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Season 19

E5 · Week #3 (Performances)

It was all glitz and glamour in the ballroom as the remaining couples... more

Opening number
Randy & Karina "Rocky" theme
Alfonso & Witney "Austin Powers Goldmember" Theme
Betsey& Tony "Ghost" theme
Lea & Artem "Back to the Future" theme
Michael & Emma "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" theme
Antonio & Cheryl "Guardians of the Galaxy" theme
Sadie & Mark "Up" theme
Jonathan & Allison "The Great Gatsby" theme
Janel & Val "West Side Story" theme
Tommy & Peta "Scent of a Woman" theme
Bethany & Derek "Singin' in the Rain" theme

Soundtrack Album

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Please someone tell me whose "tripping that troubled track" (singing) one of Amy Winehouse's songs?! (Amy, the musiq world misses you!) The song is "Back to Black." Just wanna know the two peeps singing. That's a great song, and a cool cover.
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