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What do YOU think, are aliens real or just a myth?

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    I believe they are real. I believe our technology we enjoy today is manly from alien technology. How else do you explain for thousands of years everyone walked or rode horses and life was mainly unchanged for all these thousands of years, but then all of a sudden during the time in history that people were reporting alien space craft crashing and athourities seazing these craft is when our technology boomed to what is is today.

    My graddad wasborn in 1897 during horse and buggy days and there were few cars, he lived to see man on the moon. When i was a child in the 1950's I remember talking to old folks who were born in like the 1870's and remember their parents talking about the civil war like my parents talked about WW 2. During the 1900's we went from horse and buggy to space travel, cell phones computers and all the things we experience and enjoy today. I find it hard to believe this jump in technology happenned without alien help.

    Cal me crazy, I don't care think about it how else can you explain this increase in knowledge when for thousands of years life was basically the same as far as technology.?


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    We live in an absolutely MIND-BOGGLINGLY huge existence! How can it be that there does not exist, out there among the cosmos, at least two planets with life (since one is ours)? Sure, many things had to be "just right" for our planet to form life. True, the chances were not high. However, there are enough planets out there that it would happen again. According to scientists, in theory the universe would just go on and on and eventually it would exhaust every possible combination before repeating again. This means that life does exist somewhere out there.

    I believe that when we do finally meet aliens, we are just as likely to come to them as they are to come to us. How far off do you think flying saucers are? A long time but they are coming. Scientists invent something new practically every day. We are learning and growing more constantly. Soon we will probably reach the stars.

    Why not? Why can't aliens exist? Scientifically, it is possible. Otherwise, would we still be searching? Would we still be trying to discover if we are, indeed, alone in an empty universe? Because I don't think we are. I hope we aren't.

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    It's best to be sceptical about this topic, but I was convinced that, at least, some types of "alien" spacecraft exists about 25 years ago... When this young guy flying from Tazmania (an island south of Australia) to Sydney radioed for two-three hours to the airport that he was being followed. It was tracked by radar and some eyewitnesses saw the craft, too, for the duration of his flight. He eventually disappeared, his airplane, too. Caused headlines for a couple days - but nothing ever came of it and his body was never found. That was my tilting point and everything since then tends to confirm it, although I always consider the sources, first.

    I would think it primitive nowadays, that is, somewhat of mythological to NOT believe that life didn't exist elsewhere in the universe considering all the experiences and documentation for thousands of years that humanity has had with unexplained 'visitations' of one type or another.

    Too many varieties exist here on earth under really stressful environments already (so life is extremely adaptable), there are enough planets and moons even in our own solar system to think that there could be life in some even microscopic forms (environmental variety increases likelihood of presence), and while there are plenty of tricksters and media hounds looking for attention here on Earth - plenty of reliable histories point in the direction that we have been visited by alien lifeforms...

    All we have to do is catch just one and hopefully be able to communicate well enough with him-her-it to be interviewed on 60 Minutes. But ohhh, myyyy.... What do you think the Church would say about that? Human faith would never be the same - except Zen Buddhism.

    Think - if one were caught tomorrow, would Bush have his special ops use torture to extract the information they wanted it to say... particularly if they asked, "Do you read or have the Bible where you live"?? - - - Ha!!

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    I'd be stupid if I said that there's no alien life anywhere in the universe. If there's a little rock populated by slugs, that's alien life.

    However, I don't believe that there are aliens wandering around abducting people.

    For one thing, alien technology advances as ours does, and has a tendency to mimic popular scifi.

    People have a lot of weird nicks, marks and scars from going through life. If you're convinced that you had a probe stuck in to you, you'll find a mark somewhere that you've forgotten (because you got it when you were four) and decide that's the entry point.

    Dreams can seem very real.

    Psychologists have been able to explain what people who think they've been abducted actually went through.

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    Aliens don't exist! They say stuuuuuuupid stuff about them but there aren't any aliens. If they really exist, why can't men from earth go and see them, make frends with them or maybe bring them to earth so they can be a tourist??? Why dont they do this?

    Because there is no oxygen in outer space. No one can survive... God created the universe and the earth. And He put life in the earth!

    Aliens are a myth!

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    To assume we are the only life form in the universe is preposterous. We just must be ready to accept that 'life' on other planets might not come in the forms we are comfortable with. As long as they are technically living on a foreign planet, they will be considered aliens... since they are so alien to us (thus the name aliens) . I read on an article (cant remember the name) alien life forms might have actually contacted us but due to the distance , we just have not received their signal. It will probably take many years to many light years for the signal reach us. Just remember we could also be aliens since scientists do believe that life might have come to earth on a crashing meteriod long long time ago....

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    The Earth has never been visited by aliens. In the future, the Earth will be visited by Martians. Once humans have gone to Mars and returned.

    Even though there are 200 to 400 billion stars in the Milky Way, we are probably the only technological life form currently existing in our galaxy. Consider, however, that there are many, many more galaxies in the Universe than stars in the Milky Way.

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    My knowledge of Aliens is from the Newspapers articles,

    TV and of course Movies.

    There has been many movies about Aliens.

    If people did not believe in them they would not have gone to see all those movies.

    If the famous authors of the books about aliens didn't believe in aliens then they would not have spent their time researching, writing and getting their work published.

    I think they exist.

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    There are a huge number of suppressed videos that not only show any number of stray but weird spacecraft, but show any number of very close approaches to the observers. One particular video that NASA has shows an absolute "flotilla" of them beneath the shuttle craft's orbital path, as clear as a bell. From very objective and scientific, in some instances, eye witness reports over the several decades such things have been under scrutiny, there are supposed to be not less than eighteen distinct (based on huge numbers of collected and corroborated reports from all over the planet) Off- World species of "folks"., some nice and some not so very nice! I have sat on the beach very late at night in Florida and actually watched any number of undeniable "ships" maneuvering very far out over the Atlantic. I do not have the type of wild imagination it would take to make up something like that, plus, I have absolutely no reason to fabricate and embellish, as I have nothing but pure senses to use on such occasions.

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    I dont believe in "aliens" as in green creatures with big heads that want to take over the world by manipulating cattle. But I do believe there is something else out there besides just plants and animals.

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