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    Sep 24

    not really a guitar player. yet! but i will be in Our Christmas Love Song! (and singing too, which...i’m a little bit better at 😜) having so much fun filming in winnipeg. and you get to see it in less than 2 months on 🎄❤️❄️

  2. thank you!! that is my song Christmas Miracle, which was heard in my from last year, Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane. it’s already out on Spotify, Apple Music and all that 😊

  3. Oct 12

    a handful of tickets have been added to see me and live in concert in Edison NJ at Nov 9! still a few remaining:

  4. Oct 8

    TUNE IN NOW! anywhere in the world! or AM 650 if you’re in nashville. from on now, interview up next!

  5. Oct 7

    it’s the sweetest flashback!! filming final day of at the one and only - remembering my real life debut here 3 years ago, and the very first time i stood on this sacred circle ❤️

  6. Oct 7

    life imitates art imitates life... 🙃 here at the one and only sacred to film our final day on . my character performs at the Opry in this movie, and i’m so grateful we got to film…

  7. Oct 4

    hey new york area friends! i’m playing a show on saturday, nov 9, 8 pm at . you can buy tickets to the show (as well as separate tickets to attend the convention!) right here: 🎄❤️🎄

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    Oct 2

    My cat came inside soaking wet, so I did some investigating and found this.

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  9. Oct 3

    that’s A (winnipeg) WRAP on Our Christmas Love Song! one day left in nashville next week. we can’t wait to share it with you all Nov 22 on .

  10. Sep 12

    this is beautiful in every way. thank you for sharing. ❤️

  11. Sep 10

    i can’t wait for the first ever CHRISTMAS MOVIE CONVENTION!! Nov 8-10 in NJ. go to to get your tickets and all the info ❤️🎄❄️

  12. Sep 10

    An Even Merrier Mixup! (i sooooo want to. it’s been discussed. but how would alice get mixed up a second time? i swear there has to be a way...)

  13. Sep 10

    my favorite scene: standing outside after the gala. second favorite: standing outside after dinner. loved zelda’s longing to break thru piper’s walls - seeing the conflict there, but respecting the boundaries. reminded me of many moments in my life 🙃(kisses back!!!)

  14. Sep 10

    ok! 😊 i’m going to be in a new Christmas movie this year! we start filming in a few days, in Winnipeg - it’s called Christmas Love Song and i’ll be singing in it (& i’m taking guitar lessons...!!) 🎄🎸👩🏻‍🦰

  15. Aug 28

    i don’t right now. but, i do offer that from time to time! i like to personalize them so has to be a time when i know i’ll be home to fulfill the orders 🙃

  16. Aug 26

    it’s true! all my music is right here 🙃thank you, mavi! ❤️

  17. Aug 25
  18. Aug 23

    my dear friends. so many of you have been asking for years and guess what... you wished it into reality! the first ever Christmas Convention!! 🎄❤️🎄 i am so extremely excited about this - november can’t come soon enough! who’s coming to NJ??

  19. Aug 22

    awww, thank you! 💗 that dress is by . was attending gala earlier this year!

  20. Aug 22

    these are always a joy to film, but let me tell you - we had a LOT of fun making this one 🙃 lifelong friendships and memories were created. love that it’s airing again tonight! 💕


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