Nearly a decade ago B2K shook the airways and hearts of their fans across America. Fast forward to today, B2K’s legacy still remains intact as thousands of fans bought tickets to see the band reunite in The Millenium Tour in 2019.

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Since then, Raz B has dropped the news that Chris Stokes sexually abused him during his time in the group. Raz B sat down with Jason Lee and further elaborated on the accusations made against Stokes.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned when Lee reveals that he received a cease and desist to stop the interview from airing. As a victim to sexual assault himself, Jason Lee uses his platform to defend the pop singer.


“WHY ARE PEOPLE TRYING TO SHUT DOWN RAZ B,” Lee began the caption.

“So I just got off the phone with @foxsoul and the interview with @razb_b2k that was scheduled to air tonight won’t be airing. In the interview, Raz and I discussed why young boys and men who alleged sexual abuse aren’t taken seriously or intimidated into silence and then this happens!” he exclaimed.

“As a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of a man I will not be silenced nor will I allow him to be. We will be meeting to discuss when the show will air and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to elevate this important conversation! I’m not happy but it’s out of my control – FOR NOW!”

Raz B took to his social media to air out his own frustrations. “Check this sh*t out, I’m tired of f*ckin’ being bullied. You ain’t gotta send nobody to see me, but what we will do, is when I see you, I’m smackin’ the sh*t out yo ass,” he said.

Raz B has been sticking to his story for years and wants his truth to be heard. The singer addresses fans who believe he should deal with the matter privately rather than publicly.

“So I been getting a bunch of calls from my loved ones. People that support me. And they’re like, ‘Take this down. Deal with this privately.’ But I say — Yo, they’ve ruined me publicly,” he began. “Got people thinking that I’m gay — and I’m not because I was molested by a pedophile… Since y’all trying to shut me down publicly by sending out cease-and-desist letters, lets get in the room with the lawyers and let’s take a polygraph test. I’m gonna take the test and when I take the test, you can take whatever it is that you need to do. When you take it, and when you fail, you take this fade and you take that bid ’cause I’m tired of being bullied and I’m not going to be bullied no more.”

Since then, fans have shared DM’s that allegedly involve Stokes denying the claims against him. “It is not True! Stop with this. His brother Ricardo Thornton raped him and is in Jail in Vegas for raping two girls look it up. They have criminal records. I have never did anything to raz b. Those are lies,” the DM states.