Blackpool Attractions - Central Pier

Blackpool Central Pier

Blackpool Central Pier

Central Pier is the 2nd of Blackpool's 3 piers to be built. It followed on a year later from the North Pier.

There is a theatre located above the entrance to Central pier.

History of Central Pier

When the North Pier was constructed it proved to be so successful that a company was formed in 1864 called the South Jetty Company. The pier was constructed by the same contractor as the North Pier and was 460 meters in length. The actual pier was 340 meters in length but an additional Jetty was 120 meters in length that was used during low tide was added.

The Central Pier was constructed for Fun from the start, in the early years the fun was in the form of its dancing facilities. The dancing moved to roller skating in the early 1900´s and amusements were added. The jetty was used for steamboat excursions. As dancing became less popular after the second world war the facilities were converted into theatres, pubs and amusement arcades. The jetty was removed in 1975 due to lack of use.

Blackpool Central Pier - Big Wheel

Central Pier Today

Today Blackpoo´s central pier is still dedicated to Fun. From the ferris wheel, the fairground rides, to the show bar and Family Bar.

The Ferris Wheel

The ferris wheel was added in 1990 and due to its size and weight £750,000 was spend strengthening the structure of the pier. The Ferris wheel is 108 ft - 32 meters tall. It gives a great view of the Blackpool promenade and is especially good to ride during the Illuminations. The current gondolas allow you to rotate them to get a full panoramic view of Blackpool, on a good day views stretch from Wales in the South to the Lake district in the North.

Central Pier ShowBar

Blackpool Central Pier - The Kings and Queen of Rock, Pop 'n' Roll Tickets

Central Pier is no stranger to tribute shows and 2019 is no exception. For 2019 Central Pier´s Show Bar brings you ´ The Kings and Queen of Rock, Pop 'n' Roll ´. This amazing show is returning to Central Pier after a great 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 seasons. The tribute features homages to some truly great musicians.


The newley refurbished Pier End Bar is now a Pirate themed Family Bar. This is a huge bar and entertainment area dedicated to keeping children occupied while the parents enjoy a drink or two. The bar features its own amusements area, food and tuck shop, its the perfect child friendly attraction for a relaxing afternoon or evening. During the main season the bar has live entertainment during the day and evening.There is also an Adults only area with panoramic views of the coast and out to sea.

The Rides

Blackpool Central Pier - Frog Ride

The central Pier has a few other rides for all the family. There is the traditional waltzer, the frog ride will have your heart in your mouth as it rotates round and round and then suddenly you jump up and then down in your seat. There are also some old fun favorites such as the dogems, helter skelter, and a carousel.