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    Russ L.
    Found two charges to my bank acct on the same day ($38.34 both times). On June 25th I called the 800#, and like "Ah" (June 25, above), before I could finish they were already promising a refund.
    As of today (July 10th) still nothing back in my account.
    Like "Ann" (June 25th, above) I believe this is the result of ordering the $1.98 "Google kit" (which I've never received). There were two parts to that offer -- one for the kit, and one for some kind of similarly priced "upgrade." The second had a small box for "terms and conditions" or something to that effect. I read it and saw the automatic membership with billing info, so I DIDN'T order it! They have NO reason to be billing me -- and certainly not TWO charges on the SAME DAY!!!
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    They got me...about 140$ off my credit card. jerks. I dealt with my bank already and now I have to deal with them...they better not hangup on me!
    • Caller: login for membership and grant masters
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    Todd Alexander replies to jen
    We had same problem: charges from POWERSALE $38.34 twice in same day;  GRANT MASTERS $38.34; POWERSALE $72.21; A1 MEMBER $72.21; ADWORD $72.21.  All of this started after purchasing an APL*ITUNES APP from our IPHONE.
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    jhj replies to Ann
    did you get your money back?
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    I had several charges for 38.34 and 72 and change. I got one of them refunded and they told me that my account was closed. I just found this morning thatthey have again charged my account another 38.34. I recommend that everyone who is having this problem to get thier cards cancelled or changed. They will never stop. They should be put out of business.
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    MML replies to ah
    Did you ever get your money back? I had the same amount taken out but no one called me. I thought I was doing business with Google(the real Google)and ordering information. I then cancled it(so I thought). I noticed yesterday there was a charge on my account for $38.84 I called the number from my online banking which was 888.856.1248 and I was given a hard time. They said they cancled it, gave me a cancelation number and such. and that was yesterday. I noticed yesterday that the same amount had been taken out three other times in past months. All of the other times had three different numbers. I called today one of the other numbers and the same talk was given.They trying to talk me into an "888" number and said this will prevent any other transactions from occuring. I called him a lier and asked for his name. I know he gave me a bogus name. But anyway I am trying to get this resolved. We work too hard for people to be just taking our money. I know I thought I was making an order for something but got a big surprise yesterday. I will be watching my online banking a lot closer from now on. And I will be getting a new card. The other names they use are: Google Chest,Grants-R-US,Grant Masters and Grant Finder.There are pobably many more name,and they use different numbers. Just be careful.
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    I posted today (Oct 5, 2009) under 877-208-5903 Please read. I am getting some of my money back...
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    Ive been arguing with these a*****'s for almost 4 months and have still yet to recieve my refund from Grant Masters. I just finished YELLING AT JOY (SUPPOSEDLY SHE IS A SUPERVISOR)and of course she assured me I would have my refund in 7-10 BUSINESS days, which i told her was [***] because its been 4 months. I also had a charge from A1 Memeber for $72 and change but was credited for that back in July. I also had signed up for the google CD, Jesus what a scam, I should of known it was to good to be true.
    I want to file a compliant with the BBB but i dont know what city and state Grant Masters is located in, Any 1 know this??

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