Wait 1998 LP, CD
E-86498 The Offspring Gone Away 1997 CD-single
E-86501 Down by Law Last of the Sharpshooters LP, CD
E-86502 The Joykiller Three
E-86503 Millencolin For Monkeys
E-86504 The Offspring Gone Away 7″ Single release; released only in Europe.
E-86505 H2O Thicker Than Water LP, CD
E-86506 Descendents When I Get Old Single release; released only in Europe.
E-86507 Millencolin Lozin' Must Single release.
E-86510 The Bouncing Souls The Bouncing Souls LP, CD
E-86511 Gas Huffer Just Beautiful Music 1998
E-86512 The Dwarves ...Are Young And Good Looking 1997
E-86513 Zeke Kicked in the Teeth 1998
E-86514 Rich Kids on LSD Still Flailing After All These Beers 1997 VHS
E-86515 New Bomb Turks At Rope's End 1998 LP, CD
E-86516 The Cramps Big Beat from Badsville 1997
E-86517 Green Day Kerplunk! 1992 Re-released in Europe on Epitaph in 1997.
E-86518 NOFX So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes 1997)
E-86520 I Against I Top of the World Single release; released only in Europe.
E-86521 Pulley 60 Cycle Hum LP, CD
E-86522 Green Day 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours 1990 Re-released in Europe on Epitaph in 1997.
E-86523 Down by Law Question Marks and Periods 1997 Single release.
E-86524 The Humpers Euphoria, Confusion, Anger, Remorse 1999 LP, CD
E-86525 I Against I Headcleaner 1998
E-86527 The Cramps Like a Bad Girl Should 1997 Single release; released only in Europe.
E-86528 Red Aunts Ghetto Blaster 1998 LP, CD
E-86529 The Fleshtones More Than Skin Deep Released only in Europe.
E-86531 ALL Mass Nerder LP, CD
E-86532 The Offspring I Choose 1997 Single release; released only in Europe.
E-86534 various artists Punk-O-Rama III 1998 CD The American version of this Punk-O-Rama series release includes songs by NOFX, Dwarves, All, Bouncing Souls, Voodoo Glow Skulls, H2O, Straight Faced, ZEKE, Union 13, Agnostic Front, New Bomb Turks, The Cramps, Rancid, Humpers, Wayne Kramer, Gas Huffer, Red Aunts, Down By Law, Osker, Ten Foot Pole, Millencolin, Bad Religion, I Against I, Pulley, and Pennywise.  The European version does not include music by Millencolin, and does include music by Undeclinable, Looking Up, and Burning Heads.
E-86535 Voodoo Glow Skulls The Band Geek Mafia LP, CD
E-86536 Agnostic Front Something's Gotta Give
E-86538 Straightfaced Conditioned LP, CD
E-86539 Wayne Kramer LLMF 1999
E-86543 Looking Up Got Another Answer? 1998 CD Released only in Europe.
E-86544 Union 13 Why Are We Destroying Ourselves? LP, CD
E-86545 Millencolin Same Old Tunes CD Originally recorded in 1994, but not released until 1998.
E-86546 Heideroosjes Smile, You're Dying LP, CD Released only in Europe.
E-86547 Tom Waits Mule Variations 1999 CD
E-86548 Osker Treatment 5 2000 LP, CD
E-86549 The Bouncing Souls Tie One On (EP) 1998 CD
E-86550 Hopeless Romantic 1999 LP, CD
E-86552 Ten Foot Pole Insider LP, CD
E-86553 Pennywise Straight Ahead
E-86554 Pulley @#!*
E-86555 Better Than a Thousand Value Driven CD Released only in Europe.
E-86556 H2O F.T.T.W. LP, CD
E-86558 The Fleshtones Hitsburg Revisited 1998 LP, CD Released only in Europe.
E-86559 Beatsteaks Launched 2000 CD
E-86560 Heideroosjes Schizo 1998 LP, CD Released only in Europe.
E-86561 New Bomb Turks Nightmare Scenario 2000
E-86562 Zeke Dirty Sanchez
E-86563 various artists Punk-O-Rama 4: Straight Outta the Pit CD The American version of this Punk-O-Rama series release includes songs by Pennywise, Pulley, H2O, Rancid, Bombshell Rocks, The Bouncing Souls, Ten Foot Pole, ALL, New Bomb Turks, Bad Religion, Dwarves, Straight Faced, Agnostic Front, 59 Times the Pain, Refused, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Zeke, Gas Huffer, Tom Waits, ]Gentleman Jack Grisham, Union 13, 98 Mute, Osker, Millencolin, and NOFX.  The European version does not include music by Bombshell Rocks, 59 Times the Pain, Refused, or Millencolin, and does include music by Heideroosjes, Beatsteaks, Man Or Astro-Man?, and I Against I.
E-86564 Man or Astro-man? EEVIAC 1999 LP, CD Released only in Europe.
E-86567 Agnostic Front Riot, Riot, Upstart LP, CD
E-86568 I Against I I'm A Fucked Up Dancer But My Moods Are Swinging Released only in Europe.
E-86569 Midget Handjob Midnight Snack Break at the Poodle Factory 2000 CD
E-86570 Guy Smiley Alkaline 1999 Released only in Europe.
E-86571 Zen Guerrilla Trance States in Tongues LP, CD
E-86572 Burning Heads Escape 1998
E-86573 Millencolin Millencolin and the Hi-8 Adventures 1999 VHS, DVD Originally released on VHs in 1999; re-released on DVD in 2003.
E-86574 98 Mute Slow Motion Riot 2000 LP, CD
E-86575 The Dwarves Come Clean
E-86576 H2O Faster Than the World VHS
E-86577 Vision Watching the World Burn LP, CD
E-86578 Madball Hold It Down
E-86579 The Joykiller Ready Sexed Go 2003 CD
E-86582 Voodoo Glow Skulls Symbolic 2000 CD
E-86584 NOFX Pump Up the Valuum LP, CD
E-86585 ALL Problematic
E-86586 Straightfaced Pulling Teeth
E-86587 The Get Up Kids Something to Write Home About Released only in Europe.
E-86588 various artists Punk-O-Rama #5 CD The American version of this Punk-O-Rama series release includes songs by NOFX, All, Millencolin, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, Vision, Rancid, Guttermouth, Osker, Dwarves, 98 Mute, Beatsteaks, H2O, Madball, Straight Faced, Refused, Death By Stereo, Bombshell Rocks, Dropkick Murphys, The Bouncing Souls, Satanic Surfers, Pennywise, Pulley, Union 13, Voodoo Glow Skulls, The Hives, New Bomb Turks, Zeke, and Agnostic Front.  The European version does not contain music by Millencolin, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, Refused, Bombshell Rocks, Satanic Surfers, or The Hives, and does contain music by Guy Smiley, Terrorgruppe, Burning Heads, I Against I, Heideroosjes, and Zen Guerilla.
E-86589 Guttermouth Covered With Ants 2001 LP, CD
E-86590 Death by Stereo Day of the Death CD
E-86591 Union 13 Youth, Betrayal and the Awakening 2000 LP, CD
E-86594 NOFX Bottles to the Ground (EP) CD
E-86598 Pennywise Live @ the Key Club LP, CD
E-86599 Deviates Time Is the Distance 2001
E-86600 Pennywise Land of the Free?
E-86601 downset. Check Your People 2000
E-86604 Osker Idle Will Kill 2001 CD
E-86606 The Bouncing Souls How I Spent My Summer Vacation LP, CD
E-86612 Beatsteaks Living Targets 2002 CD
E-86614 Hot Water Music A Flight and a Crash 2001 LP, CD
E-86615 various artists Punk-O-Rama 2001, Vol. 6 CD The American version of this Punk-O-Rama series release includes songs by Guttermouth, Deviates, NOFX, Millencolin, Hot Water Music, The Bouncing Souls, Pennywise with Exene Cervenka, Osker, Rancid, Death by Stereo, Dropkick Murphys, Descendents, Pulley, ALL, Raised Fist, Downset, Beatsteaks, Union 13, Bad Religion, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Bombshell Rocks, and The Business.  The European version does not contain music by Millencolin, Raised Fist, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, Bombshell Rocks, or The Business, and does contain music by The Donnas, Heideroosjes, Undeclinable, and Terrorgruppe.
E-86616 Heideroosjes Fast Forward LP, CD Released only in Europe.
E-86618 ALL Live + One CD
E-86619 Pulley Together Again for the First Time
E-86629 Tom Waits Blood Money 2002 LP, CD
E-86630 Agnostic Front Dead Yuppies 2001 CD
E-86632 Tom Waits Alice 2002 LP, CD
E-86635 Bad Religion The Process of Belief LP, CD
E-86638 1208 Feedback Is Payback CD
E-86639 98 Mute After the Fall
E-86641 Down by Law Punkrockdays: The Best Of DBL CD
E-86643 Death by Stereo Into the Valley of Death 2003 LP, CD
E-86644 Guttermouth Gusto! 2002 CD
E-86646 various artists Punk-O-Rama 7 CD The American version of this Punk-O-Rama series release includes songs by Millencolin, Hot Water Music, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, Pennywise, Division of Laura Lee, NOFX, Randy, Pulley, The Bouncing Souls, Beatsteaks, Bad Religion, Deviates, Dropkick Murphys, Rancid, Death by Stereo, Agnostic Front, 1208, 98 Mute, and Guttermouth.  The European version also contains songs by Flogging Molly and Heideroosjes.
E-86649 Punk-O-Rama: The Videos, Volume 1 2003 DVD This Punk-O-Rama series release includes songs by Rancid, Refused, Bad Religion, NOFX, The Offspring, Pennywise, Millencolin, The Bouncing Souls, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, Hot Water Music, Descendents, Dropkick Murphys, Guttermouth, Division Of Laura Lee, Death By Stereo.
E-86650 Hot Water Music Caution 2002 LP, CD
E-86658 The Dillinger Escape Plan Irony Is a Dead Scene (EP) CD
E-86659 Bad Religion Live at the Palladium 2006 DVD
E-86660 Matchbook Romance Stories and Alibis 2003 CD
E-86661 Daniel Lanois Shine LP, CD
E-86662 Ikara Colt Chat and Business 2002 CD
E-86664 Pennywise From the Ashes 2003 CD
E-86666 Error Error (EP) 2004 CD
E-86667 The Locust Plague Soundscapes 2003 LP, CD
E-86668 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Nocturama CD
E-86669 The Bouncing Souls Anchors Aweigh
E-86671 Noam Chomsky Distorted Morality DVD
E-86672 Pulley Matters 2004 CD
E-86673 various artists Punk-O-Rama 8 2003 The American version of this Punk-O-Rama series release includes songs by The Distillers, Motion City Soundtrack, Hot Water Music, Rancid, The Bouncing Souls, Matchbook Romance, NOFX, Bad Religion, Division of Laura Lee, Ikara Colt, F-Minus, Sage Francis, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, Randy, The Black Keys, Death By Stereo, Refused, Pennywise, Dropkick Murphys, Transplants, Atmosphere, Turbonegro, Tiger Army, Millencolin, Pulley, Guttermouth, Bombshell Rocks, Raised Fist, No Fun at All, U.S. Bombs, and Error.  The European version also contains songs by Sugarcult, Beatsteaks, and Looptroop.
E-86675 Matchbook Romance West for Wishing (EP) CD
E-86677 Tom Waits Orphans 2006 CD
E-86678 Tom Waits Real Gone 2004 LP, CD
E-86679 Motion City Soundtrack I Am the Movie 2003
E-86680 Ikara Colt Basic Instructions (EP) CD
E-86682 The Weakerthans Reconstruction Site LP, CD
E-86688 1208 Turn of the Screw 2004 CD
E-86690 Atmosphere Seven's Travels 2003 LP, CD
E-86694 Bad Religion The Empire Strikes First 2004 LP, CD
E-86695 The Special Goodness Land Air Sea
E-86699 The Matches E. Von Dahl Killed the Locals LP, CD
E-86700 Bad Religion How Could Hell Be Any Worse? CD Remastered versions.
E-86701 Suffer
E-86702 No Control
E-86703 Against the Grain
E-86704 Generator
E-86705 The Frames Set List
E-86707 From First to Last Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Body Count CD
E-86708 Scatter the Ashes Devout/The Modern Hymn
E-86709 Sage Francis A Healthy Distrust 2005 LP, CD
E-86710 Eyedea & Abilities E&A 2004 CD
E-86711 Danny Cohen Dannyland
E-86715 Converge You Fail Me CD
E-86716 various artists Punk-O-Rama Vol. 9 This Punk-O-Rama series release includes songs by Bad Religion, From First to Last, The Matches, Atmosphere, Pennywise, Motion City Soundtrack, Rancid, Dropkick Murphys, The Weakerthans, Matchbook Romance, Scatter the Ashes, Refused, Nekromantix, Pulley, 1208, The Bouncing Souls, Hot Water Music, The Special Goodness, HorrorPops, Tiger Army, Division Of Laura Lee, Error, Eyedea & Abilities, Death By Stereo, Randy, Converge, and Beatsteaks.
E-86718 Guttermouth Eat Your Face CD
E-86719 A Girl Called Eddy A Girl Called Eddy 2002
E-86720 The Coup Pick a Bigger Weapon 2006
E-86722 Hot Water Music The New What Next 2004 CD
E-86723 none Black & White DVD
E-86724 The DC Video
E-86725 Circle One Circle one
E-86727 NOFX The Greatest Songs Ever Written (By Us!) CD
E-86728 Matchbook Romance Matchbook Romance/Motion City Soundtrack LP, CD Split release.
E-86729 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus CD
E-86730 none Second Thoughts DVD
E-86730 Football Shmootball
E-86733 Suicide Girls
Black Heart Retrospective 2005 CD
E-86736 Pennywise Pennywise CD Remastered versions.
E-86737 Unknown Road
E-86738 About Time
E-86739 Full Circle
E-86741 Elliott Smith From a Basement on the Hill 2004 LP, CD
E-86745 Blackalicious The Craft 2005 CD
E-86747 The Coup Party Music 2004 CD Re-release. Originally release in 2001 by 75 Ark Records
E-86748 The Locust New Erections 2007
E-86749 The Frames Burn the Maps 2005)
E-86750 Motion City Soundtrack Commit This to Memory
E-86754 Death by Stereo Death for Life CD
E-86755 various artists Punk-O-Rama 10 This Punk-O-Rama series release includes songs by Motion City Soundtrack, Matchbook Romance, The Matches, From First to Last, Sage Francis, Bad Religion, This Is Me Smiling, Youth Group, Scatter the Ashes, Some Girls, Dangerdoom, The Offspring, Converge, Hot Water Music, The Bouncing Souls, Millencolin, Dropkick Murphys, The Unseen, Rancid, Pennywise, NOFX, Pulley, The Special Goodness, Tiger Army, Roger Miret and the Disasters, The Coup, C. Aarme, The Weakerthans, The Black Keys, Atmosphere, and HorrorPops.
E-86761 Epitaph Tour 2005 CD Contains songs by Matchbook Romance, Motion City Soundtrack, The Matches, From First To Last, Scatter The Ashes, Converge, and Hot Water Music.
E-86762 Pete Philly and Perquisite Mindstate 2006 LP, CD
E-86763 Youth Group Skeleton Jar 2005 CD
E-86769 Pennywise The Fuse CD
E-86770 N/A Vans Triple Crown of Surfing DVD
E-86771 Tim Fite Gone Ain't Gone CD
E-86773 Some Girls Heaven's Pregnant Teens 2006 CD
E-86774 Matchbook Romance Voices
E-86775 DANGERDOOM The Mouse and the Mask 2005
E-86777 Neko Case Fox Confessor Brings the Flood 2006 CD
E-86778 The Robocop Kraus They Think They Are The Robocop Kraus
E-86779 From First to Last Heroine
E-86780 Suicide Girls Suicide Girls: The First Tour 2005 DVD
E-86781 Day of Contempt The Will to Live CD
E-86789 I Am Ghost We Are Always Searching (EP) CD
E-86796 Vanna The Search Party Never Came (EP) 2006 CD
E-86800 I Am Ghost Lovers' Requiem CD
E-86801 Escape the Fate There's No Sympathy for the Dead (EP)
E-86802 Motion City Soundtrack Commit This to Memory Deluxe edition version.
E-86808 The Bouncing Souls The Gold Record CD
E-86809 Greg Graffin Cold as the Clay
E-86810 Busdriver RoadKillOvercoat 2007
E-86813 various artists Unsound CD First of the Unsound series, this release contains songs by From First to Last, Escape the Fate, The Matches, Youth Group, Motion City Soundtrack, Matchbook Romance, Vanna, Converge, Some Girls, I Am Ghost, DANGERDOOM, Bad Religion, The Bouncing Souls, Pennywise, The Draft, Sage Francis, From First to Last, The Robocop Kraus.
E-86815 The Matches Decomposer 2006 CD
E-86816 The Draft In a Million Pieces
E-86817 Rogue's Gallery Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys
E-86818 Youth Group Casino Twilight Dogs 2007
E-86824 Parkway Drive Killing with a Smile 2006 CD
E-86825 SoliLLaquists of Sound As If We Existed
E-86827 Converge No Heroes CD
E-86828 Heavens Patent Pending
E-86829 Busdriver Kill Your Employer LP Single release.
E-86832 Escape the Fate Dying Is Your Latest Fashion CD
E-86838 The Higher On Fire 2007 CD
E-86849 Vanna Curses CD
E-86855 The Higher Pace Yourself (EP) 2006 Digital iTunes Exclusive release.
E-86858 Sage Francis Human the Death Dance 2007 LP, CD
E-86861 Grinderman Grinderman CD
E-86863 Bad Religion New Maps of Hell CD
E-86871 The Draft The Draft (EP) CD
E-86879 Farewell Isn't This Supposed To Be Fun!? CD
E-86800 Darkest Souls Going Down To Hell 2009 LP, CD
E-86920 various artists Epitaph New Noise Volume 01 2010 Digital Download, CD Contains songs by Veara, Sing It Loud, Our Last Night, Parkway Drive, Set Your Goals, Alkaline Trio, Frank Turner, Off With Their Heads, Street Dogs, New Found Glory, Heartsounds, Every Time I Die, Escape The Fate, and I Set My Friends On Fire.
E-71371 Frank Turner Rock & Roll LP, CD
E-71372 Bad Religion 30 Years LP Box Set LP
EPI-V1, EPI-VC1 The Vandals Peace thru Vandalism (EP) 1982 7″, cassette