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The Britannia Association

Britannia Royal Naval College has been training Royal Naval officers on its current site since 14th September, 1905. In fact, naval officers' training in Dartmouth goes back to 1863, when the old wooden ship HMS Britannia was first moored in the River Dart. The job has always been the same and is now encapsulated, as you might expect, in a mission statement:

“To deliver courageous leaders with the spirit to fight and win”.

Under the Royal patronage of His Majesty King Charles III, the Britannia Association was created and registered in 2001.

The Britannia Association charity is the Alumni Association for Britannia Royal Naval College which:

As a charity aims, through grants, events and communications, to:

  • - Support BRNC and its trainees
  • - Support BRNC trainees’ participation in adventurous training, or other development activities
  • - Raise awareness and understanding of BRNC and the Naval Service. (This currently includes running public and private tours of BRNC.)
  • - Relieve hardship amongst Association members
  • - Potentially provide a gift membership for long-standing members of College staff

And as an Alumni Association, aims to provide:

  • - A network for communication between members and events to enable such communication
  • - A means for maintaining members’ engagement with and knowledge of BRNC and the wider Royal Navy
  • - Support to members visiting or arranging reunions or other events at BRNC
  • - Other opportunities to members (Recently this has included associate membership of a London club.)

The Association is well founded and continues to grow from strength to strength meeting its aims and charitable objectives.

The Britannia Association is a registered charity.

Charity No. 1158111
CIO No. 9119745

Our Aims

The Britannia Association was formed to meet a need for the alumni of BRNC, who have served either with wardroom status, or undergone training at Britannia Royal Naval College, to enable them to be linked, through having an Association.

Membership is intended to be as 'inclusive' as possible and aims to achieve the following:

  • To provide a long term focus and network for the alumni of the Officer Corp of the Navy and to assist them to stay in touch with each other through membership of the Association.
  • To provide a Charitable Trust to accept donations and legacies.
  • To provide grants from funds held in Trust in support of non publicly funded College activities.
  • To be able to provide a source of benevolent funds to members in appropriate circumstances.
  • To assist and encourage members to stay in touch with BRNC and to enable them to make a contribution to the formation and welfare of successive generations of young officers.
  • Through the above to promote and contribute to the military efficiency of the Royal Navy.

Charitable Objectives

The formally expressed objects of The Britannia Association are:

To promote the military efficiency of The Royal Navy by:-

  • Maintaining contact between past and present alumni and wardroom status members of BRNC staff, fostering mutual friendship and providing a mechanism for a networking opportunity.
  • Fostering esprit de corps, comradeship and the welfare of past and present alumni thereby preserving the traditions of both, the Royal Navy and BRNC.

To relieve where appropriate past and present alumni, who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress.


The Britannia Association – “The Alumni of Britannia Royal Naval College”

Membership to the Association is open to and encourages support from

  • Any serving officer of any section of the Naval Service
  • Any retired officer of any section of the Naval Service
  • Any Reserve Service officer of the Naval Service
  • Any officer of a Foreign Naval Service who has served at BRNC for more than ten days
  • Any officer from the Army or Royal Air Force who has served at BRNC for more than ten days
  • Any civilian victualled in the wardroom who has served at BRNC for a period of more than ten days
  • Widows and widowers of officers of the UK Naval Service

Your membership, underpins the Association’s charitable aims and objectives, making a positive contribution to the development of the current era of young naval officers – “giving something back”.

The Charity

The Charity name is 'The Britannia Association'.



His Majesty King Charles III

Prince of Wales


Members of the Board of Trustees:

President Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope GCB OBE ADC DL

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Hon Vice Presidents

Captain Graham Robinson Royal Navy #

Graham Robinson

Vice Chairman

  • Term and entry year - September 1963
  • Specialisation - X
  • Retired

Rear Admiral Martin Alabaster CBE

Martin Alabaster


  • Term and entry year - January 1977
  • Specialisation - WE
  • Retired


Rear Admiral Simon Williams CB CVO

Simon Williams


  • Term and Entry - September 1979
  • Specialisation - X
  • Retired

Vice Chairman

Mark Dowie

Mark Dowie


  • Term and entry year - September 1982
  • Specialisation - Supply & Secretariat
  • Retired


Lt Cdr David Clark RN *#

David Clark


  • Term and entry year - 2008
  • Specialisation - WE

Graeme Gordon

Graeme Gordon


  • Term and entry year - 1978
  • Specialisation - O

Captain Damian Exworthy MBE Royal Navy *#

Damian Exworthy


  • Term and entry year - September 1995
  • Specialisation - S

Serving Officer

Commander Caroline Dix MBE Royal Navy *

Caroline Dix


  • Term and entry year - 2004
  • Specialisation - Air Engineer
  • Serving

Lt Cdr Serena Davis RNR *#

Serena Davis


  • Term and entry year - 1997
  • Specialisation - MTO(N)

Captain Roger Readwin RN *

Roger Redwin


  • Term and entry year - 1991
  • Specialisation - X (MCD)

Commodore Jake Moores OBE Royal Navy

Jake Moores


  • Term and entry year - 1976
  • Specialisation - Warfare SM
  • Retired

Captain Adam Gosling Royal Naval Reserve

Captain Adam Gosling


  • Captain
  • Strong supporter of RN
  • Significant experience in Charity sector

Tim Farrow Esq

Elected Member 1:  Tim Farrow Esq


Commander Brian P Boxall-Hunt OBE Royal Navy

Brian P Boxall-Hunt


Honorary Advisors

Sharon Austen

Honorary Advisor

Partner Francis Clark Chartered Accountants LLP

Michelle Sims

Honorary Advisor

Commercial Director - Clockwork Marketing and Direct Mail Ltd

Laurie Trounce

Honorary Advisor

Partner Stephens Scown LLP

Jonathan Allen

Honorary Advisor

IT Solutions

Association Employees

BA Director

Liza Stewart

Assistant Secretary

Nichola Aldridge

Tours Administrator

Cathy White

Tours Retail Support

Mrs Sophie Ward

Tour Guides

Commander Peter White Royal Navy

Mike Pearce

Nichola Aldridge


Britannia Association
Britannia Royal Naval College
College Way

Tel: 01803 677565
Mil: 93 749 7565