Crusader Kings 3 is a game of intrigue, power, and politics. Players can instigate wars, found a new religion, or just consolidate power in their own little portion of the world. Known for its various mechanics and massive UI, it is easy to overlook some features. One of these often-overlooked features includes the ability to customize characters.

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This barbershop will allow players to customize a character’s hairstyle, clothing, headpiece, and other aspects of a character’s physical appearance.  But how does one find it? In a game that is absolutely loaded with drop menus and various UI sections, the little button that enables character customization can be hard to spot.

How to Access the Barbershop in Crusader Kings 3

The first thing the player needs to do is select their player character to bring up the character screen. Next, right-click the ruler that is presented on the character screen. This should bring up a drop-down menu where the player can arrange their own marriage or educate a child. On other characters, this drop-down menu can also be used to begin a sway scheme, blackmail them, give a gift, etc.

But what players are looking for is near the top of the drop-down menu and right next to the character’s name. It is a little icon that should look like a food clip or a pair of tweezers. It’s really small, so it can be really easy to miss. But click it and the player should have the barbershop menu pop up on the screen.

What the Barbershop Does in Crusader Kings 3

If the selected player has not had their appearance altered before, everything should be set to default. But with the barbershop, the player can change their character’s clothing, headwear, hair and beard style, and hair color.

Players can alter the appearance of almost anyone in the ruler’s family. This includes all of their children and grandchildren. But players can’t change the appearance of spouses, cousins, vassals, etc. The hair and cloak options can be considered pretty standard. But the same cannot be said for the game's clothing selection. Coming from various styles and denominations, the clothing options in Crusader Kings 3 is massive.

Want to wear a turban despite being Irish? Just go over and select it under headwear. Want to wear the clothes of a royal despite being a lowborn? Head over to the top of the barbershop and select the clothing option of choice.

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Crusader Kings 3 is available on PCs

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