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It is a new era for Afro-Mexicans have been in the North American country who for a long time have not been considered a bonafide part of the country [...]
Entertainment Company Disney is looking at creating another of its famous entertainment facilities around the world and this time it has its eyes set [...]
The CEO of African Media Agency (AMA) , Eloine Barry has noted the importance of rewarding best talents in media, saying that the gesture breeds exc [...]
From March 24 to 30, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to network and learn from leading industry experts, increase their regional visibility a [...]
Don’t fall victim to the increasing amounts of Android malware - here are the best andoid antivirus apps Best Android antivirus apps Android i [...]
Madrid literally stood still when former coach of Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane was announced Tuesday as the new coach of the club. Spanish media w [...]
Rwandan, according to its minister of state for foreign affairs Olivier Nduhungirehe, invited French President Emmanuel Macron to attend the Rwandan [...]
Ethiopian Airlines - Relatives of 157 people who died when a Boeing 737 crashed just minutes after taking off from Addis Ababa Sunday have been conve [...]
Descendants of slaves, the Kalunga people living in remote communities in Brazil that have been in darkness for ages can now heave a sigh of relief w [...]
NASA administrator, Jim Bridenstine has announced that the first person on Mars will likely be a woman. Predicting that the next American astronaut t [...]
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