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Internal Pipe Wrench Set

  • Installs and removes 3/8", 1/2", and 3/4" pipe nipples
  • Expandable knurled cams for internal grip
  • Adjustable or standard wrench operation, Husky Lifetime Warranty
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Product Overview

This Internal Pipe Wrench Set features expandable knurled cams that provide an easy, internal grip on pipe nipples without marring, scratching or denting the pipe surface. The set includes 3/8 in., 1/2 in. and 3/4 in. pipe wrenches, which feature a durable steel construction for a long-lasting use. Requires standard or adjustable wrench for use. Covered by the Husky lifetime warranty.

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Internal Pipe Wrench Set

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Internal Pipe Wrench, Steel, 3/4 in.
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BrandArmour LineHuskyRIDGIDMilwaukee
NameInternal Pipe Wrench, Steel, 3/4 in.Internal Pipe Wrench Set6 in. Heavy-Duty Straight Pipe Wrench8 in. Steel Pipe Wrench
Wrench length (in.)3.53.625.758
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Maximum Pipe Diameter
.75 in
Minimum Pipe Diameter
Product Depth (in.)
.875 in
Product Height (in.)
Product Width (in.)
.875 in
Wrench length (in.)


Color Family
Compatible Pipe Size (in.)
3/4 in.
No Additional Features
Fixed or Adjustable
Hand Tool Type
Handle Type
Head Type
Carbon Steel
Maximum pipe size capacity (in.)
Tools Product Type
Hand Tool
Wrench type
Specialty Wrench

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
Lifetime Guarantee

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Husky Internal Pipe Wrench Set
These grip very good with the knurled roll-out cam. I used the 3/8” inside ½” copper pipe and turned it hard enough to bend the pipe. It left no dents inside the pipe after I twisted it. There is excellent grip inside the pipe as long as you keep steady pressure on the turn. The grip is in the first ½” but the wrench goes in up to 1-1/4” depth. There is enough ‘free’ space to easily insert and remove the wrench as the cam turns easily. I used a socket to turn the wrench. These worked very well with excellent grip and I highly recommend them.
by NewtoRyobi
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Internal Pipe Wrench worked great!
The Husky Internal Pipe Wrench Set will be nice to have for removing close nipples and short nipples. I have ruined more than a few removing them with a pipe wrench or arc-joint pliers. It successfully removed a 1/2" close nipple from a 1/4 turn brass ball valve that I was trying to reuse. The nipple was not reamed so it needed a little filing to get the internal wrench to go in. Once inside, it worked great. I screwed a coupling on the end of the close nipple, just hand tight, before removing so it would not swell from the wrench. This probably was not necessary.
by roger
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Works great
This is a tool that does what it supposed to. Keeps from putting a rag over pipe to keep from scratching the outside. Also works on installing pipe you don't want to mar up. I installed a pipe very tight and was able to remove easy. it also has a hex fitting in the end, but I used a 15mm wrench (made in China so that reason for using) but they work as should.
by VIC
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Saved the day!
I read some one star reviews, so I’m going to start with the caveat that pipes come in so many thicknesses and sizes and a lot may have already gone wrong if you are shopping for this tool. My experience was that I had inclement weather which sped up the eventual failure of hose bibb internal gaskets and when I put a wrench on the spigot body, the spigot assembly came unwelded/unsecured from the pipe housing... so i was left with just a pipe sticking out of a brick wall. I initially put a vise grip on the pipe and it deformed pretty quickly with minimal force. After semi-straightening out/ re-rounding the pipe I tried a few more solutions until ultimately I came to Home Depot and purchased both this internal pipe wrench set and the Husky 6 piece pipe nipple extractor set. I started with this internal pipe wrench, followed the super straightforward and easy instructions and within 2 minutes had the rest of hose bibb assembly disconnected from the screw fitting in the wall (behind brick). Saved a ton of time and money... as my other alternatives would have been to break/cut through the drywall on the other side, or else knock out a few bricks! Did not even need the other set. And for my application the length of the internal wrench was awesome (I had a 4” hose bibb), and I was able to drive a fair depth with the internal pipe wrench which seemed to support the integrity of the pipe while I turned it. As I stated in the beginning, I get that there are numerous scenarios with many variables and in my set of circumstances this product really saved the day! (For reference, my house had a builder grade hose bibb and I replaced it with the Arrowhead Brass 4 in. Lead Free Anti-Siphon Frost Free Hydrant with Built-In Vacuum Breaker hose bibb, which is Model#: 466-04LF Sku#: 599275 Internet#: 206292810.
by WeekendWarrior
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    Worked perfectly
    I had a piece of 3/4” galvanized pipe that extended through my foundation wall outside to my sprinkler system. It had been the 30+ years and the part outside had completely rotted. I used the 3/4” tool and a very large crescent wrench, it took about all I had to break the pipe loose. The tool seemed to be very well made and stood up well to a lot of torque. The product worked extremely well and was easy to use. I had good luck using it and the price is right. I recommend you give them a try.
    by Brad
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      Good tool to have when you need it -- compact and inexpensive. The concept is simple and ingeniou...
      Good tool to have when you need it -- compact and inexpensive. The concept is simple and ingenious. A toothed, c-shaped collar is free to rotate around an offset center shaft. Turn that collar until it aligns with the rest of the grooved head of the tool, fit it into the pipe or nipple, and begin to twist (the butt end of the shaft is hex shaped to accommodate an adjustable wrench, and there is also a 1/4" Allen key slot in the end, but I wouldn't try to put much torque on that). As the tool turns, the offset will begin to push the collar out and make it dig into the interior walls of pipe. The harder you torque it, the harder it will dig in. I used it on a shower head extender arm that had corroded into place. Worked as advertised, and at this price point, there's no reason not to have a set on hand just in case. Includes three "wrenches," to fit 3/8", 1/2", and 3/4" pipes, respectively. Husky's lifetime warranty offers peace of mind. Recommended.
      by Chris
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      These internal pipe wrenches work just fine and do what they should. All you need to do to use th...
      These internal pipe wrenches work just fine and do what they should. All you need to do to use them is to insert the correct size into the pipe and turn it. The work on an eccentric that the harder you turn the harder they grip. They will fit inside of 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4" pipe nipples or pipes. They seem to grip very well, and can be turned by a 1/4 hex or allen wrench, they can also be turned by a socket or combination wrench. The 3/8" wrench uses a 1/2" or 13mm socket, the 1/2" wrench uses a 15mm socket, and the 3/4" wrench uses a 3/4" or 19mm socket. The 1/4 allen or hex wrench is a little to small unless the pipe is not very tight. This is not a tool you will probably need every day, but if you need one you really need one. The wrenches are about 3 1/2 inches long and have just over a 1" of gripping area. All in all a nice set of tools that will cover most of the sizes needed.
      by ss
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      Right Before Christmas I had the opportunity to use one of these things. At the urging of my "DI...
      Right Before Christmas I had the opportunity to use one of these things. At the urging of my "DIYer" neighbor who I consult for plumbing advice (leaking galvanized line in our guest bathroom) I borrowed his 1/2" internal pipe wrench insert tool. I was trying to replace an old (house was built in 1919) leaking bathtub spout nipple that was too short to get a good purchase on with a regular pipe wrench. It worked very well and made a potentially disastrous situation a fairly simple task for me. It's not perfect - it took several tries before the expanding gripper teeth chewed through the built up scale on the inside of the pipe and grabbed well enough to back out the old nipple. I ordered this Husky Internal Pipe Wrench Set so I wouldn't have to borrow one again (that and the fact I will be replacing those ancient tub and sink fixtures before too long). I can't say I look forward to using it but my experience this is a good addition to my plumbing bag at a reasonable (+/- $10) cost.
      by guidovee
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      someone had a great idea when they thought of this. They are small and fit easily in your toolbox...
      someone had a great idea when they thought of this. They are small and fit easily in your toolbox, They are for those times when you don't have enough space to get a big pipe wrench in there,or if you use them with a ratchet you can easily speed pipes on or off, I have a customer who makes these giant paint mixing machines out of stainless steel. They don't like when you leave wrench marks on the pipes. These will get rid of them completely,Just stick in pipe and turn, when the cam lock engages they get a solid grip that won't release.and for the price, you cant go wrong
      by Thisoldgaragenj
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      This husky set of 3 internal pipe wrenches will work on frozen or broken or just damaged pipe nip...
      This husky set of 3 internal pipe wrenches will work on frozen or broken or just damaged pipe nipples, they will work on 3/8 in, 1/2in, and 3/4inch nipples. Husky tools may not be the shiniest tools made, but they are made to do the job at a reasonable price and if a Husky hand tool ever fails, take it back to the store or call 1-888-HD-HUSKY for a” Free” replacement. If you have ever tried to remove a frozen or rusted out piece of pipe with anything other than a internal pipe wrench you know that a regular pipe wrench or slip joint pliers or anything other than an internal pipe wrench is not the best tool for the job! Hopefully this is not a tool you will use every day, but when you do need it you will be very glad that you had added it to your tool box.
      by Retired01
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