Dark Angel: The Ascent

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Dark Angel: The Ascent
Directed byLinda Hassani
StarringAngela Featherstone
Daniel Markel
Release date
  • 31 August 1994 (1994-08-31)
Running time
1h 21min
United States

Dark Angel: The Ascent is a 1994 Romanian / American romantic supernatural horror film directed by Linda Hassani. It was released direct-to-video by Full Moon Entertainment. [1]


Veronica (Angela Featherstone) is a young demoness with a rebellious attitude who dreams of living among human beings on Earth. She is constantly talking out of turn and questioning the ways of the demon resulting in punishment after punishment. Enough of all of this, her father, Hellikan (Nicholas Worth) tries to kill her but her mother, Theresa (Charlotte Stewart) stops Hellikan and Veronica escapes with her Hellhound, Hellraiser. Her friend Mary, shows her a secret opening to the Earth above; she passes through the opening and arrives through the sewers. As she steps onto Earth her demon form sheds and becomes human. As a result, she is naked. As Veronica makes an effort to covers herself up, she is hit by a car.

Dr. Max Barris, a doctor at the nearby hospital tends to her wounds and soon finds himself getting attached to her. He invites her to stay with him.

She starts going out at night and witnesses a pair of street muggers attack a woman with clear intent to rape her. Veronica intervenes by killing them. When Max finds out, he questions Veronica where she reveals to him what she really is. Max dismisses this and accepts her for what she is.

Veronica makes a cause to attempt to rid the mortal world of sinners as she falls in love with a human.



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