It still feels surreal that the legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter left this world. Artist Ciara is very close to the Bryant family, and was a strong crutch when Kobe and Gigi tragically passed away almost a year ago. Despite the tragedy occurring, hope continues to remain with the Bryant family.

Yesterday on the 19th, Kobe and Vanessa Bryant's eldest daughter Natalia turned 18, which is a big year for many people in America, as it is the age where they are allowed to vote and start off college. To celebrate, Ciara and Natalia did a nice dance and the latter's mom is ecstatic seeing them look awesome and happy together.

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Ciara praises her friend's daughter for being a source of light wherever she goes. She is also proud of Natalia for becoming a capable and strong young woman with a passion for what she plans to do in life.

Vanessa Bryant comment IG

Vanessa is definitely a proud mom for having someone like Ciara in her life and being blessed with her daughters. Alongside her, supporters of Vanessa and Ciara fans also wished Natalia a happy birthday, commenting on how the 18 year old woman brings out the best in her mother and father.

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