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Regarding 20th Century boys

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Regarding 20th Century boys

  1. Who was later friend's identity?

Fukubei? But he's already dead. Sadakiyo? But he helped with kenji later on. Katsumata? But he is the 'sadakiyo' that committed suicide, no? He should be dead.

2. Why did kiriko screamed when looking at masked childhood friend? It's not like they had the same face.

3. CMIIW, but 20th CB is about a 'friend' who was taking revenge on kenji, because of what he did, no? stealing the justice badge from the shop, causing 'sadakiyo' to be blamed for it, and be bullied till he committed suicide

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Best advice I can offer is to ignore the revised ending.

  1. First Friend was Fukubee, second was Sadakiyo. All childhood deaths were fake/misremembered.

  2. Don't remember this bit. Maybe also from the spaghetti-mess revised ending?

  3. Sort of. Fukubee was always just kind of a sociopath, though, and Sadakiyo was too traumatized from being in his inner circle for so long.

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Op · 2m
  1. How can sadakiyo being the 2nd friend, When he was the one restraining friend from using the robot's remote? Is this from the revised ending also?

  2. This flashback happened when Kiriko, kenji's sister shot herself with the vaccine, doing human experiment. The flashback tells that theres a kid that uses sadakiyo's mask, revealing his identity to kiriko, while having fukubei-ish face. This implies that there's a 3rd person that uses sadakiyo's mask, that impersonates Fukubei. Problem is they were just childs back then, and the faces should be different. Maybe for mystery purposes.

  3. Poor sadakiyo lmao

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