The Biography Summary of Edward John Noble

The Biography Summary of Edward John Noble

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Edward John Noble- Short Biography

Children in the United States and all over the world grew up with that distinctive five flavored roll of Lifesavers candy.

Had it not been for the entrepreneurial spirit of Edward Noble, then Lifesavers candy would not be around today.

Edward Noble – How He Built An Empire Based on Candy

In 1912, the Lifesavers candy was created by Clarence Crane in Ohio. It was not until 1913 when Noble bought the Lifesaver formula from Crane for a mere $2,900 and renamed it Pep-o-mint Lifesavers.

The Lifesavers name came about because the candy looked like small flotation devices. Noble replaced the dull cardboard roll where the candy was placed with a tin foil wrapper to ensure the freshness.

During this time, the candy was only available in mint flavor and it was not until 1935 that the five fruit flavors you are familiar with today came about. Noble worked hard at promoting the candy himself. He placed the candy near the cash registers in cigar stores, drug stores, restaurants, and barbershops. He was also responsible for creating new flavors himself.

Eventually, the small-time mint company became a global enterprise with profits of as much as twenty million dollars at its peak in the 1960s. Later the Lifesavers brand was purchased by Wrigley but its history is still traced back to Noble, who made the candy a household name.

Aside from the Lifesavers Corporation, Noble was also able to branch out to another form of business. Noble is actually the co-founder of the American Broadcasting Company or ABC, the same television network that still exists today. Noble was instrumental in the negotiations to merge ABC with Paramount Studios. It was because of this that ABC eventually turned into one of the most successful and recognizable television networks in the United States.

The Edward Noble Quick Bio

Full Name:  Edward John Noble

Birthdate: 1882

Death: 1958

Birthplace: Gouverneur, New York

Company: Life Savers

Key Success Traits:  entrepreneurial, great marketing skills


Edward Noble is also well-know for his philanthropic deeds. There are three hospitals and one foundation named in his memory.

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