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Sophie Wessex's eight-word remark when she's quizzed on 'stepping up' for King Charles

Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh, who has been a working royal for over 20 years and has often represented King Charles at official engagements, was questioned about "stepping up"

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Sophie Wessex gave a cheeky eight-word answer when asked about 'upping' her royal responsibilities.

Over the years, the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh have grown to be the rock King Charles leans on when it comes to fulfilling their regal role and the pair regularly represent His Majesty at official engagements.

Both Prince Edward and his wife Sophie, 59, are consistently carrying out their engagements and charity visits across the country with little fanfare, extending their efforts amidst both the monarch and Princess of Wales' cancer treatments which has kept them away from public functions for now.

And today, Monday, 8 April, the pair will fill in for the King at one of their most notable events yet at Buckingham Palace.

The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh often represent King Charles at events(Image: Getty Images)

The duo will review troops this afternoon at the Changing of the Guard in the palace forecourt, where, for the first time ever, French soldiers will join the ceremony alongside their British colleagues.

The event has been arranged to commemorate the 120th anniversary of the Entente Cordiale, a monumental diplomatic accord between Britain and France that paved the way for their cooperative efforts in both world wars.

There has been considerable talk recently about Edward and Sophie “stepping up” in the public eye considering the trimmed-down monarchy, especially following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's resignation from their royal duties and Prince Andrew being excluded from royal tasks.

A few years back during an interview with The Telegraph, the couple were questioned about this "stepping up". In response, Sophie, the hard-working royal who has been a prominent figure for over two decades, made a playful remark: “What did people think we were doing beforehand?”