Over the years, we have witnessed many second and third generations wrestlers break into the industry. Currently, WWE has many who are following the footsteps of their fathers; some of whom have already surpassed them while others are simply living off their legacy. Being the child of a former wrestler adds plenty of pressure to succeed as expectations will be even higher than usual. And while it may guarantee them an opportunity to get a tryout with the WWE, that doesn't mean they are going to be offered contracts.

We have seen plenty of names join the company and try to get over by using their family's name, but that simply doesn't work in the wrestling industry. If being the son of Ric Flair couldn't push David to the next level, that should serve as proof that wrestlers have to create their own identity or at least get over on their own. There are several factors that come into play when determining whether someone is bound to have a future in the wrestling industry.

Genetics can play a part as some may end up being build and having a Superstar look without putting in too much effort, while others simply look too regular to advance any further. Today's list is full of surprises as many of our favorite stars are featured - for the better or worse - as we go through 8 wrestling children who look like they could be wrestlers and 7 who clearly didn't inherit the genes.

15 Could Be: Colton Bigelow (Bam Bam Bigelow)

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Bam Bam Bigelow might not have been one of the top Superstars but he was always respected by the fans, and most think highly of him to this day. His son Colton was determined to follow his footsteps, as he joined the wrestling team in high school where he achieved success in the field. He was also playing football at the time, but shifted his focus towards wrestling as he got into University.

Whether Colton decides to turn into a professional wrestler - or a sports entertainer as Vince McMahon would say - remains to be seen. He definitely has the background and industry connections to make the jump to NXT in the next few years. A few years ago, he gave an interview in which he claimed to be determined to build on the legacy of his father, which implies that he is seriously considering breaking into the industry at some point.

14 Lacking Genes: Gunner Calaway (The Undertaker's Son)

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If you were hoping for The Undertaker's son to carry his legacy, you are set for disappointment as he doesn't seem to share the same build as his father. While you can see the resemblance between the two, unfortunately for Gunner, it it mostly in his face features. It would have been an incredible storyline if the WWE could have had him continue where Taker finished off, but a wrestling career is unlikely to be in his future.

He is set for life so he might opt to go with something safer, if he even chooses to work.

But if the WWE gave Kurt Angle a fake son in Jason Jordan, there is no reason to think as to why they can't do it with The Deadman too, as long as it makes sense. Just don't expect Gunner to step in the squared circle anytime soon, if ever.

13 Could Be: Mya Lesnar (Brock Lesnar)

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Most fans are aware by now that Brock Lesnar is married to Sable, but what some may not realize is that he has children from a previous relationship, including his daughter Mya Lesnar. In the past year, many photos of Mya have leaked to the public, showing incredible resemblance between her and Brock. She has a great interest in sports, and plays volleyball for the school. Being involved in athletic activities means that she is on the right track to eventually become a wrestler, if that is what she desires.

And the door would probably be open for her more so than anybody, as Vince McMahon is way too big on Brock Lesnar to not give his daughter an opportunity. And while she appears to have inherited at least some of her father's impressive athletic genetics, it all comes down to whether she has any passion towards wrestling.

12 Lacking Genes: Tristen Nash (Kevin Nash)

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Tristen Nash is only 21 years old, but he doesn't seem to have the interest nor build to become a wrestler. A few years ago, he made headlines after being arrested for domestic violence, which involved his dad Kevin Nash. The family had been going through some personal issues, and it escalated to the point where matters turned physical. As for Tristen, aside from not looking like a potential professional wrestler, his focus is shifted towards music.

Nash has shared many of his cover songs on social media in the past, although the status of their current relationship is unknown.

What we do know is that Tristen will not be following the footsteps of his father, as he continues to aim to become an artist.

Time will tell if that works out for him or not - but he is probably set for life so there is always a back up plan.

11 Could Be: Brian Pillman Jr. (Brian Pillman)

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Earlier this year, many wrestling websites that Brian Pillman Jr. had made his professional wrestling debut. He is starting off with the minors and isn't exactly getting a shot with the WWE at this point, but it's a first step in a long journey. There have been plenty of wrestlers' kids who immediately gave up afterwards, so we'll see how serious he is about wrestling for a profession.

Based on his appearance, it's clear that he inherited his father's genes which is a major bonus for him.

But we also hope that he has similar charisma as his father did, but that's obviously not an easy task. Fans have wanted to see Brian Pillman into the Hall of Fame for many years, and it could happen in the future which may end up coinciding with the rise of his son as a WWE Superstar once he is ready.

10 Lacking Genes: Blade Hart (Bret Hart)

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The Harts are one of wrestling's greatest families with many top Superstars, but none above Bret Hart who is considered to be one of the best ever. We have seen many of his younger relatives get into the business to carry the family's name into the new era, and for many years, fans of Bret had hoped that one of his kids would also follow suit. But with most of them being already a bit too old to start training, that leaves Blade who doesn't seem to be interested in a wrestling career.

He is active on social media and shares some stuff related to his father, but it doesn't seem like wrestling is at the top of his personal interests. And for whatever it's worth, he doesn't look like he inherited the genes either so maybe it's best that he remains on the sidelines rather than compete.

9 Could Be Wrestlers: Ryan Rood (Rick Rude)

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The 2017 Hall of Fame class was highly anticipated as it featured the return of Kurt Angle to the WWE, among many other legends. And while it was certainly a memorable night for so many reasons, it was Rick Rude's son who managed to steal the show - at least until Angle came back later on.

He delivered a great speech and even cut a throwback promo that was vintage Rick Rude, which got a major reaction from the audience and impressed WWE fans across the world.

He certainly has the appearance as well as the physical capabilities to be in the WWE if he chooses to pursue that career. Fans were joking on the night of the Hall of Fame about Vince McMahon possibly cutting off the ceremony just to sign Ryan, but it might not have been such a bad movie because he clearly showed enough charisma to qualify him as a WWE Superstar.

8 Lacking Genes: Oje Edward Hart (Owen Hart)

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Since Owen Hart passed away, there have been ongoing problems between the WWE and his widow. Fans have been asking for Owen to be inducted into the Hall of Fame for several years, but Martha Hart has refused to cooperate with the company. As for Oje Edward Hart, his eyes aren't set on pursuing a wrestling career and it is definitely understandable.

While he does have the charming look of his father, he doesn't seem to have the required build to make it in the industry but that's probably due to his refusal to get into the industry. And even if he were to decide to give it a try, we highly doubt that Martha would be fine with it as she has been outspoken against the WWE for so many years. Although Owen might not be getting into the Hall of Fame anytime soon, fans still hold him in the highest regards.

7 Could Be: Brittany Page (DDP)

In recent years, DDP's daughter has become much more known due to her involvement with DDP Yoga as she was featured in numerous videos. Rumors had it that she was interested in starting a new wrestling company with Hulk Hogan's daughter, but nothing ever came out of that.

We do know that she has an interest in the wrestling business, which would be enough for WWE to give her a look if she were to start training.

And when it comes to appearance, Brittany is one of the finest wrestling daughters that we have seen as evident by her Instagram page. DDP might end up hitting us with a Diamond Cutter for complimenting his daughter, but that's a risk we are willing to take. Although Brittany isn't exactly too young, but then again her father didn't turn into a wrestler until his late 30s and she is much younger right now.

6 Lacking Genes: Frank Eudy (Sid Vicious)

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Not to be confused with the actor Frank Eudy, Sid Vicious' son doesn't seem to have "it" to make it in the wrestling industry. While he truly looks like his dad from features down to the hair, he just doesn't give you that wrestler's vibe which is extremely important, especially if your goal is to make it in the WWE.

Barring a few appearances, Sid Vicious rarely appears on WWE television and you can count on hand the amount of times he has shown up since the 90s. It appears that the relationship between him and the company is sitll sour after all these years although he isn't completely blacklisted like other Superstars. But that only means that unless Frank Eudy turns out to be an impressive wrestler, then it's unlikely that the door would be open for him. Time will tell what the future holds for him.

5 Could Be: Dominic Gutierrez (Rey Mysterio)

Most WWE fans who have been following for over a decade are already familiar with Dominic as he appeared in many episodes of SmackDown back in 2005. He was involved in a storyline between Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero, which was one of the major angles of the mid 2000s.

Long gone are the blonde highlights that we all remember him having, as Dominic looks completely different now and has outgrown his dad.

Whether he has nearly as much talent as Mysterio did remains to be seen in the future if Dominic opts to pursue a wrestling career. But he already plays football and has expressed an interest in turning into a wrestler. With Mysterio by his side, Dominic could certainly make it to the WWE as he has the appearance to become a Superstar. But he does have some giant boots to fill, Mysterio may be one of the shortest Superstars but he is also a pioneer in every sense.

4 Lacking Genes: Dewey Francis Foley (Mick Foley)

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Rumors have it that Dewey Francis Foley was hired by the WWE in 2015 thanks to creative samples that impressed many staff members, as well as an obvious and strong connection. And while he may be a sharp writer, it doesn't look like he will be stepping in the ring in the near future or anytime for that matter. Mick Foley was an exception to the rule rather than the standard, he is one of the few who had a rather "strange" appearance yet managed to become a top Superstar.

But maybe Dewey can contribute to the writing team because we all know that creative has been lackluster for quite some time. And if someone ends up making it as a WWE Superstar from the Foley family, it would definitely be Noelle who has already developed a major fanbase thanks to her great looks and is said to be training to become a wrestler.

3 Could Be: Ariel Toombs (Roddy Piper)

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Roddy Piper was certainly a good looking man in his prime and aged as fine as it gets, so it shouldn't be a surprise that his daughter Ariel Toombs has inherited the looks as well. In the old days, that would have been enough to make it in the WWE, but with the rise of the women's division, she would have to put in the necessary work to make it to the major leagues.

But regardless, she certainly has the appearance of a WWE Superstar, which is still important even if it's no longer the focal point.

If she chooses to become a wrestler, you can bet that WWE will be more than willing to look out for her and assist in launching her career.

It would certainly be great to see her carrying his legacy, although he has influenced enough Superstars to always be remembered - as evident by Ronda Rousey.

2 Lacking Genes: Cameron Kade Hickenbottom (Shawn Michaels)

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Unfortunately for Cameron Kade Hickenbottom (pictured on the left), he isn't nearly as much of a heart breaker as Shawn Michaels. There is no shame in that since the majority of people aren't, but still, expectations will always be high when you are the son of one of wrestling's greatest Superstars. As of now, it doesn't appear that he is interested in becoming a wrestler. And it's probably for the best because being the son of Shawn Michaels will not be enough to get him over with the fans.

Unless he turns out to be a much more impressive in the ring than we thought and with his appearance completely changing, then it's unlikely we will ever witness Shawn Michaels passing the torch to his son. Not necessarily a bad thing if you ask me, because everyone isn't meant to be a second or third generation Superstar as is the case with Cameron.

1 Could Be: Steven Borden Jr. (Sting)

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There is no doubt that Steven Borden Jr. has a combination of build and appearance that could lead him to become a WWE Superstar. Whether he is interested in following his old man's footsteps is a whole different story.

For many years, Steven Jr. played football where he shone for his college. He even received a tryout with NFL team Kansas City Chiefs although nothing ever came out of that.

And if history has taught us anything, it's that wrestling tends to be up next on all former football players. And it only makes even more sense when you consider that he is the son of an-all time great in Sting, who could certainly help get his foot into the door. Perhaps he is enjoying his time playing football at the moment, or taking a break but we will soon see what the future holds for him as far as wrestling goes.

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