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Adult Written byLeemr April 26, 2019
Membership sucks before you could evolve pets now everything is membership. The things that are not membership is horrible. For instance there is this wand. I found out that it's only +5 damage bonus. Before you could also evolve pets. Now you can not evolve pets at all. Prodigy just wants money.

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Adult Written byH S. February 9, 2018

Busy work: weak game and lousy math interface.

After watching my child use this game for 6 months, I think it's a waste of time. The user interface, whether you use a mouse or keyboard, is clumsy and causes frustration which blocks problem solving capacity.
The game play is mildly violent, but the main problem is it is uniteresting. There are better role playing and problem solving games. As a physicist, I would suggest teachers give students problems to develop math skills for 20 minutes in class and reward by letting them play Zelda, or go run around outside!
This game is a waste of time, and, yes, the ad push is annoying.
Adult Written byBo Gusaddy December 18, 2018

Get Over Yourselves. This Is Mindrot.

Let your 6-year-old play this and by the time he's seven you'll have learned all about inverse proportions. Specifically, subscription dollars paid to arithmetic learned.

The math puzzles in this world are just loosely tacked-on elements, and not integral features of the gameplay. This makes them rather less than compelling. Moreover it's entirely possible to skip the learning component entirely (enter a wrong answer and you're whisked through to the next battle; 'A for effort!'), incentivizing kids to glaze over and game the game.

It doesn't end with non-education, however. The game ALSO constantly bombards your wittle wuns with seductive, subversive subscription spots at basically every turn. So does every other game but at least nobody is trying to make you believe that World Of Warcraft is going to teach you physics.

This is kind of like a starter-MMORPG but more insidious given its targeted demographic. It's kiddie-crack.
Adult Written byJ.Drake April 8, 2019

it sucks

the battles dont work and beg you for membership

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Adult Written byMumma123 February 4, 2019

Awful, I don't recommend

The game seemed innocent at first, mixing a childish story with math, what could go wrong? Well, the game is REALLY repetitive. Within minutes, my child started complaining that the game was so boring, he would rather just do the math work by itself. So, i decided to try the game out myself. The game's plot is so loosely written, even my child was noticing game breaking plot holes. The "battle system" is so slow, I wanted to play the game at x3 speed just to finish my turn. The quest structure is also really poorly done. It has your child going through the same set of areas over and over. It makes what would be a 10 min. game become a 10 hrs + game. If you were exploring various different areas at this slow pace, it would be more acceptable, but no, its THE SAME set of areas over. And over. And over again. Your child would benefit more from just doing the work, and getting to play an actual game after, just not this monstrosity.

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byConnerss November 5, 2018

A Review of Prodigy: Bad. Dangerously bad.

Since “MobyMax” became an enormous hit and a beloved modern teaching device by giving players an inspired look at skills they missed throughout the years, people have been striving to repeat that seemingly simple formula with a number of games that have offered this. Now comes “Prodigy,” a game that dares to ask “What if we combined MobyMax with simple graphics and a mostly game-driven area?,” a notion that I do not think that anyone has ever pondered for any amount of time outside of those stuck in a focus group. That is only the first of many problems with this game, a work so completely devoid of wit, style, intelligence or basic entertainment value that it makes the Angry Birds app seem like a pure artistic statement by comparison.

The extremely dubious conceit of "Prodigy" is that hidden within the coding is basic consumerism marketed to kids. Our plot is that apparently an evil wizard is trying to take over the world and with a couple of calculators near by, you can save it! That’s it.

So what wonders lie just beneath our touch screens, anyway? Based on the evidence put forth by “Prodigy,” it is a combination of corporate synergy. I found myself speculating on how many kids got lured by the basic paywalls in this game. 1 million?

The failure of imagination in “Prodigy” is not limited to its depiction of the app world. This is a game that has literally nothing to offer viewers—there are no moments of humor, excitement or insight regarding a culture that considers math to be all important and mighty. The characters go through their lines with such a lack of enthusiasm that they make Krusty the Klown seem focused and committed by comparison.

Prodigy” is a demonstration of artistic abdication at its most venal, but will the kids like it? To that question, I offer this observation. This past weekend, I played the game with my 11-year old son. To be fair, it is a bit cheating, as he’s aware of the basic consumerism, but it’s all you got. He said that the game “deleted his items” and “locked it behind a paywall”. Even Electronic Arts doesn’t dare step into deletion territory, and when they do, they would never make you pay for it.

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Adult Written byclapppp12345 February 21, 2019

member sign up

i think its trash because everything you do in this game you need a memebership, how am i supposed to do anything in this game

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Adult Written bythisgamesucks January 16, 2019

Why this game is dissapointing

It's one of those dumb math games where they try to encourage you to buy membership. Plus, the math questions are the same repeating many times. My child did not learn anything because of the theme.

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Adult Written byRealGamer December 18, 2018


This game... the members is what you need for 60% of the game. I know video game genres, and this is a PAY-TO-WIN MATH-BASED MMORPG (NOT POKEMON-STYLE). Most of the leaders have members/toys. I don't want to have to pay to get a lot of items. a lot of kids will agree with this. btw a pay-to-win game is only cool to rich people.

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Parent of a 9-year-old Written byashlinero March 12, 2019

At first I enjoyed my kids wanting to play an educational game...

...but the amount of advertising is ridiculous! The kids are good at ignoring it or bypassing it, but sometimes they end up in different tabs and are encouraged to put toys in their shopping cart. Even the school version encourages the kids to ask their parents to upgrade or by things. Memberships start at $5 a month--almost worth it to see no more ads, but then---you are still encouraged to buy even more stuff!

The game itself doesn't actually teach concepts, so it is only really reliable as a review of skills.

The game also invites kids to "friend" others on the game, and then they are able to share their achievements and their friends can "like" the updates. The social interaction is very limited, so depending on your stance, perhaps it is a good introduction to social media briquette.

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Ease of Play
Adult Written bytaehyngu February 21, 2019

A glitched happened and I think its unfair.

so i was playing prodigy for awhile to get this doll thing, and it took about 3 hours to achieve, and so when i finally had enough "it was like the adventure paper thing" i bought it and then it glitched, and i didnt get the doll nor my papers back and i think its kinda unfair meaning i would have restart all over. otherwise, its all good. im just triggered. If it happens again, im going to have to give it 2 stars.

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byGillesP February 7, 2019

My son loved it with the membership.

My son loved it with the membership. Phone number provided doesn't work. " due to technical difficulties" login Works to play the game however the exact same login doesn't work to access membership settings. I found this to be very convenient when trying to cancel my membership. Took forever to figure it out as a resources provided don't show the same pages, and again the login didn't work even after double-checking the credentials. Would recommend free version, advise against agreeing to a reoccurring membership.

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Adult Written bypgranche March 6, 2019

Sneaky Marketing

Pleased to see I'm not the only one frustrated with this company's marketing strategy. After signing up (which is super easy for kids), the company offers all the bells/whistles of engagement for a short time. After this time is up, new bells/whistles stop and the continual advertisements to "ask mom and dad to buy. As a teacher, I end up with "have" and "have not" students (some families buy, some do not) playing against one another - and wow, do the "have not" kids feel badly. The program claims to self-adjust content based on student performance, but I constantly see students frustrated by too-challenging content, and very rarely is there a parent or teacher overseeing their progress. Great program - kids love it - but the company need to lower the cost/student to schools and become a true educational partner.

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Adult Written bycel9750 October 18, 2018
Adult Written byfeedpump October 5, 2018

Stay away from this company

They will bill you for membership extension without prior notice even though you didn't agree with it. An cancelling membership process is not easy. Very fishy.
Adult Written byBolivas January 6, 2019

Just wants money

It used to be good. Now it has all these stupid updates. You can't do ANYTHING unless you are a member. Evolving, and a bunch of other things are for members only. They changed fighting, the story, exploring, looks, and even the holiday currency that I saved (which is now useless)!
Don't get good at it. They will probably change what you are good at too.

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byclassmaster84 December 6, 2018

Too Much Marketing, Not Enough Teacher Support

Kids are highly motivated to play, but the nonstop marketing is too much, constantly encouraging them to upgrade to reach higher levels and unlock features that should be in game already. Premium should be limited to clothing options and MAYBE leveling up faster, not simple gameplay mechanics like number of pets or the ability for pets to evolve. Students should think if they work hard they can get any and everything that the kids that could buy can get. I understand it needs to make money, but ads would be preferable to what is currently available.

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Ease of Play
Adult Written bySingledad500 October 16, 2018


Well before the update my kids loved to play prodigy, and watch there pets evolve but after the update you now have to a member to evolve so now my kids don’t play it anymore so thanks a lot you now made a single dad with 2 girls who are in 4 th grade fail in math change it to where you don’t have to be a member to evolve there pets please

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Adult Written bytwistedsteel2626 September 21, 2018

Cash Grab worthy of Mobile Game

The difficulty of the game jumps back and forth and all over the place. I was enjoying myself because I was helping with fractions and division one moment then a long slog of, "what's 2+2=, what's between 77 and 79?"

Then the game has an item shop that's designed to test the patience of your little kid. Specifically the titan battles. every titan battle you participate in and win earns you a "titan shard" it takes 500 shards to buy a helmet. Each battle with the titan averages about 3 minutes due to slow animation speeds and assuming you answer each question correctly. That's 1500 minutes. Divide 1500 by 60 and that equals 25 hours! Twenty five hours of 2+2=4 for an in game hat.
Your kid's patience will break and then they'll start asking you to for a full membership. That's where the cash grab is.

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Adult Written byJaydny1232 September 13, 2018

The new update stinks

The new update stinks I have lost all of my spells and all my quests!