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Tadoussac in Goderich MacDonald Tug Point Clark Lighthouse

(see more art in the Art Gallery Page)

This site contains the artwork of Chris WilsonI specialize in Great Lakes Marine paintings.  My primary medium is watercolor.  Check out samples of my work in the Art Gallery.  All works can be purchased either as prints or the original painting.  Commission works are also desired as long as they are of an appropriate nature.

Be sure to also check out the links that can connect you to other Great Lakes sites and information on Great Lakes freighters.  I have a large selection of Great Lakes Cams!!!  We are now OVER 250 Great Lakes cams--no one has that many!!  Check these new links. update.gif (165 bytes)  Last update for cams is 12/21/20 

I added a page for the 2011 Goderich Tornado.  Click this link to view.

Attention: The Wilson Freighter Observer's Logbook is now available.  Cost is only $ 13.95 until Jan 31st 2021.  Allows you to log all your freighter and other vessel observations.


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