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Training Tip: I was just testing you

AOPA Flight Training
VOL 21, ISSUE 15 April 9, 2021
Training Tips
I was just testing you
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I was just testing you
Would a higher minimum passing grade on a knowledge test affect your plan for how and when to take the test? Read more >
Back in the saddle
You check the calendar and realize it has been a few months since you last flew. What now? Read more >
Flight Training News
How to conduct a 'compliant' self-briefing
A new FAA advisory circular and video course guide do-it-yourselfers through the preflight weather briefing process. Read more >
Instructor report
The magic of lesson plans
Students learn best when they have a logical and easily understood process for earning their pilot certificate. Read more >
FAA can end ACS logjam, groups say
The FAA can get back to its long-stalled effort to publish new airman certification standards now that the Department of Transportation has removed obstacles that froze the project in 2019, aviation industry members said in a letter to FAA Administrator Steve Dickson. Read more >
Court upholds FAA order in warbird flight training case
A federal court declined to lift a cease-and-desist order issued by the FAA against a warbird flight training company in a case that could have implications for a wide variety of flight instruction provided to owners in their own aircraft. Read more >
Flight lesson
Poor maintenance
A clogged fuel filter on a rented Beechcraft Bonanza created a dangerous situation for a father and son. Read more >
Online resource
Upside down
Learn how spatial disorientation happens and how you can avoid its hazards, and examine accidents in this AOPA Air Safety Institute Safety Spotlight.
AOPA Live This Week
NTSB's priorities; Utility of AOA indicators; Data retrofit
The NTSB updates its list of most-wanted safety improvements, CFI Laurence Balter explains the importance of angle-of-attack awareness, and a data recording retrofit for your airplane. Watch AOPA Live This Week® >
Career News
A confluence of time and money
Shortly after reopening from the coronavirus-pandemic lockdown last May, dozens of recreational flight schools and charter operators across the country experienced a major uptick in pilot training and sales. Read more >
Reports: United resumes pilot hiring
United Airlines made waves in the media recently with a memo to employees stating that it would hire about 300 pilots starting with those "who received conditional job offers or had a new class hire date that was canceled last year" because of the coronavirus pandemic, CBS Chicago reported. The move is in response to increased travel as more people are vaccinated.
Some bright spots
Travel is showing some signs of recovery, according to Flight Training blogger and airline pilot Chip Wright. Flights for spring break saw some of the highest load factors seen since early 2020, and Americans are itching to avoid another summer stuck at home. Read more >
Aviation job board
Job of the week: A&P mechanic, Granite Air Center
Granite Air Center in West Lebanon, New Hampshire, is seeking an FAA-certificated A&P mechanic. Qualified candidates must be able to read and interpret maintenance manuals, service bulletins, and specifications, and keep timely and accurate records. Read the full description and apply today >
AOPA career opportunities
Join the AOPA team
Ever dream of turning your passion for aviation into a career? AOPA is looking for an office coordinator and a web app developer. To learn more about these and other AOPA career opportunities, visit AOPA Online >
Training Products and Resources
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Spring weather
Warm fronts, cold fronts, sun, wind, rain, and even ice and snow: No other season has such wide meteorological mood swings as spring. Test your knowledge of ever-changing weather with this AOPA Air Safety Institute quiz.
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Member Benefits
Pilot Protection Services
COVID-19 one year later
Dr. Kenneth Stahl reflects on the coronavirus pandemic. Read more >
Member benefit
Purchasing an LSA for flight training
Have questions about purchasing a light sport aircraft for flight training? We can help. Read more >
Instrument Tip
Simulated clouds in real aircraft
A National Guard helicopter pilot with a degree in aeronautical engineering created a device to simulate surprise entry into clouds, and it's now available to improve training. Read more >
Photo of the Week
Low wings, low clouds
Low wings, low clouds
A Cirrus SRV is a great choice for a scenic flight over Lake Superior. To see more of AOPA Senior Photographer Mike Fizer's photos, as well as photos from AOPA members and staff, follow @flywithAOPA on Instagram.
Final Exam

How can I find information regarding the registration status of my aircraft or an aircraft I am considering buying?
This information is available on the FAA website. Type the N number in the "Look Up N-Numbers" search field at the top right of the page (without the N) and press "Go." A page will open that contains all the specifics on any aircraft associated with that N number, including registration status. On occasion, you might see a note indicating the registration status is in question with a phone number to call for more details. Read the full answer and join the discussion >

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Education & Seminars
AOPA's in-person educational courses and seminars have been canceled or postponed in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Stay sharp with our webinars, podcasts, and videos.
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