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Directors - GAGE/DOWNS:

The Los Angeles based directing team of Kenny Gage and Devon Downs ninth feature just recently had it's theatrical debut in China. The Mandarin language family/action film “Kung Fu Girl" which was also nominated for Best Director, Best Feature, Best Actress by the International New York Film Festival 2020.

Stateside, the duo has directed two horror films, "Anarchy Parlor" and "Cynthia" with worldwide theatrical/home entertainment distribution and six thrillers all with both domestic and international TV release.  

Their debut horror film, “Anarchy Parlor” was shot entirely on location in Vilnius, Lithuania and released in AMC theaters and on EST/VOD/Streaming/Physical.  The horror/comedy “Cynthia” the team directed/produced won Best Horror Film at the 2018 Hollywood Independent Filmmakers Showcase and was subsequently released by Lionsgate. 

The digital horror series, “The Last One” which Gage/Downs directed for BET Networks won the 2018 Cynopsis award for Best Digital Series Stand-Alone from a TV Network. They also directed BET’s scripted digital series “I Need A Rebel” in support of the late John Singleton’s Network series “Rebel”. 

Always passionate for action, the duo designed all of the fights in "Kung Fu Girl" and have their fingerprints on the stunt choreography of every film they direct.  Kenny Gage was the Fight Choreographer on the Zoe Bell action film "Raze". 

Their films have been seen on: Showtime, The Movie Channel, Starz, Hulu, Lifetime, LMN, BET Digital, iTunes, Amazon, VUDU, AMC Theaters, and all national VOD/EST platforms.  


-Kung Fu Girl (2021) Directors

-The Realtor (2020) Directors

-A Daughter's Deception (2019) Directors

-Devious Nanny (2018) Directors

-Cynthia  (2018) Directors/Producers

-Buried Secrets (2018) Directors

-The Last One (2017) Directors

-A Neighbor's Deception (2017) Directors

-I Need A Rebel (2017) Directors

-Sorority Nightmare (2016) Directors

-Anarchy Parlor (2015) Writers/Directors

Additional Films Produced By Kenny Gage

-Raze (2013) Producer

-After the Rain (2015) Producer

Gage/Downs In Development:

-No Good Kind (Action/Thriller) - Directors/Writers/Producers

-Untitled (Western) - Directors/Producers

-Innerve (Suspense/Thriller) - Directors/Producers

-Stay on The Road (Horror)- Directors/Writers/Producers

-Pesos (Suspense/Action) - Directors/Writers/Producers

-Up The Way (Supernatural/Thriller) - Directors/Producers




Anarchy Parlor (2015) Writers/Directors

Horror shot on location in Lithuania: Starring Robert Lasardo (Nip/Tuck).  Distributed by Gravitas, AMC theatrical release plus nationwide VOD/EST, Showtime and The Movie Channel, Hulu, Blu Ray & DVD.

Trailer: "Anarchy Parlor" 


Sorority Nightmare (fka Twisted Sisters) (2016)  Directors

Drama: Starring Cassidy Gifford, Sierra McCormick.  MarVista Entertainment aired on Lifetime Network primetime #1 rated Lifetime program the day.



I Need A Rebel (2017) Directors

First ever scripted Digital Series for BET Networks in support of John Singleton's TV Show: Rebel. Starring Erika Ringor (Love & Basketball)  Trinten J. Winger (Insecure).


A Neighbor's Deception (fka Next Door )(2017) Directors

 Suspense/Thriller: Starring Ashley Bell (Last Exorcism) , Tom Amandes (The Long Kiss Goodnight), Gates McFadden (Star Trek The Next Generation).  Marvista Entertainment premiered on Lifetime Movie Network.

The Last One

BET Networks - The Last One Horror Series (2017) Directors

Horror: Starring Ray J, Casey Veggies, Morgan Alexandria, Stephen Barrington, Candice Renee, Kirk Brown, Perri' Camper, Trevon Davis

Cynopsis Awards #1 Winner for Stand-Alone Short from a TV Network or Digital Publisher – Series

BET Networks short horror series Directed by Devon Downs and Kenny Gage, The series follows four young urban adults are stuck on the road on a dark night, waiting for help. They told ghost stories to pass the time, but then a stranger arrived and offered to help…


Cynthia (2018) Directors/Producers

Comedy/Horror: StarringScout Taylor-Compton (Halloween I & II), Sid Haig (Devil's Rejects), Bill Moseley (Devil's Rejects), Robert Lasardo (Nip/Tuck), Lynn Lowery (The Crazies), James Karen (Poltergeist). 

Latest Review please scroll down after you click the link:



Devious Nanny (AKA The Au Pair) (2018) Directors

Suspense/Thriller: Starring Antonio Cupo (Ice 2016-2017, American Mary),  (Michelle Borth (Hawaii 5-0) and Olesya Rulin (Powers, High School Musical 3).  Marvista Entertainment.

" With all the suspense in the storyline, this movie has one of the best-choreographed fight scenes ever in a Lifetime film. "

 "What Worked?... It all worked.  This was the type of Lifetime movie that made me fall in love with the unique Lifetime aesthetic in the first place." -Lisa Marie Bowman

Au Pair: Directorial Team of Downs and Gage Give Us the Lowdown on Their Latest Project:


Additional Films Produced By Kenny Gage:

Raze (2013) Producer/Writer

Starring Rachel Nichols, Zoe Bell, Tracy Toms, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and distributed by IFC US and Celluloid Dreams Int.



After the Rain (2016) Producer

Starring Daniel Bonjour, Jelly Howie, Catherine Hicks

Turn Key FilmsDistributor (2016) (UK) (all media), Distributor (2016) (USA) (all media)


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Winner of the 2018 Cynopsis award for “Best Series Stand-Alone Short from a TV Network”.

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