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Banqiao Senior High School

Our school was founded in September, 1946, with the name "Taipei County Banqiao Junior High School." It is also called “Garden of Lindens”, for there are originally two old and ancient lindens, which are once known as one of the greatest scenes of “Ten Impressive Scenary of Banqiao.” In 1950, August, Banqiao Junior High School began to establish and turn into senior high school. Afterward, our school, including junior and senior high, was formally established in February in 1952. Same year in August, it was further restructured and titled, "Taiwan Provincial Banqiao Senior High School." On February 1st, 2000, our school was renamed, "National Banqiao Senior High School." On January 1st, 2002 , due to the rising status of New Taipei City from Taipei County, our school was then restructured into "New Taipei City Banqiao High School." There are 61 classes in total, which are composed of both male and female students. Among them, there are three classes for mathematical gifted students, and one class for both mentally and physically disabled students.

Banqiao Senior High School is an outstanding high school, with simple and liberal learning style of students, profound knowledge and affluent teaching experience of teachers, and abundant resources for teaching facilities. It is a school of long history and the highest enrollment rate; moreover, alumni of Banqiao Senior High all have great performance in various fields.

Cultivate students of healthy personality with full development in principles of “Five ways of life”, especially the education in moral. Fertilize competence of further education training, lifelong learning and the ability to research advanced academic and specialized knowledge. Cultivate students to be open-minded, bear magnificent, advocate freedom, have self-discipline, be self-government, persevere with determination, and to have creative thinking and proper judgment.

No matter how good the system and the program are, everything is empty without consensus and the support of every teacher in the school. All colleagues of Banqiao Senior High would build consensus with faithful and sincere communication, full participation and service, and professional leadership, since it is the vision that stimulate the morale and enthusiasm of staffs and students. The continuous improvement in administrative efficiency, curriculum development, teacher education and professional development, student learning, resource integration, etc. can make Banqiao Senior High School an institution of safety, humanities, natural science, technology and art; furthermore, it can make our students have board vision, full-developed ability and international view.

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