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28 Jun (28. Jun) is the largest and most influential Serbian diaspora nonprofit organization. Working in coordination with a network of offices, chapters, supporters and affiliated organizations around the world such as the United Nations Economic and Social Council. 28. Jun actively advances the concerns of the western Balkan community on a broad range of issues regarding the post Yugoslav war economic and societal situation.

28. Jun
28. Јун
Named after
FounderFilip Filipi Jankovic
Founded atVictoria, Canada
TypeNon-governmental organization
Professional title
28 Jun (NGO)
HeadquartersVictoria, Canada
  • Belgrade, Serbia
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Chicago, United States
  • Züirch, Switzerland
Western Balkans
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Housing construction
  • Medical supplies
  • Medical equipment
  • Delivery of food, supplies, clothing
  • Advocacy for displaced families and orphaned children
  • Advocacy for victims of sexual assault
  • Advocacy for the Serbian minority of Kosovo & Metohija
  • United Nations consulting on socioeconomic issues of the Western Balkans or former Yugoslavia
Membership (2018)
United Nations Economic and Social Council
Official language
Serbian, Bosnian, English
President and Founder
Filip Filipi Janković
Vice President

Executive Director

Snežana Dimitrijevic
  • 28 Jun Global
  • 28 Jun Women
AffiliationsArke Trust


28 Jun was founded by Serbian Canadian artist Filip Filipi in 2012[1][2] and is the only humanitarian organization of the western Balkans to be recognized by the United Nations.

In October 2020, 28 Jun Women was launched to aggressively combat current issues of domestic violence and trafficking in the region. The NGO strives to provide direct assistance and resources to women’s shelters and single mothers while promoting positive role models to mentor young girls in their life and career goals.[3]

As of 2018, $7 million in aid has been delivered to the Western Balkans.[4] Exclusively for Frontal, in a joint interview, the Vice President and Vice President for 28 Jun Snezana Dimitrijević talks about the work of the organization but also about how she found her calling with the organization to help children in Bosnia and Herzegovina:


Living in the West or in countries that have a much better standard of living than in Republika Srpska provides and provides a wealth of opportunities and ways to live a good life. However, it is only when a man stands on his own foot in a foreign world and finds a place under this alien sun, does he awaken even more sorrow and pain when he remembers his brothers, sisters, relatives, friends he left when he left for another country. Then that famous spell of ours works, and we start to wonder how and how to help my family and my homeland from abroad. And somehow, at that moment, “June 28” comes into my life and completely changes it from the roots. Then I realized that humanitarian work might be the only way for us Serbs from far Australia to help our brothers and sisters who remained to guard Because we went and left the birth pile does not give us the right to give up and give up.[5]

A 4-year long initiative to deliver humanitarian and medical supplies was made possible by a generous donation from the Israeli advocacy organization StandWithUs:[6]

“I had the pleasure of meeting Peggy Shapiro, the Midwest Coordinator for StandWithUs, in Chicago last year and we've been looking for the right project to collaborate on since. StandWithUs and the Israeli people assisted 28. Jun and the Serbian people in a crucial time by helping us complete this massive humanitarian project. We will continue to work together closely in the future as we make the progression to cultural and economic exchanges,” Filip Filipi Jankovic, President of “28. Jun” said.


United Nations consulting[edit]

The organization was officially granted special consultative status on June 28 2018 by the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), which consists of 19 member states, during a session of the Council in New York. Out of the estimated 10 million non-profit organizations only 4,500 of them have reached this level and this status. ECOSOC is the UN's main platform for addressing global economic, social and other related issues. The selection of 28 Jun is a recognition for the long-term humanitarian work in the former Yugoslavia. Granting this status enabled the organization to express expert opinion regarding the Western Balkans on important social and economic issues of the United Nations. [7]

Celebrity endorsements[edit]

In December 2019, 28 Jun received a large donation from Post Malone’s DJ Smitty. The main recipient of the donation, which included anesthesia machines, portable X-ray units, ultrasound machines, EKG/ECG machines, and several tons of medical supplies, was the General Hospital in Prokuplje, Serbia. The donation, sent in partnership with American NGO Supplies Over Seas, is one of the largest ever of its kind to the country, slightly surpassing the value of a shipment 28 Jun delivered to Niš, Serbia, in 2013.[8] DJ Smitty was awarded 28 Jun Humanitarian of the Year for 2019.

Serbian singer Svetlana Raznatović professionally known as Ceca is also among the list of notable donors to the organization. [9]


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