New Taipei City Government
  • Sky Lantern-Pingxi(另開視窗)

    Sky Lantern-Pingxi

  • Buyan Pavilion – Ruifang(另開視窗)

    Buyan Pavilion – Ruifang

  • Green Reef – Laomei,Shimen(另開視窗)

    Green Reef – Laomei,Shimen

Situated in the northern part of Taiwan, surrounding the country’s capital; New Taipei City has an estimated population of over 3.9 millions and an area of 2052 km2. Given its location advantages, today’s New Taipei City is a major city of Business Industries second to Taipei City, with over 250,000 privately owned companies and 20,000 factories, which sums up to a total capital of NTD.1.8 Trillion.
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Originally, the Taipei region was administered as a part of Keelung (雞籠) or Tamsui (淡水). It was not until the first year of the Guangxu reign period (1875 A.D.) that the name “Taipei” came into being, when Shen Baozhen called for the establishment of a Taipeh Prefecture (台北府), with Taipeh meaning northern Taiwan. Taipei County (台北縣) was first established during the Japanese occupation, in an attempt to emulate the administrative system of the Qing Dynasty. It was later renamed Taipei Prefecture (台北廳) as the administrative zones in Taiwan underwent further restructuring. In 1920, the name was changed once more, this time to Taihoku Prefecture (台北州). After the end of the Japanese colonial period, Taihoku Prefecture was renamed Taipei County. The capital of Taihoku Prefecture became Taipei City, and was thereafter considered a separate administrative division. Taipei County’s county seat was relocated to present-day Banqiao City.
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