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Introducing Chamber Music Now

The Friends of Chamber Music is pleased to offer multiple free streaming options in our new program, Chamber Music Now.

Chamber Conversations with Bill Everett—This dynamic, 30-minute program will delve into the history of chamber music with video excerpts from world-class chamber musicians.  From featured composers, including Haydn, Beethoven and Mozart, to transporting the viewer to Vienna in 1900, this program is sure to delight any chamber music aficionado. New episodes premiering monthly.

Listen and Learn with Lacie & Tom—This fresh, new video series is perfect for young musicians and non-musician enthusiasts. Tom and Lacie will teach audiences what to listen for in classical music, focusing on our Backstage Pass performances, with interviews, insights on the works presented, and more.  This program will premiere on Facebook Live, giving audiences the chance to ask questions and interact with our hosts. New episodes premiering monthly.

Backstage Pass—We will be bringing some of our favorite artists to our virtual stage, featuring old friends, fan favorites, and some fresh faces who will be appearing on future seasons.  New episodes premiering monthly.

Chamber Conversations with Dr. William Everett

Episode 4
Haydn, Beethoven, Reicha, and Danzi:
From the String Quartet to the Woodwind Quintet

The woodwind quintet (flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon) is, like the string quartet, a core chamber music ensemble. In this episode, we’ll discover some of the earliest examples of the woodwind quintet repertory and how and why composers were compelled to write for the new medium. In particular, we’ll see how Anton Reicha (1770-1836) emulated the string quartet writing of Haydn in his works and how Franz Danzi (1763-1826) did the same with Beethoven.

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