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This is a list of free and open-source software for geological data handling and interpretation. The list is split into broad categories, depending on the intended use of the software and its scope of functionality.

Notice that 'free and open-source' requires that the source code is available. Simple being 'free of charge' is not sufficient—see gratis versus libre.

Well logging & Borehole visualisation[edit]

Name Description Originator License Platforms Language Notes
SGS-Geobase [1] Drilling data logger that can interface with SGS Genesis SGS Canada Inc. GPL Windows & Microsoft Access Microsoft Access VBA Microsoft Access is not necessary, the free runtime is sufficient. Simple graphical interface, Integrity reinforcement, Reporting tools, Satellite Database, Database Validation, Assays QA/QC management with graphics.

Geosciences software platforms[edit]

Name Description Originator License Platforms Language Notes
GeoTriple for Oil&Gas Exploration


Geo-sciences Software platform (data management, display and process) Geoforge project LGPL Cross-platform Java Interfaces with WorldWind and JFreeChart


Name Description Originator License Platforms Language Notes
Gstat[3] Geostatistical modeling and simulation Utrecht University GPL Cross-platform C/C++ Interfaces with GRASS
gslib[4] Geostatistical modeling and simulation Stanford University MIT Fortran 77
PyGSLIB[5] Python module for geostatistical modeling, designed for mineral resource estimation Opengeostat Consulting MIT/GPL Windows, Linux and OSX Fortran 95, Cython and Python It has functions for drillhole calculations, block modeling, wireframing and geostatistics with modified gslib code linked into python

Forward modeling[edit]

Name Description Originator License Platforms Language Notes
Virtual Geoscience Workbench[6] Finite-discrete element modeler Jiansheng Xiang and others LGPL Windows C#, C++


Name Description Originator License Platforms Language Notes
GOCAD Mining Suite[7] GOCAD Mining Suite provides 3D earth models tools that handle geological, geophysical, geochemical, structural, and geotechnical data. Mira Geoscience QLM Windows C++
GeoSyntax[8] Reservoir modeling CSIRO Australia - June Hill CSIRO "MIT/BSD" (academic) Microsoft Windows Java
GeoBlock[9] Reservoir modeling Pavel Vassiliev MPL Microsoft Windows Embarcadero Delphi Exact terms not clear
GeoTrace[10] Tracer modeling Muhammed Celik Microsoft Windows Visual Basic Exact terms not clear
Albion[11] 3D model reconstruction and visualisation from boreholes based on QGIS GIS Platform Oslandia[12] and Areva GPLv2 or later Microsoft Windows and Linux Python
GemPy[13] 3D structural geological modeling CGRE Institute, RWTH Aachen - Miguel de la Varga LGPL v3 Cross-platform Python Open-source implicit geological modeling that allows for automation of model construction and is aimed to enable the implementation of probabilistic machine-learning methods, e.g. for uncertainty analysis.

Visualization, interpretation & analysis packages[edit]

Name Description Originator License Platforms Language Notes
Geoscience Analyst[14] Import, visualize, annotate, save, and distribute 3D geoscientific data types and models Mira Geoscience QLM Windows C++, Python Version 3.1 and above provides a Python API to connect to open source software and view results in a 3D visualization environment designed specifically for the geosciences and mining.
Dapple[15] Virtual globe for geoscientists Geosoft Inc. MIT Windows Originated in NASA World Wind
Generic Mapping Tools[16] Map generation and analysis Lamont-Doherty and University of Hawaii GPL Cross-platform C Implemented in OpendTect
GPlates[17] Interactive visualization of plate tectonics University of Sydney, Caltech, NGU GPL Cross-platform C++, Python Implements GPML
OpenStereo[18][19] Geoscience plotting tool Carlos Grohmann, University of São Paulo GPL Cross-platform Python Depends on NumPy and Matplotlib
SvgNet[20] Stereographic and Spherical Projections Arijit Laik[21] public domain WebApp JavaScript Depends on JavaScript, HTML5 and SVG support in browser
OpendTect[22] Geoscience interpretation and visualization dGB Earth Sciences GPL or custom Cross-platform C++ Interfaces with GMT
ParaViewGeo[23] Geoscience extension of ParaView Includes readers and filters Kitware ParaView, Objectivity Originally MIRARCO BSD Cross-platform C++, Python Adds specific readers, stereo toolbar, slideshow capability and mining and geology oriented filters to Paraview
PuffinPlot[24] Paleomagnetic data visualization and analysis Pontus Lurcock GPL v3 Cross-platform Java Desktop GUI and Jython scripting interface.

Geographic information systems (GIS)[edit]

This important class of tools is already listed in the article List of GIS software.

Not true free and open-source projects[edit]

The following projects have unknown licensing, licenses or other conditions which place some restriction on use or redistribution, or which depend on non-open-source software like MATLAB or XVT (and therefore do not meet the Open Source Definition from the Open Source Initiative).

Name Description Originator License Platforms Language Notes
VGeST[25] Discontinuum modeling ICL and QMUL Not obvious Microsoft Windows C#? Previously known as VGW
Javageo[26] Multidisciplinary interpretation tool Goen Ghin Not clear Cross-platform Java (software platform)
MicroMODEL Full Featured Geologic Modeling and Mine Planning System R K Martin ( Free Microsoft Windows Fortran +


Has interfaces for Import/Export to most major

software packages (Vulcan,DataMine,etc.)

Noddy[27] 3D geological and geophysical modeling Tectask, IUGS Custom permissive license Microsoft Windows C++ Uses proprietary XVT libraries; requires (free) registration
RGeostats[28] Geostatistical R Package Didier Renard (Mines-Paristech) LICENSE Cross-platform R (programming language) Free R Package
Flumy[29] Forward reservoir models for meandering channelized systems ARMINES - Mines-Paristech LICENSE Cross-platform C++ Free demonstration version
BasinVis[30] Basin visualization of sedimentary fill and subsidence Eun Young Lee, Johannes Novotny LICENSE Cross-platform Matlab
Geomodelr[31] Geological modelling from cross sections Geomodelr, Inc. SaaS - AGPL Cross-platform Python Allows creation of public geological models in its web platform for free and query the model with an Open Source Python Package
BGS Groundhog Desktop[32] Geological modelling from cross sections British Geological Survey OGL - Open Government Licence MS Windows Java Free to use software to digitize geological cross-sections, and display and edit borehole logs
LOGitEASY Cloud-based field logging software, boring log software, geologic cross section software Free/



Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android PHP, Java Based on USCS Soil Classification Standard, allows generating instant PDF boring logs and geologic cross sections from the data logged using the LOGitEASY eForm


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