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Carol Frost is "God", the creator of the entire Omniverse.


Carol is a 7 year old human child with pale, somewhat rosy, freckled skin, dark brown hair and black eyes. They're a bit short for their age. Their favorite kind of attire is warm clothes, so they rarely wear shorts and t-shirts. Additionally, they prefer muted color schemes over vibrant stuff, but they're a fan of patterned clothing, especially floral patterns.

While using their Scratch powers, Carol's fingernails turn a vibrant, glowing green.


Having suppressed most of their own existence, Carol is effectively an ordinary 7 year old, not too smart and a little lonely. They are rather shy, but can be friendly to people who gain their trust. They hate hot places and love being in cold areas, but they hate being cold themselves. Additionally, they hate humid environments and rain, but like hot showers. When they're scared, they tend to huddle behind people, objects or under their blanket.

Although they're aware of their abilities, they don't consciously use them all the time. However, if they have a particular craving for a certain thing, they will probably create it themselves.


Carol used to be an "existence", an all-powerful intelligence which roamed the nothingness before the omniverse was created. Eventually though, they got bored, and thought to themselves "I want to know everything", and as a result they learned everything. Wanting to put this knowledge to use, they created the Omniverse, starting with Universe 9. After creating Universe 9, they turned into a child and suppressed their knowledge and memory, becoming a lost, amnesiac orphan who was found in a box.

Carol's first memory is of driving in the backseat of their new parents' SUV, to their new house. Their first friend was their adoptive sister, Bella. They got along well, with Bella being adamant on befriending Carol. At a certain point, Carol had many aspirations and, inspired by other people such as ZUN and JynX, wanted to create their own circle called LAPXUS.

After living for a bit, Carol decided to make the other 8 universes, creating the Omniverse as it is today. They formed the Gods to keep order within the other universes so that they didn't have as much work to do.


In their base form, Carol has a power level of 14.7778×(13886198)×(3x10⁸)×(184×10^10^100). In actuality, their true power is roughly infinite, however most of it is spread across the Omniverse, so their power level reading is only the power of their body. Although they can be hurt by mundane things, they can't be killed.


  • Room and Illusion - Carol's Stand.
  • Metapotence - The power to do anything. This is effectively Omnipotence, but incredibly simplified, much like a child's perception of it.
  • Psychopotence - Wielding ultimate power with one's mind. More of a mental power than a psychic power.
  • 10th Dimensional Physiology - Carol is a 10th dimensional being, encompassing everything in one.
  • Non Created Physiology - Carol never had an origin, and no matter how far back in time you go, they will still be there.
  • Omniscience (inherent type) - Carol can tap into the "information" of all things, allowing them the knowledge of everything.
  • Omninescience (inherent type) - Carol can suppress all of their knowledge, which they did to transform themselves into a child. They can choose what they want to ignore as well. Additionally, this ability can ignore EVERYTHING, including physical, mental or spiritual changes to themselves, rendering themselves immune to whatever they want to be immune to.
  • Omnipresence - Carol's true form, being 10th dimensional, exists across all of time, space and existence itself, reaching into parallel worlds, timelines and even outside "everything".
  • Omni-Quintessence Manipulation - The ability to manipulate the Quintessence found in the entire Omniverse. Along with being able to wield Transcendent Quintessence to the highest degree, this power allows Carol to manipulate the energy of the entire spacetime continuum. Additionally, this power lets them manipulate Dark Energy.
  • Endless Psychic Power - Carol has unparalleled psychic ability, allowing them to use all forms of psionics.
    • PK Strawberry Bubble Tea - Shorthand; PK StrawberryTea. Goes up to Ώ level, affects everything in the vicinity with psychic energy, dealing massive damage. Appears as a pattern of pastel pink and sky blue psychedelic waves that spread out in hexagons. An exclusive move of Carol.
  • Scratch - The power to return to the starting point and change reality.
  • Stand Copying - Carol has the unique power of being able to develop more than one Stand. In order to acquire a new Stand, they must first see it in action and then understand it's ability. Once they do that, they will be able to create an Ultimate version of that Stand, which has increased power and a much better version of the ability (ie. if copying The World, they'd gain a Stand that could stop time for more than an hour).