Bo Dallas Living On A Farm With Liv Morgan, Starting Real Estate Co.
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Bo Dallas Reportedly Living On A Farm With Liv Morgan, Starting A Real Estate Company



WWE bo dallas

For those curious, WWE Superstar Bo Dallas is still under contract with the company and is cleared for in-ring competition, despite not having wrestling a match since a house show in November 2019.

Dave Meltzer reports in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Dallas is no longer even brought in for television tapings. There are Superstars that are not featured each week that still travel for television tapings in case they are needed to fill a roll, compete on WWE Main Event, etc.

Dallas is reportedly living on a farm with fellow WWE star Liv Morgan and the two are apparently preparing to start a real estate company, as he prepares to transition for life after the wrestling business.

Dallas, the son of “IRS” Mike Rotunda and grandson of Blackjack Mulligan, originally got his start in FCW and was a part of the original team when the WWE NXT brand was created. He was the third ever NXT Champion, holding the title for 280 days, and is also a former Raw Tag Team Champion.


Break It Down: Ranking Every Major Wrestling TV Show (Week #15)



Break It Down

In the aftermath of a busy WrestleMania week, there was plenty of fallout to be enjoyed and across the board, every show tried to do that. On a week that features surprise returns, title matches, and some fun angles, there was a lot of excitement to enjoy.

But out of all the major shows from the past week, which one stood out the most? As ever, it’s time to Break It Down!

6. WWE Raw

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The post-WrestleMania episode of WWE Raw is normally one of the most exciting shows of the year. However, that couldn’t have been further from the truth this year. While the show was always going to be different due to no fans being involved, the quality of the overall episode was very poor.

Bobby Lashley was able to look dominant again, yet having Riddle be completely controlled didn’t help him. The work with Alexa Bliss and Bray Wyatt wasn’t that exciting and handing Damian Priest his first loss in the manner that WWE did was a poor decision.

However, the worst of the show came with Nia Jax’s ‘slipping’ which is an angle that should be stopped immediately. However, Charlotte Flair deserves praise for an excellent promo and seeing The Viking Raiders return was also great.


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WWE NXT UK was well put together this week, as is always the case, and the main event between Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams was a very entertaining match. It allowed both men to shine and continued their rivalry well as former partners who have now become enemies.

There were a couple of solid matches throughout the show, although nothing that truly felt memorable to the point of being a standout, which on a one-hour episode is quite important. The promo work on the show was solid with some good backstage segments from Jinny and Moustache Mountain.

Supernova Sessions continues to be a show that doesn’t connect for me. Having all heels being involved in the segment this week also didn’t help matters, and while Gallus and The Hunt will likely have a great match down the line, there’s nobody there for the fans to support in that situation.

4. WWE SmackDown

Photo: WWE

The blue brand brought a good episode this week, and Cesaro was the central focus of that, which is great to see. Having him stand up to Roman Reigns, only for the Tribal Chief to back away was a smart decision, with Cesaro’s main event with Jey Uso being a nice match until Seth Rollins’ interference, which will no doubt continue that feud.

Away from that, Bianca Belair was able to give a nice promo, which was just a moment of celebration for her. Plus, Otis and Rey Mysterio had a nice match together with their storyline continuing to be an enjoyable part of the blue brand.

The WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship match was the best part of this show though, with The Dirty Dogs and The Street Profits having an excellent back and forth encounter for the titles.

3. IMPACT Wrestling

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IMPACT Wrestling was back to its best this week with a very noteworthy and exciting episode of the show. From the great opening encounter between TJP and Josh Alexander to the main event press conference segment, everything delivered on this episode.

The Pick Your Poison work between Brian Myers and Matt Cardona was particularly great, with the two men trying to get one up on each other, which was smartly booked. Plus, the promo from Eddie Edwards was also great here.

The show also gave Jazz a lot of focus for her retirement which was great to see. Someone of her quality and experience deserves the big send-off she was given within this show, and it created an excellent moment.


Photo: WWE

The first Tuesday night episode of WWE NXT was a memorable one. There was a great mix of action, promos, and even comedy with Robert Stone that brought a varied show to the table. Karrion Kross’ opening promo was an average one, but after that, the show really kicked up a notch.

MSK had a fun match with Killian Dain and Drake Maverick, while the debut of Franky Monet was put together nicely. She was immediately made to be seen as a top star which only adds to the excellent division, meanwhile having Roderick Strong quit WWE NXT was an interesting twist.

Isaiah Swerve Scott and Leon Ruff had a really great match together, but the best part of the show was absolutely the Cruiserweight Championship match, with Kushida becoming a champion for the first time in WWE. The main event of the show also delivered, showcasing just how entertaining The Way can be.

1. AEW Dynamite

Photo: AEW

This was an excellent episode of AEW Dynamite yet again, that kickstarted with a fantastic Tag Team Championship match between The Young Bucks and Death Triangle. It saw the ‘Bucks show a new side to themselves and it worked brilliantly here.

The work with Mike Tyson throughout the night was well put together, and it was good to see AEW really push several talents in a dominant manner such as Jade Cargill, Kris Statlander, and Anthony Ogogo. Christian’s segment with Team Taz was also enjoyable, building a clear first feud for him.

The main event also delivered here with Matt Hardy and Darby Allin putting on a brilliant falls count anywhere match. While the addition of the actions halfway through was a little much, the work that the two men put in was amazing.

Sixth place= 1 point
Fifth place= 2 points
Fourth place= 3 points
Third place= 4 points
Second place=5 points
First place= 6 points

2020 results (each week, the points tally will be added up below):

WWE Raw- 27
IMPACT Wrestling- 46
AEW Dynamite- 78
WWE SmackDown- 48

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Wrestling News

Corey Graves Discusses Michael Cole’s WrestleMania 37 Mistake



Corey Graves

Corey Graves has spoken out about Michael Cole’s mistake at WrestleMania 37, which saw him call the finish to Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks wrong.

Cole incorrectly stated that Sasha Banks had kicked out, which wasn’t the case. However, Corey Graves has defended Cole on WWE’s After The Bell, stating that he felt terrible for the moment,

“If there’s anybody that’s truly unshakable, it’s [Michael] Cole. Cole felt bad, he felt terrible but I can relate. I almost thought the same thing, from our vantage point, it was not crystal clear. I’m not making excuses cause it was what it is, it didn’t take anything away from the amazing moment, it was reality. It was a very genuine real reaction, take into consideration, yes we have the monitor, yes we have audio in our headphones, but we’re also in a stadium full of 20,000 people.

“Any wrestler’s book that you have ever read says being in a stadium is very different than an arena because it takes a second, the sound has to leave and come back before anybody can truly register. I myself, wasn’t sure. Hey, it’s the main event of WrestleMania, people have kicked out of each others finishers 35 times already tonight, why wouldn’t this be any different? It was a genuine shock after that so everyone, leave Michael Cole alone.” (H/T for the transcriptions)

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Wrestling News

Kevin Nash Says X-Pac Was Instrumental In The nWo’s Success



The nWo was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame this year, and Kevin Nash has spoken about X-Pac’s role in the group.

The group was originally set to be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame last year, but due to COVID-19, the ceremony was delayed, taking place this year instead. When appearing on a virtual signing with Highspots Wrestling Network, Nash admitted that he was annoyed at people saying X-Pac shouldn’t have been put into the Hall Of Fame with the group.

“And one of the things that really pissed me off was I read a couple comments where like, ‘Oh, he [Sean “X-Pac” Waltman] shouldn’t have went in.’ I’m thinking, number one, all of you f*ckers, you weren’t even alive when the run was — they weren’t even alive and Sean Waltman made every house show with me and Scott [Hall]. He was a Cruiserweight Champion, we were the tag champions. We were the only n.W.o. guys on the card making every f*cking town that was drawing money and he was instrumental in that and it was like, he would run down at the end. Like we’d be involved in his match so it was like… if you make those comments that he doesn’t belong, sure is funny how him being thrown out of the n.W.o., DX, all of a sudden, the ratings, that was the end of it. That was a very critical piece of the pie. Take the only motherf*cker out of the n.W.o. that can work, that’s not too smart.”

Nash did also admit that he wanted to have Eric Bischoff join the group in being inducted.

“To me, it is always really nice to watch the people that — because all of us out there had been enshrined one at a time so, it [Hall Of Fame ceremony] was different with no people in the crowd.

He [Eric Bischoff] was the next day. I haven’t seen him yet but it was great to see. Yeah, I wanted him to go in with us [n.W.o.].” (H/T to Post Wrestling for the transcriptions)

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