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Aliens, real or just a myth?

Do most people believe in aliens?

There are people who don't want to believe in aliens because they are afraid.

People or may not believe but, rest assured, that there has been a lot of evidence of alien life around the world. There has even been evidence of aliens in history going back to thousands of years.

There have been so many unexplained objects, structures or, even in some cases, people missing from all around the world.

Frequently people have been saying they have seen unexplained objects in the sky. There are even pictures from around the world of strange, unexplainable objects in the sky.

However, there are people who say the pictures are fake. Those same people say that the photos are photoshopped and aren't real.

"I believe that there may be aliens out there," said senior Marc Alvarado. "We still have a lot to learn about space. I just hope that i live to see one of them."

Nasa's Kepler telescope is made to find small worlds orbiting distant stars but it can also detect many other things, such as, stellar flares, star spots, and planetary rings. Recently the telescope has found a star, KIC 8462852, with a very interesting transit signal.

The telescope has found a strange megastructure around the star.

NASA believes that an alien civilization is what made the unexplainable structure. NASA also has never seen anything like this before, which is why they were so surprised and shocked when they found it.

There may be something else out there, possibly an alien intelligence, that is on its way to become a type-2 civilization, which is setting up some kind of artificial structure around its star.

The next step for NASA is to point a radio antenna at the star to see whether the system is generating any artificial radio signals that could indicate the presence of something experts would define as intelligent.

Astronomers have begun using the Allen Telescope Array, a system of radio dishes about 300 miles northeast of San Francisco, to hunt for signals coming from the vicinity of KIC 8462852.

The hunt for alien life has begun. Aliens are a very exciting but also scary subject. What if one day experts do find alien civilization? That would be an amazing discovery.

Its a big universe with a lot of unknown stars and many other things. There is still a lot of the universe that the majority of people don't know about yet.

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Thomas Collette