5 current MLB stars who played for legendary Atlanta Braves manager Bobby Cox

5 current MLB stars who played for legendary Atlanta Braves manager

It's been almost 14 years since the Braves Hall of Fame skipper hung up the spikes, but there are still five of his former players who are still active in the league.

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The Braves are in their 14th season without Bobby Cox leading the team from the dugout, but his legacy is far from forgotten. In fact, five players who played under him are still in the league. One player is still among the best in the league, two others still play for the Braves.

However, compared to the expectations that these five players had back in 2010 (or even just a few years ago), it might be surprising which play for the Braves today.

Let's take a look at the final five MLB players to have ever suited up for the legendary Bobby Cox.

5 current MLB players who played for former Braves skipper Bobby Cox

Charlie Morton

Charlie Morton's first tenure with the Braves came to an end months before Bobby Cox even announced that he was retiring.

The righty made his Major League debut for the Braves on June 14, 2008, as a 24-year-old. He made 15 starts and struggled, finishing the season with a 6.15 ERA in 74.2 innings.

The next season, the Braves put Morton in Triple-A, where he pitched very well in 10 starts. However, he wouldn't get another shot with Atlanta for over another decade, as the team packaged him to the Pirates in exchange for Nate McLouth on June 3, 2009. Bobby Cox announced he was retiring after the 2010 season three months later on September 23, 2009.

Of course, Morton is one of the two current Braves to have played for Bobby Cox and is also one of the two remaining Braves to have played home games at Turner Field.

Although he has not formally announced he is retiring after the 2024 season, it is widely speculated that this is Uncle Charlie's last ride. Thankfully, the 40-year-old's second tenure with the Braves has been much more successful.