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  • The Inevitable Abyss of Madame Bovary

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    The Inevitable Abyss of Madame Bovary Dr. Satler’s comments: This student’s paper displays the radiance of writing kindled by discriminating reading. His careful attention to words and their subtle tones in context translate into interpretive language that clarifies the subtle shapes of meaning. The abyss that so terrifies Emma in Madame Bovary is reality and the crushing finality of it. The fantasy world that she has constructed from early childhood takes on more and more substance until

  • An Analysis Of Raymond Carver's 'Neighbors'

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    Is it typical for an average, happy couple to fantasize and even role-play the lives of their neighbors? The answer lies within Raymond Carvers short story “Neighbors”. It is clear that Bill, a bookkeeper, and Arlene, a secretary, find their lives less exciting and are envious of their wealthy, close friends and neighbors, the Stones’. The Millers are described as an unsatisfied couple living vicariously through their neighbors as they are away on vacation. Bill and Arlene impersonate their neighbors

  • The Duchess and the Jeweller by Virginia Woolf

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    THE DUCHESS AND THE JEWELLER Oliver Bacon, the jeweller, is really the only developed character in the short story “The Duchess and the Jeweller” by Virginia Woolf. The author uses the indirect stream-of consciousness technique as well as her own words to depicts the enterprising merchant as a many-sided man: He is both ambitious and sympathetic. The jeweller is highly arrogant and ambitious. His strutting smugness is evident through the animal metaphors used to portray him-from his physical

  • Free Glass Menagerie Essays: Hopelessness, Futility and Escape

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    Hopelessness, Futility and Escape in The Glass Menagerie The Glass Menagerie is set in the cramped, dinghy apartment of the Wingfield family.  It is just one of many such apartments in this lower-class neighborhood. Not one of the Wingfield family members desires to live this apartment. Poverty is what traps them in their humble abode. The escape from this lifestyle, this apartment and these relationships is a significant theme throughout the play. These escapes may be related to the fire escape

  • George Lucas: One of the greatest filmmakers

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    of the most successful and beloved films of all time” (Inside Lucas Film). George Lucas is one of the greatest writers of his time, one of the best directors of his time, and has paved the way in visual and audio effects. George Lucas is widely believed to be one of the greatest writers of his time. He has written many movies that have won academy awards such as THX 1138, The Star Wars Trilogy, American Graffiti, and Indiana Jones. George Lucas has not only written Movie he has also written a couple

  • Film Review Of Schindler's List, By Steven Spielberg

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    Schindler's List, by Steven Spielberg is an award-winning masterpiece - a movie which portrays the shocking and nightmarish holocaust in a three-hour long epic. The documentary touch re-creates a dark, frightening period during World War II, when Jews in Nazi-occupied Krakow were first deprived off , of their businesses and homes, then placed in ghettos and were then forced to labor for no consideration in camps in Plaszow, and finally they were resettled in concentration camps for execution

  • A Brief Biography Of Robert Louis Fosse

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    choreographer, was born Robert Louis Fosse in Chicago, Illinois, the son of Cyril Kingsley Fosse, a vaudeville entertainer turned salesman, and Sarah Alice Stanton (Grubb). At nine years of age, Fosse began classes in jazz, tap, and ballet at Chicago’s Academy of the Arts. Small and asthmatic, with a speech impediment that caused him to slur words, he later remarked that his early dance training stemmed from a need to overcompensate for his perceived “handicaps” (Gottfried). He was still a child when he headlined

  • Lisa Cholodenko Essay

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    Cholodenko is best known for her award-winning short film Dinner Party (1997) and her film High Art (1997) in which she won the National Society of Film Critics. However Cholodenko’s biggest accomplishment was her 2010 movie called The Kids Are All Right, nominated for four Academy Awards (this included Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay), Lisa Cholodenko won two Golden Globes including Best Picture, in comedy, and Best Actress. Coming along way from winning a film critic award to be winning

  • Godfather II

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    world filled with greed and betrayal, family union and loyalty. A companion piece in the truest sense of the term, “The Godfather Part II” earned as much praise as its predecessor, if not more. Earning twelve Academy Award nominations, the second installment has been rightfully hailed as the best sequel of all time. While "The Godfather, Part II" did not exceed the box office gross of the original, the movie can still be considered a blockbuster, and not at all a flop. “The Godfather” earned instant

  • George Lucas's Films

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    long-time friend Francis Ford Coppola as executive producer, Lucas transformed an award-winning student film into his first feature, THX 1138. Lucas's second feature film, the low-budget American Graffiti (1973), became the most successful film of its time, and garnered the Golden Globe, the New York Film Critics' and National Society of Film Critics' awards. Pushing the boundaries of storytelling into new directions, American Graffiti was the first film of its kind to tell multiple stories through